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1 Giaier, T.; Cron, D.; Shahid, I.; Rosen, T.; Rabovitser, I.; Cygan, D.; Robert,M.20 MMBtu/h FIR Burner Test Results: High Efficiency and Very Low NOx with No FGR1997TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY Develop a very low emissions, natural gas-fired burner for new and retrofit applications to industrial and utility watertube boilers and process fluid heaters in the range of 1.2 to 35 MWth (4 to 120 X 10^6 Btu/h)
2 2011 AFRC combustion symposium attendees2011-09-20
3 Pitz, William J.; Westbrook, Charles K.A Chemical Kinetic Modeling Study of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Combustion1990
4 Drennan, Scott A.; Lifshits, Vladimir; Camino, Ken; Seay, Jason E.; Pont, Jennifer N.; Gemmer, R. V.A Combined Experimental and Numerical Approach to the Design of an Industrial Ultra Low NOx Natural Gas Fired Burner1996
5 Murphree, D. L.; Srikantaiah, D. V.; Stickel, R. E.; Daubach, R. O.A Differential Ultraviolet Resonant Absorption System for the Non-Intrusive Measurement of Nitric Oxide in a Combustion Environment1983
6 Yoshino, H.; Viskanta, R.A Dynamic Thermal System Model For a Low Inertia Furnace1997
7 De Soete, Gerard G.A Heated Grid Study of the Pyrolysis/Oxidation Competition During Ignition of Coal Dust1982
8 Floris, F.; Pasini, S.; Partesotti, C.; Quattroni, G.A Laboratory-Scale Furnace to Study Ash Deposition and Fouling Due to Pulverized Coal Combustion1988
9 Johnson, M. R.; Kostiuk, Larry; Cheng, R. K.A Low Emissions, Lean Premixed Burner1995
10 Sivy, J. L.; Kaufman, K. C.; Rodgers, L. W.; Koslosky, J. V.A Low-NOx Burner Prototype Developed for B&W's Advanced Coal Fired Emission Boiler System1996
11 Stapper, Blake E.; Nelson, Thomas P.; Bell, Ronald D.; Barone, S. PeterA Low-NOx High-DRE Burner for Co-firing Liquid Waste with Natural Gas1995
12 Annen, K.; Gruninger, J.; Stewart, G.A Method For Extending Viscosity Prediction Formulas1983
13 Hayhurst, Jeff; Hyde, John; Menniti, DanielA New Approach to Combined Cross Correlation and Flicker Frequency Flame Monitoring for Very Low NOx Pulverised Fuel Burners1997
14 A New Turbulent Combustion Model Based on Flame Surface Density Concept1997
15 Panahi, S. K.; Hemsath, K. H.; Thekdi, A. C.A New Ultra Low NOx Combustion Technique for Preheated Combustion Air Applications1993
16 Panahi, S. K.; Hemsath, K. H.; Thekdi, Arvind C.A New Ultra Low NOx Combustion Technique for Preheated Combustion Air Applications1994
17 Fairchild, Paul; Gat, Nahum; Witte, Arvel B.A Non-Intrusive Sodium Line Emission Pyrometer for Coal Combustor Temperature Measurement1985
18 Butler, G. W.; Lee, Jaesoo ; Ushimaru, Kenji ; Bernstein, Samual ; Gosman, A. DavidA Numerical Simulation Methodology and its Application in Natural Gas Burner Design1986
19 Daly, Bart J.; Stark, Walter A. Jr.A Numerical Study of Entrained Coal Gasification with The Conchas Spray Code1985
20 Gera, D.; Mathur, Mahendra P.; Freeman, Mark C.; Robinson, Allen L.A Numerical Study of the Effects of Biomass Coal Cofiring on Unburned Carbon and NOx Emissions1999
21 Marlow, D.; Norton, Thomas S.A Reduced Mechanism for Low-Heating-Value Gas Combustion in a Perfectly Stirred Reactor1995
22 Bunt, Randolph CedricA Study of the Performance of a Compression-Ignition Engine with Modifications to Enhance Atomization Using Alternative Fuels1983
23 Yahagi, Masahiro; Hase, KojiA Study on Flame Stabilization of a Perforated Porous Plate Burner1994
24 Fangmeier, Bruce A.; Himes, Richard M.; McDannel, Mark D.; Lott, Robert A.; Toole-O'Neil, BarbaraA Summary of Air Toxic Emissions from Natural Gas-Fired Combustion Turbines1994
25 Taylor, Philip H.; Dellinger, BarryA Thermal Stability Based Ranking of Hazardous Organic Compound Incinerability1987
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