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1 Agenda for Near East committee and Christian study seminar, Princeton Theological Seminary, Oct. 3 and 4, 19571957-10-03; 1957-10-04uum_asapText
2 Air letter dated 16 January 1953 to Dr. Atiya from Philip K. Hitti1953-01-16uum_asapText
3 Air letter dated 18 February 1951 to Dr. Atiya from James Robson1951-02-18uum_asapText
4 Air letter in French dated 8 August 1950 to Dr. Atiya from Georg Maldfeld1950-08-08uum_asapText
5 American Correspondence to Aziz Atiya, card and letter, November 19521952-11-14uum_asapText
6 Ancient scrolls donated to U Middle East collection.1975-09-17uum_asapText
7 Announcement of a lecture by Aziz Atiya1950; 1950-03-19uum_asapText
8 Application for DSP-66 from Hashim Amir Ali.1979uum_asapText
9 Application form for DSP-66 enclosed with Curriculum of Professor Hashim Amir Ali, of Hyderabad, India1979uum_asapText
10 Application of Abdou Saad Zahran for Middle East Center position and reply letter from Dr. Aziz Atiya with letter in Arabic1965; 1966-04-27uum_asapText
11 Archives from 1961-1962 relating to American Institute of Indian Studies1961-10; 1962uum_asapText
12 Article dated 8 December 1964 about official naming of the Aziz Atiya Middle East Library1964-12-08uum_asapText
13 Article dated 26 March 1970 from LC Information Bulletin, Vol. 29, No. 12, involving the death of Myron Bement Smith1970-03-26uum_asapText
14 Article from Time, dated 20 April 1970 about Wendell Phillips and oil exploration in Indonesia1970-04-20uum_asapText
15 Articles dated 24 Dec. 1949 from the Arab News Agency about Mount Sinai Manuscript Project1949-12-24uum_asapText
16 Articles from February and March 1970 about Wendell Phillips and Indonesia's oil and gas1970-02-19; 1970-03uum_asapText
17 Atiya Correspondence, 19511951-02-03uum_asapText
18 Bampton Lectures Booklet1975-02-26; 1957-02-28; 1957-03-05; 1957-03-07uum_asapText
19 Board of Regents inquiries into naming the Aziz S. Atiya Library1964uum_asapText
20 Board of Regents questions for Aziz Atiya, and his replies.1965uum_asapText
21 Book review of The World of Islam.1960uum_asapText
22 Book Shipment List dated 20 December 1961 listing various books and authors1961-12-20uum_asapText
23 The Center for Intercultural Studies, University of Utah, Presents, The Mount Sinai Expedition Display, The Museum of Art, University of Michigan1960; 1961; 1962; 1963; 1964; 1965; 1966; 1967; 1968; 1969; 1970uum_asapText
24 Check payment for books purchased from Middle East Center1966uum_asapText
25 Christmas card and envelope, 1946-19471946; 1947uum_asapText; Image/StillImage
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