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1 Indians in the history of the Americas: a syllabus1979uum_awcrpText
2 Canadian-United States conference on American Indian curriculum development: May 1-3, 1978, Santa Fe, New Mexico1978uum_awcrpText
3 Historic preservation: a Utah case study1978uum_awcrpText
4 History of the Indians of the United States: a syllabus1979uum_awcrpText
5 Indian cause in the Spanish laws of the Indies, Part I1980uum_awcrpText
6 Spanish laws concerning discoveries, pacifications and settlements among the Indians1980uum_awcrpText
7 Concerning the Indians lately discovered: The Indian cause before the Law of Nations: Colonial period1980uum_awcrpText
8 Human rights and the Native peoples of the Americas1979uum_awcrpText
9 Greater Utah, the Mormons, et al.: the region and the record1981uum_awcrpText
10 Comparative history of tribal peoples: the Indians of Brazil1981uum_awcrpText
11 Indian cause in the laws of the Indies, Part II1980uum_awcrpText
12 History of the Uintah-Ouray Ute lands1978uum_awcrpText
13 Social accommodation in Utah1975uum_awcrpText
14 Essay on the historiography of the Indians of the Americas1977uum_awcrpText
15 Comparative history of Native peoples: Native Hawaiians, Maoris, Polynesian peoples1981uum_awcrpText
16 Indian cause in the laws of Colombia1982uum_awcrpText
17 Working papers toward a history of the Spanish-speaking people of Utah: a report of research of the Mexican-American Documentation Project1973uum_awcrpText
18 Indian cause in contemporary Brazilian law1981uum_awcrpText
19 Native American adjustment to the city: the Salt Lake County case1976uum_awcrpText
20 Summary of response to minority education inquiry1971uum_awcrpText
21 Indians in an urban setting: Salt Lake County, Utah (1972)1973uum_awcrpText
22 Source materials for comparative studies of the Indians of the Americas1977uum_awcrpText
23 European-American relations with the indigenous Americans: Crown to Congress to Executive, and colony to state1978uum_awcrpText
24 Historiography of Utah, the Mormons, and the West: a personal approach1978uum_awcrpText
25 Approach to the historiography of the American West, prepared for the use of graduate students at the University of Utah1978uum_awcrpText
1 - 25 of 29