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1 World War I parade; Bingham, UtahP0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n02_03_05
2 Reproduction of earlier photo of Luncheon given by Cretan Ladies Society of Amalthea in Honor of the Delegates and Visitors to the National Convention of the Pancretan Union; Chicago, IL; July 1, 1942.P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n02_01_07
3 Governor Dukakis and the dance group of the Greek Cultural Center of Boston following a performance in the Flag Room in honor of Greek Independence Day, Mary Vourkas (bottom right) was director and furnished the authentic costumes; Massachusetts State House; March 25, 1986P0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n02_06_45
4 Sheepherding Photography Collection; Playing in the waterP0069 Sheepherding Photograph Collectionp0069n051
5 Sheepherding Photography Collection; Playing in the waterP0069 Sheepherding Photograph Collectionp0069n052
6 Photographic copy of U.S. Geologic Survey Publication Geological Chart of the State of Nevada; Showing location of Fairview, Churchill County, NevadaP0023 H.W. Bailey Photograph Collectionp0023n063
7 Leonard Cahoon, father of Janice Cahoon; photograpyh by Valentine photography Studio, Reading, CA; dated 1907P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n01_09_02
8 Grocery Store; shown ( from left to right): George Papachristos, figures 2-4 unknown, Mr. Kotsiakos, figures 6-9 unknown, Steve Kotsiakos ( son of Mr. Kotsiakos); North West W. Fullerton, Chicago, IllinoisP0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n02_04_06
9 Reproduction of earlier phorotgraph of Salt Lake City Greek town; shown in image: Harry Pantelakis; photograph by Louis LingosP0121 Greek Archives Photograph Collectionp0121n02_01_15
10 "$800 Reward" poster of capture of polygamists John Taylor and George Q. Cannon.P0056 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints History Photograph CollectionP0056n01_01_07
11 "16 Room house of the Ancient Cave - Cliff Dwellers, - Bluff, Utah February 25, 1896 no. 54"P0214 Bluff, Utah Photograph CollectionP0214n01_01_08
12 "1915, the Utah Japanese Association, forerunner to the JACL. All members were Issei and non-citizens as they were denied citizenship. The association was formed to assist in each other's general welfare and to work out immigration and discrimination problems." Included are: Mr. Terasawa, Mr. Fukazawa, Mr. Kawamura, Mr. Tsumura, Mr. Murakami, Mr, Mitsunaga, and Mr. Henry Kasai."P0884 Wallace and Mary Doi Photograph CollectionP0884n1_04_11
13 "3 in one. Handy, Millward, [and] Thompson" together in a bed.P0893 A. Selden Millward Photograph CollectionP0893n1_02_067
14 "A 7 1/2% Grade on the Utah Railway - Uintah Railway"P0694 Charles Neal Photograph CollectionP0694n003
15 "A Zulu warrior, Zululand."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_01_19
16 "A finished Zulu grass hut with the occupants, May 1926."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_01_08
17 "A friend, Rochester, NY."P0893 A. Selden Millward Photograph CollectionP0893n1_01_092
18 "A group of women putting the banner on The Portland Soldiers and Sailors Monument, also known as "Our Lady of Victories."P0099 Sonia Johnson Photograph CollectionP0099n42
19 "A missionaries kitchen, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. August 5, 1925."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_03_09
20 "A select bunch of Elders."P0893 A. Selden Millward Photograph CollectionP0893n1_01_066
21 "A. Selden Millward at his best, 1918."P0893 A. Selden Millward Photograph CollectionP0893n1_05_77
22 "A.S. Millward, a minister."P0893 A. Selden Millward Photograph CollectionP0893n1_01_034
23 "Albino" frog found in shallow creek upstream from Gregory BridgeP1100 John Stockert Photograph Collectionp1100n162
24 "Alex Mornig vinyard, Washington field. Malaga grapes."P0110 Joseph E. Johnson Photograph CollectionP0110n47
25 "All aboard for St. George Modena."P0110 Joseph E. Johnson Photograph CollectionP0110n22
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