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1 The Alta Avalanche Studies1949Text
2 Typical Alta Fracture Line Profiles1964-04Text
3 Optimum Probing for Avalanche Victims1967-06Text
4 The Werner-Henneberger Accident1966-03Text
5 Range, Cost and Storage Information for Avalauncher Projectiles1965-09Text
6 Alta Avalanche Control and Safety Plan1969-11Text
7 Snow Layer Densification1961-02Text
8 Guide to Collection of References, Abstracts, and Books on Snow and Avalanches1971-10Text
9 The Snowy Torrents : Avalanche Accidents in the United States, 1910-19661967-01Text
10 Snow and Avalanche Conditions at Mt. Baldy, California1966-09Text
11 Avalanche Forces and the Protection of Objects1967-11Text
12 Effects of Methods of Slope Packing as Determined by the Ram Penetrometer1962-05Text
13 Snow and Snow Avalanches1963-04Text
14 A Tabulation of Snow Avalanche Fatalities in Colorado1968-05Text
15 Meterological Classification of Natural Snow Crystals1968-09Text
16 Three Instruments Used In Avalanche Hazard Forecasting : Snow Settlement - Temperature, Snow Collector for Recording Rain Gauge, Temperature Telemeter1961-06Text
17 Avalanche Handbook1953Text
18 Method of Measuring Mean Temperatures in the Field1961-01Text
19 Modern Avalanche Rescue1968-04Text
20 Stability of Snow Slabs1968-09Text
21 Mechanical Properties of the Soft Slab1967-06Text
22 Nitrostarch Slurry As A Blasting Agent For Snow Safety Work1966-03Text
23 Critique on Heat and Vapor Transfer in Snow1960-12Text
24 The Chemical Modification of Depth Hoar -- Part II1962-10Text
25 The Nature and Control of Snow Cornices on the Bridger Range, Southwestern Montana1968-10Text
1 - 25 of 45