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1 Local Resident Permit Request for Andrew Allen 2009-02-242009-02-24uu_law_qipText
2 Professor Mallat Discusses Constitution with Iraqi President2009-05-16uu_law_qipImage
3 CLA and University of Utah Meet with the Iraqi Speaker2009-05-05uu_law_qip
4 Judicial Independence Conference2009-03-31uu_law_qipImage
5 Judicial Independence Conference2009-03-28uu_law_qipImage
6 Erbil Conference: Kurdistan Rule of Law 10-Year Plan Stakeholders Meeting2009-04-03uu_law_qipImage
7 Anti-Corruption Working Group Minutes 2009-02-032009-02-03uu_law_qipText
8 Items Requiring Completion from Draft Constitution2009-04-13uu_law_qipImage
9 AAA LDMS Staffing Plan2008-12-03uu_law_qipText
10 Business Process Mapping Consultant_eng2008-12-06uu_law_qipText
11 Infrastructure Communications Engineer2008-12-06uu_law_qipText
12 Technical System Analyst-Database2008-12-06uu_law_qipText
13 Technical System Analyst-Webmaster2008-12-06uu_law_qipText
14 LPS Organizational design V.12009-06-15uu_law_qipText
15 CoR Directorate of Research Brochure2009-06-16uu_law_qipText
16 Legislative Process Qualitative Indicators DRAFT2009-06-16uu_law_qipText
17 Legislative Process-Iraq V.12009-06-16uu_law_qipText
18 Status of the New York Convention2010-02-12uu_law_qipText
19 Treaties with the United States of America2010-02-12uu_law_qipText
20 Drafting Exercise on Proposed Draft Bills on Anti-Corruption - Week 22010-12-22uu_law_qipText
21 Draft Law of Inspectors General Offices - Arabic مقترح قانون مكاتب المفتشين العموميين2010-01-15uu_law_qipText
22 Draft Law on the Commission of Integrity - Arabic قانون هيئة النزاهة2010-01-15uu_law_qipText
23 Law of the Board of Supreme Audit - Arabic قانون ديوان الرقابة المالية2010-01-15uu_law_qipText
24 Anti-Corruption Activity Plan March 20102009-01-16uu_law_qipText
25 Anti-Corruption Summary2009-02-19uu_law_qipText
1 - 25 of 597