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1 Marion County Urban Growth Management Project: Phase I and II Report2001-06Text
2 Montgomery County Comprehensive Growth Policy Study1989-08Text
3 Gainesville Urbanized Area 2020 Transportation Plan: Livable Community Reinvestment Plan2000-12Text
4 Fiscal Impacts of Alternative Land Development Patterns in Michigan: the costs of current development versus compact growth: summary of findings1997-06Text
5 Central Jersey Transportation Forum Executive Summary2002-07Text
6 San Antonio Broadway Corridor Smart Growth Analysis2002-08Text
7 Modeling Analysis of Willamette Valley Transportation and Land Use Alternatives2001-06Text
8 Puget Sound Council of Governments_Summary and Comparisons between Alternatives1990-09Text
9 Integrating Land Use Issues into Transportation Planning: Scenario PlanningText
10 Wilmington Metropolitan Transportation Plan - Year 20252000-02-23Text
11 Willamette Valley Summary Report2000-12Text
12 Session 1 Transportation Land Use & Air Quality Planning1993-05-04Text
13 Regional 2025 Transportation Plan2003-03-26Text
14 Birmingham Regional Transportation Corridor Alternatives AnalysisText
15 US 301 Transportation Study Final Report1996-11Text
16 Sheboygan Area Transportation Plan - Year 20201996Text
17 Alternatives for Future Urban Growth in California's Central Valley1995-10Text
18 Oregon Region 2040 Recommended Alternative Decision Kit1994-09Text
19 Southern Willamette Valley Regional Growth Management Strategy2006-08-31Text
20 Southwest Pennsylvania Commission (SPC), 2035 Transportation and Development Plan for Southwest PennsylvaniaText
21 Planned Growth Stratagy1997-06Text
22 Washington County Commission, Vision Dixie 2035: Land-Use & Transportation VisionText
23 Township Report2003-08Text
24 Chicago Preferred Regional Scenario2010-01Text
25 Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), 2009 Livable Centers Initiative Implementation Report2010-05-10Text
1 - 25 of 114