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1 AFRCAFRC 2012 Meeting Agenda2012-09-05
2 Jamaluddin, Jamal; Benson, Charles; Pellizzari, Roberto; Marty, Seth; Young, Thomas; Isaacs, Rex; Renk, JosephDevelopment of a Fuel-Flexible Burner for Process Plants2012-09-06
3 Jamaluddin, Jamal; Lowe, Cliff; Brancaccio, Nick; Erazo, Jaime; Baukal, Charles E. Jr.; Patel, RasikOxy-Firing Tests in a Simulated Process Heater2012-09-06
4 AFRCCall for Papers2012-09-05
5 Schalles, DavidRegenerative Heat Recovery/Burner System as a replacement for Conventional Recuperators2012-09-06
6 Lam, C.S.; Ramadan, O.B.; Hughes, P.M.; Wong, J.; Lycett, R.Novel Methods for Measuring Heat Flux in Industrial Furnaces2012-09-06
7 Heat transfer enhancement in a cracking furnace: radiant coil modification2012-09-06
8 Ramadan, O.B.; Lam, C.S.; Hughes, P.M.; Gogolek, P.; Wong, J.Radiant Flux Measurements in the Pilot-Scale IFRF-NFA Burner Operating in a High CO2 Environment at Different Swirl Settings2012-09-06
9 Bodine, SteveSecond Generation FurnaceMANAGER System Improves Furnace Monitoring2012-09-06
10 Dobrzanski, AndrewFiring Alternative Fuels in a Utility Power Plant2012-09-07
11 Fry, Andrew; Van Otten, Brydger; Adams, BradEvaluating the Impacts of an Oxy-­‐combustion Retrofit of Coal-­‐fired Utility Boilers using Advanced Modeling Techniques2012-09-06
12 Preciado, Ignacio; Young, Tessora; Silcox, Geoffrey; Wendt, Jost; Van Otten, Brydger; Fry, AndrewMercury oxidation by halogens under air-fired and oxy-fuel conditions2012-09-06
13 Eddings, Eric; Vance, Andrew; Okerlund, Ryan; Hanks, Dallas; Coates, Ralph; Bell, ScottCo-firing Pulverized Coal with Pinion Pine/Juniper Wood in Raw, Torrefied and Pyrolyzed Forms2012-09-07
14 Periasamy, Chendhil; Sadasivuni, Vijaykant; Kaiser, Ken; Liedel, Scott; Tsiava, RemiOH* Imaging in Large Industrial Oxy-Fuel Flames with Flue Gas Recirculation2012-09-07
15 Lighty, JoAnn S.; Sahir, Asad H.; Whitty, Kevin; Clayton, ChrisChemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU) Studies at the University of Utah2012-09-07
16 Rezaei, Dadmehr; Wendt, Jost O.L.Co-Axial Turbulent Diffusion Flames with Directed Oxygen Injection2012-09-06
17 Pohl, John H.; Tait, Peter;Southwood, ScottInvestigation of Particulate Emission from a Malaysian Power Plant Firing Australian Coal2012-09-07
18 Tillman, David A.Using On-Line Coal Analysis to Optimize Combustion in Utility Boilers: a 10-yr Program at Monroe Power Plant2012-09-07
19 Londerville, Steve; McElroy, MikeConversion of Tangential Fired Utility Furnaces from Oil to Gas2012-09-07
20 Isaac, Benjamin; Smith, Sean; Parente, Alessandro; Thornock, Jeremy; Smith, PhilipPractical Application of Large Eddy Simulation to Accessible Combustion Chemistry Physics2012-09-06
21 Enrico GiovanardiOpen Ground Flare Systems2011-09-20Conference paper
22 Sun, William H., Hofmann, John E.Reaction Kinetics of Post Combustion NOx Reduction with Urea1991-03-18The post combustion reduction of NOx using urea has proven to be an effective method in controlling NOx from various combustion sources...
23 Chaffin, C., Koenig, M., Koeroghlian, M, Matthews, R.D., Hall, M. J., and Nichols, S. P.Experimental Investigation of a Porous Ceramic Burner1991-03-18An experimental investigation of premixed methane/air combustion stabilized within a reticulated partially stabilized zirconia foam burner was performed...
24 Charles E.A. FinneyOpportunities for optical flame diagnostics in commercial and industrial furnaces2016-09-12Conference paper
25 Oscar H. Diaz-IbarraA Validation/Uncertainty Quantification (V/UQ) Analysis for a 1.5 MW Oxy-coal Fired L1500 Furnace using a Swirling Boundary Condition2016-09-12Conference Paper
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