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1 Keiter, Robert; Ruple, John; Tanana, Heather; Kline, MichelleLand and Resource Management Issues Relevant to Deploying In-Situ Thermal TechnologiesAbstract: Utah is home to oil shale resources containing roughly 1.3 trillion barrels of oil equivalent and our nations richest oil sands resources. If economically feasible and environmentally responsible means of tapping these resources can be developed, these resources could provide a safe and st...2011-01
2 Keiter, Robert; Ruple, John; Holt, Rebecca; Tanana, HeatherLands with Wilderness Characteristics, Resource Management Plan Contraints, and Land Exchanges: Cross-Jurisdictional Management and Impacts on unconventional Fuel Development in Utah's Uinta BasinAbstract: Utah is home to oil shale resources containing roughly 1.3 trillion barrels of oil equivalent and our nations richest oil sands resources. If economically feasible and environmentally responsible means of tapping these resources can be developed, these resources could provide a safe and st...2012-03
3 Mallat, ChibliCommercial Law in the Middle East: Between Classical Transactions and Modern BusinessA brief presentation of commercial law decisions across the Arab world is sufficient to show the dominance of western principles in the field, and the direct translation of western terminology and rules for local transactions.2 The decisions have been regrouped in categories which will be familiar t...2000-01
4 Chodosh, Hiram; Mallat, ChibliPakistan and Lebanon: The Same StruggleIn the absence of democracy (meaning regular change at the top by means of free and fair elections), political violence is a certainty.2008-01-04
5 Brillon, Alicia ; Craigle, ValeriAutomated Library Services: One Law Library's ExperienceArticle describing implementation of shelf-ready services in the S.J. Quinney Law Library.2013-09
6 Mallat, ChibliSpecial Dossier on the Sabra and Shatila Case in BelgiumThis dossier collects key legal documents in the Sharon affair. Being a legal dossier, the collection contains two sets of documents. The first set traces the evolution of Belgium's 1993/1999 universal jurisdiction law by making available in English, in several cases for the first time, translati...2005
7 Reitze, Arnold W.Federal Control of Carbon Dioxide Emissions: What are the Options?The U.S. Supreme Court in Massachusetts v. EPA held that carbon dioxide is a pollutant under the Clean Air Act (CAA) and remanded the case to EPA. The Agency must decide whether CO2 emissions contribute to climate change. If the Agency responds affirmatively, it must meet other requirements of t...2009-08-01
8 Chodosh, Hiram E.Corruption and Its Challenges: The Battle to Stop a Universal ProblemCorruption is increasingly seen as a universal problem, deeply embedded in many national legal systems, and also transnational in nature. It is so endemic that it has generated its own special vernacular, such as Code 1,000 in Honduras (a reference to the 1,000 lempira note), mordida in Mexico...2009-09-25
9 Mallat, ChibliReconciliation in Iraq: Taking the Constitution SeriouslyReconciliation, which draws the necessary constitutional principles over which Iraqi parliamentarians are called on to vote, and the Iraqi citizens to endorse (or reject) in a national referendum, offers a far better way than any other type of reconciliation. An improved Iraqi constitution provid...2009-07-16
10 Adler, Robert W.Drought, Sustainability, and the LawResearchers and responsible officials have made considerable progress in recent years in efforts to anticipate, plan for, and respond to drought. Some of those efforts are beginning to shift from purely reactive, relief-oriented measures to programs designed to prevent or to mitigate drought impacts...2010-07-15
11 Ruple, John; Keiter, RobertPolicty Analysis of Water Availability and Use Issues for Domestic Oil Shale and Oil Sands DevelopmentABSTRACT Oil shale and oil sands resources located within the intermountain west represent a vast, and as of yet, commercially untapped source of energy. Development will require water, and demand for scarce water resources stands at the front of a long list of barriers to commercialization. Wat...2012-03
12 Hogue, Michael T.; Keiter, Robert B.; Ruple, John; Uchitel, KirstenAnalysis of Environmental, Legal, Socioeconomic and Policy Issues Critical to the Development of Commercial Oil Shale Leasing on the Public Lands in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming under the Mandates of the Energy Policy Act of 2005This report seeks to identify and evaluate the critical legal and economic policy issues in order to inform federal, state, tribal, and other decision makers, as well as affected citizens, of the likely challenges and tradeoffs inherent in implementing a commercial oilshale leasing program on the pu...2010-01
13 Digre, Kathleen B.Novel mechanism for benign essential blepharospasm.PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that the photophobia of benign essential blepharospasm (BEB) is caused by sympathetically maintained pain. METHODS: Nineteen patients with photophobia and BEB were enrolled in an unblinded prospective treatment trial. The intervention was ...Blepharospasm, Autonomic Nerve Block, Blepharospasm, Superior Cervical Ganglion, Lidocaine, Pain1999-11-15
14 Khan, Faisal HabibTransfer function mapping for a grid connected PV system using reverse synthesis techniqueMathematical modeling of power electronic converters is a historical problem. Numerous efforts have been documented in literature to model different converter topologies and their control schemes since the 1940s. Traditional modeling approaches avoid transfer function derivation due to high degree o...2013-01-01
15 Liu, FengEffects of Li doping on H-diffusion in MgH2: A first-principles studyThe effects of Li doping in MgH2 on H-diffusion process are investigated, using first-principles calculations. We have identified two key effects: (1) The concentration of H vacancy in the þ1 charge state ðVþ1 H Þ can increase by several orders of magnitude upon Li doping, which significantly in...2013-01-01
16 Henderson, Thomas C.Analysis of topographic maps for recreational purposes using decision treesIn this paper we describe a method for predicting the subjective quality of a new mountain bike route for a particular subject based on routes previously ridden and ranked by the subject. GPS tracks of the previously ridden routes are over laid on rasterized topographic maps and topographic features...2013-01-01
17 Kirby, Robert MichaelVerifying volume rendering using discretization error analysisWe propose an approach for verification of volume rendering correctness based on an analysis of the volume rendering integral, the basis of most DVR algorithms. With respect to the most common discretization of this continuous model (Riemann summation), we make assumptions about the impact of parame...2014-01-01
18 Bronson, Jonathan RichardLattice cleaving: a multimaterial tetrahedral meshing algorithm with guaranteesWe introduce a new algorithm for generating tetrahedral meshes that conform to physical boundaries in volumetric domains consisting of multiple materials. The proposed method allows for an arbitrary number of materials, produces high-quality tetrahedral meshes with upper and lower bounds on dihedral...2014-01-01
19 Khan, Faisal HabibMaximum power point tracking of stirling generator and ocean wave energy conversion systems using a two-stage power converterWave energy has become one of the most promising renewable energy resources nowadays. By using a linear generator/alternator, the periodic piston motion of the wave energy conversion system (WEC) can be converted to AC voltage with variable RMS amplitude and frequency; this process is comparable to ...2013-01-01
20 Harman, Todd B.Multiscale modeling of accidental explosions and detonationsAccidental explosions are exceptionally dangerous and costly, both in lives and money. Regarding worldwide conflict with small arms and light weapons, the Small Arms Survey has recorded more than 297 accidental explosions in munitions depots across the world that have resulted in thousands of deaths...2013-01-01
21 Liu, FengStrain-engineered surface transport in Si(001): complete isolation of the surface state via tensile strainBy combining density functional theory, nonequilibrium Green's function formulism and effective- Hamiltonian approaches, we demonstrate strain-engineered surface transport in Si(001), with the complete isolation of the Si surface states from the bulk bands. Our results show that sufficient tensile s...2013-01-01
22 Rieth, Loren WBi-layer encapsulation of Utah array based nerual interfaces by atomic layer deposited Al2O3 and parylene CWe present a novel coating method that combines atomic layer deposited Al2O3 and Parylene C for encapsulation of biomedical implantable devices, focusing on its application on Utah electrode array based neural interfaces. The alumina and Parylene C bi-layer encapsulated wired Utah electrode array sh...2013-01-01
23 Hansen, Charles D.Transfer function design based on user selected samples for intuitive multivariate volume explorationMultivariate volumetric datasets are important to both science and medicine. We propose a transfer function (TF) design approach based on user selected samples in the spatial domain to make multivariate volumetric data visualization more accessible for domain users. Specifically, the user starts the...2013-01-01
24 Bargteil, Adam WadeMultiphase flow of immiscible fluids on unstructured moving meshesIn this paper, we present a method for animating multiphase flow of immiscible fluids using unstructured moving meshes. Our underlying discretization is an unstructured tetrahedral mesh, the deformable simplicial complex (DSC), that moves with the flow in a Lagrangian manner. Mesh optimization opera...2014-01-01
25 Kirby, Robert MichaelGPU-based volume visualization from high-order finite element fieldsThis paper describes a new volume rendering system for spectral/hp finite-element methods that has as its goal to be both accurate and interactive. Even though high-order finite element methods are commonly used by scientists and engineers, there are few visualization methods designed to display thi...2014-01-01
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