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1 Emission Characteristics of Petroleum and Alternative Liquid Fuels1979uu_afrcText
2 NOx Controls for Industrial Boilers and Furnaces1979uu_afrcText
3 Development of Low NOx Burners and Low NOx Air Register1979uu_afrcText
4 Development Program and Operating Experience of Pulverized Coal Staged Combustion Burners for Steam Boilers1979uu_afrcText
5 Low NOx Combustion Technology of Package Boilers and Industrial Furnaces Experience by Town Gas1979uu_afrcText
6 Low Emission Process Burner Environmental and Operational Test Program Operating Test Results1979uu_afrcText
7 Forced Draft Burners with Two Stage Fuel System1979uu_afrcText
8 NOx Control Overview1979uu_afrcText
9 Recent NOx Research at IGT1979uu_afrcText
10 Recent Advances in High Velocity Combustors1979uu_afrcText
11 Part 2 Low NOx Technology for Industrial Furnace1979uu_afrcText
12 Conference Agenda - 1980 International Symposium Industrial Process Combustion Technology1980uu_afrcText
13 The International Flame Research Foundation as an Example for International Industrial Joint Research1981uu_afrcText
14 Combustion Characteristics of Alternative Liquid Fuels-I: Fuel-Bound-Nitrogen-to-NOx Conversion Efficiency as a Function of Coal-Derived Liquid Fuel Boiling Range1981uu_afrcText
15 Development of a Low NOx Burner for Gas Fired Firetube Boilers1981uu_afrcText
16 Experimental Study of the Effect of Air Preheat Up to 1200 degree F on NOx Emissions1981uu_afrcText
17 Applied Combustion Research at the Gas Research Institute1981uu_afrcText
18 Flue Gas Condensation Heat Recovery for Industrial Boilers1981uu_afrcText
19 Kinetic Mechanism for Fuel Nitrogen Conversion in Lean to Rich Flames1981uu_afrcText
20 Operational Experience with NOx Reduction on a Gas and Oil Fired Industrial Boiler1981uu_afrcText
21 Institute of Gas Technology Applied Combustion Research Facilities1981uu_afrcText
22 Rheology and Combustion Characteristics of Coal-Water Mixtures1981uu_afrcText
23 Industrial Thermal Energy Storage What Are the Possibilities?1981uu_afrcText
24 Combustion Tests with Alternative Fuels in Oil-Designed Boilers1981uu_afrcText
25 Combustion Inhibition Physico Chemistry of Coal-Derived Syngas Air Flames1981uu_afrcText
1 - 25 of 1,003