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1 Letters dated July and August 1941 from Lorenzo A. Richards to Zilla Linford Richards1941-07-31; 1941-08-05; 1941-08-08uum_lrfcText
2 Letter dated 24 August 1941 from Lorenzo A. Richards to Zilla Linford Richards1941-08-24uum_lrfcText
3 Letter (undated but from 1935-1938) from Zilla Linford Richards at the New Hotel Secor in Toledo, Ohiouum_lrfcText
4 Letters exchanged in November 1981 between Lorenzo A. Richards and Matt and Thelma Stelly1981-11-21uum_lrfcText
5 Letter dated 13 September 1967 from "George and Mary K." to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards1967-09-13uum_lrfcText
6 Letter dated 6 August 1941 from Lorenzo A. Richards to Zilla Linford Richards1941-08-06uum_lrfcText
7 Letter dated 29 September 1967 from Lyn (Swede) Larson to Lorenzo A. Richards1967-09-27uum_lrfcText
8 Letter dated 20 August 1981 from T. N. Narsimhan to Lorenzo A. Richards1981-08-20uum_lrfcText
9 Diary of Zilla (Linford) Richards, 1950 European trip, June 28 to September 61950uum_lrfcText
10 Letter date 11 April [year not given, possibly 1972] from "Allie and Dave" [Thorne] to Zilla and Lorenzo A. Richardsuum_lrfcText
11 Letter dated 1 November 1974 from "Henry" to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards1974-11-01uum_lrfcText
12 Letter dated 1 October 1985 from David M. Kral to Lorenzo A. Richards1985-10-01uum_lrfcText
13 Letter dated 18 December 1973 from Don Kirkham to Lorenzo A. Richards1973-12-18uum_lrfcText
14 Letter dated 20 August 1973 from Nyle C. Brady to Lorenzo A. Richards1973-08-20uum_lrfcText
15 Letters dated 12 Oct 1981 addressed to Former Presidents of the Soil Science Society of America and Former Presidents of the American Society of Agronomy1981-10-12uum_lrfcText
16 Accn_2338_Bx_4_Fd_9 (Programs and Announcements, 1970s-1990s) Part 4uum_lrfc
17 Letter dated 19 November 1965 from Matthias Stelly to Lorenzo A. Richards1965-11-19uum_lrfcText
18 Page 311uum_lrfc
19 Letter (undated but 1981) from Bill Donnan to Lorenzo A. Richards1981uum_lrfcText
20 Letter dated December 1973 from the Weavers at Saipan to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards1973-12uum_lrfcText
21 Letter dated 25 November 1957 from Willard Richards to his family1957-11-25uum_lrfcText
22 Letter dated December 1976 from Lester and Zay Weaver to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards, with the Richards' response dated 5 February 19771977-02-05uum_lrfcText
23 Accn_2338_Bx_5_Fd_7 Part 1uum_lrfc
24 Picture passport to Israel1971uum_lrfcText
25 Accn_2338_Bx_5_Fd_7 Part 7uum_lrfc
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