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1 J. Willard Marriott Library Information Visualization Lecture Series presents Dr. Kirsten R. Butcher... Dr. Frank A. Drews, ... James Agutter, ... Dr. Ben Fry2013uum_mlpImage
2 La Parola Scritta: XVI centuries of Italian culture in ink, a reception and hands-on display of books from the Rare Collections2013uum_mlpImage
3 Booking a Brouhaha: May 3 -- June 30, Special Collections Gallery, J. Willard Marriott Library, Level 42013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
4 Twentieth Annual William R. and Erlyn J. Gould Distinguished Lecture on Technology and the Quality of Life: "Surviving the earthquake: How scientists, publishers, and libraries will (or won't) thrive in a radically destabilized scholarly communication world": guest lecturer Rick Anderson.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
5 Getting U connected: visit us at the Benchmark 820 basement computer lab.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
6 Graduate Student Coffee Hour: Date: Sept. 13, 2013, Graduate Reading Room.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
7 Off with the lid! Cut your trash in half, recycle your pizza box tops.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
8 Shake 'em, don't break 'em: Earthquake protective measures for art and historical artifacts at the University of Utah, May 7, 12:00-1:00 PM, University of Utah Marriott Library Gould Auditorium: a free public slide presentation.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
9 Marriott Library Fall Semester book sale, Monday, September 3 to Friday, October 4 [2013]2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
10 No time to drop by the reference desk? No problem! Ask the library. Use our online reference service, Ask the Library, to get help everywhere U are.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
11 No time to drop by the reference desk? No problem! Use our online reference service, Ask the Library, to get help everywhere U are.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
12 Researching? Teaching? Curious? There's a film for that. Streaming videos from Films on Demand digital educational video.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
13 International movie night: "Night-Watch." Date - Wednesday, August 28.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
14 Right this way... to the greatest reserve/circulation/cashier & library store desk on earth!!2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
15 The Librarian is in: ask the library.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
16 Blocking out time to read: READ: Browsing Collection on Level 32013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
17 Marriott Library spring semester book sale: Monday, April 1 - Friday, April 5, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Level 1, Room 1100A2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
18 Step right up! Get your school supplies right here! The Library Store.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
19 Take it to the edge: using cutting edge technology in higher education. ... Marriott Library Gould Auditorium.2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
20 Marriott Library's (new) Eclectic Film Series (September to December 2013)2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
21 Marriott Library's (new) Eclectic Film Series (April to June 2013)2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
22 The Amazing Dremel: instructor Jill Timm, July 26 & 27 ... Book Arts Studio, J. Willard Marriott Library2013uum_mlpImage/StillImage
23 Friends of the Marriott Library invite you to a special presentation ... celebrating: William Christensen and fifty years of Ballet West2013uum_mlpImage
24 Common ground, uncommonly bound: November 30, 2012 -- January 13, 20132013uum_mlpImage
25 Graduate research in the Humanities: J. Willard Marriott Library2013uum_mlpImage
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