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1 Skiers on the Alta Lodge rope tow.P0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_20
2 Small slab fracture on north Rustler, AltaP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_03_02
3 Skier on Corkscrew at AltaP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_04_01
4 Skier on Corkscrew at AltaP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_04_02
5 Beginners on the rope tow in front of Alta LodgeP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_18
6 Ski Run Control sign at the top of the Germania lift.P0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_17
7 High RustlerP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_03_07
8 High RustlerP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_03_09
9 High RustlerP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_03_10
10 Base area and lower RustlerP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_26
11 Looking down on High RustlerP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_03_08
12 Compilation of Alta ski runs and liftsP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_06
13 Greeley Bowl, upper Alta BasinP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_03
14 View of the base of Alta to Mt. BaldyP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_12
15 Alta Bar.P0418 Wilburn and Jean Pickett Photograph CollectionP0418n3_01_04
16 High rustler during the summer before the cat track was made.P0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_03_06
17 Alta Lodge, circa 1940.P0413 Alan K. Engen Photograph CollectionP0413n02_02_030
18 Avalanches on Grizzly, Hellgate and SuperiorP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_02_06
19 Base area of Wildcat and CollinsP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_27
20 Four skiers sitting on porchP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_28
21 Lift lines at Collins and WildcatP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_21
22 Lift lines at Collins and WildcatP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_22
23 Skier on lower CorkscrewP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_04_03
24 Skiers in the Grizzly parking lotP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_05_09
25 Skiers on deck of ski lodgeP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_08
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