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1 Woman skiing toward Brighton Lodge.P0004 Wasatch Mountain Club Photograph CollectionP0004n0520
2 Group portrait of the WMC at the Hermitage Inn [1]P0004 Wasatch Mountain Club Photograph CollectionP0004n0554
3 Group portrait of the WMC at the Hermitage Inn [2]P0004 Wasatch Mountain Club Photograph CollectionP0004n0555
4 Group portrait of the WMC at the Hermitage Inn [3]P0004 Wasatch Mountain Club Photograph CollectionP0004n0556
5 Group photo of WMC members gathered on the Hermitage Inn's porch.P0004 Wasatch Mountain Club Photograph CollectionP0004n0831
6 Couple on the steps of the Hermitage InnP0004 Wasatch Mountain Club Photograph CollectionP0004n0837
7 View of a hotel from high on a hill.P0004 Wasatch Mountain Club Photograph CollectionP0004n1153
8 Silver Reef, Utah, business directory 1886P0008 Mark A. Pendleton Photograph CollectionP0008n01_04_030
9 Harrison House hotel, Silver Reef , Utah ca. 1885P0008 Mark A. Pendleton Photograph CollectionP0008n01_05_039
10 Harrison House hotel at Silver Reef , Utah ca. 1885: copy of originalP0008 Mark A. Pendleton Photograph CollectionP0008n01_05_041
11 Main Street, Silver ReefP0008 Mark A. Pendleton Photograph CollectionP0008n01_05_058
12 Harrison House, leading hotel at Silver Reef, circa 1885P0008 Mark A. Pendleton Photograph CollectionP0008n01_11_121
13 Hotel, Gallup, 1909P0013 Herbert E. Gregory Photograph CollectionP0013n03_20_0399
14 Hotel Alvarado, Albuquerque, N.M., 1910P0013 Herbert E. Gregory Photograph CollectionP0013n04_72_0644
15 Hotel at Kanab. Gregory by carP0013 Herbert E. Gregory Photograph CollectionP0013n08_162_1642
16 Kanab. Showing Tithing House, Hotel, and church. 1922P0013 Herbert E. Gregory Photograph CollectionP0013n08_165_1645
17 Mangum's hotel, CannonvilleP0013 Herbert E. Gregory Photograph CollectionP0013n08_167_1655
18 Arequipa. The main plaza and Mt. Chachani, from the second story of Morosini's Hotel Anexo.P0013 Herbert E. Gregory Photograph CollectionP0013n13_074_9-3094
19 Salt Lake City, UtahP0044 Utah Humanities Research Foundation Photograph CollectionP0044n1_06_50
20 At the General Brock Hotel in CanadaP0050 John Taylor Family Photograph CollectionP0050n01_03_28
21 Greek Restaurant Workers from the Wilson Hotel; photographed by Louis Lingos; dated 1912P0121 Greek Archives Photograph CollectionP0121n02_01_04
22 Milo Andrus Halfway house 10330 South State Street Crescent, Salt Lake CityP0132 Milo Andrus Photograph CollectionP0132n01_01_01
23 Henry Kasai and Governor ClydeP0149 Henry Y. Kasai Photograph CollectionP0149n01_07_060
24 50th birthday cake for the Marriott Corporation at the St. Louis Marriott Hotel.P0164 J. Willard and Alice Sheets Marriott Photograph CollectionP0164n1_02_04
25 Regional Convention sponsored by the Washington Restaurant Association at the Statler Hotel, Washington D.C.P0164 J. Willard and Alice Sheets Marriott Photograph CollectionP0164n1_02_07
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