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1 Lundahl, Brad WardMotivational interviewing in medical care settings: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsObjective Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a method for encouraging people to make behavioral changes to improve health outcomes. We used systematic review and meta-analysis to investigate MI's efficacy in medical care settings. Methods Database searches located randomized clinical trials that comp...Motivational interviewing; Systematic review; Meta-analysis; Health care; Medicine; Medical; Behaviour; Behavior; Counseling; Consultation2013-07-17
2 Barusch, AmandaFamily relationshipsWith increased longevity, family relationships have become both more complex and more enduring. At the end of the twentieth century, four-generation and even five-generation families were not uncommon, and with longer life comes longer lifelong relationships, such as marriage. Advanced age presents ...2000-01-01
3 Yaffe, JoanneUniversity of Utah Child Care Task Force needs analysis survey: final reportThe Child Care Task Force, a subcommittee of the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, was commissioned by University of Utah President Michael Young in 2008-2009 to conduct a child care needs assessment survey for students, staff and faculty at the University of Utah. In response, a campu...Survey; Needs assessment; University of Utah; Child care2013-04
4 Yaffe, JoanneEmpty reviews: a description and consideration of cochrane systematic reviews with no included studiesBackground: There is no specific guidance for the reporting of Cochrane systematic reviews that do not have studies eligible for inclusion. As a result, the reporting of these so-called ‘‘empty reviews'' may vary across reviews. This research explores the incidence of empty systematic reviews in...2012-01-01
5 Bonella, Barrett Albert TroyPodcasts in higher educationTechnology is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. Some technologies traditionally used for entertainment are now becoming the center of focus in academic circles. One such technology is the podcast, an audio file that is typically free and consists of individuals speaking on different t...TA Scholars; podcasts; Trapeze Interactive Poster2010-05-27
6 Wen, MingImmigrant perceptions of discrimination in health care: the California Health Interview Survey 2003The 2002 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report Unequal Treatment summarized research on racial and ethnic disparities in health care defined as "racial or ethnic differences in the quality of healthcare that are not due to access-related factors or clinical needs, preferences, and appropriateness of i...Health care; California health interview survey; Health disparities; Healthcare disparities2006
7 Yaffe, JoanneBehaviorism, social learning, and exchange theoryBehaviorism focuses on learning and the way in which behavior is shaped by its antecedent conditions and consequences. In rejecting mentalistic constructs such as mind, consciousness, and other internal processes, behaviorism stresses the importance of studying observable behavior rather than pheno...2006
8 Barusch, AmandaServing older men: dilemmas and opportunities for geriatric care managersGeriatric care settings are essentially feminine. Most of the clients (or patients) are women, as are most of the care managers and care providers. Further, these settings are characterized by an "ethic of care," most compatible with a feminine world view. Clearly geriatric care is not specifical...2000
9 Barusch, AmandaDepressive symptoms in the frail elderly: physical and psycho-social correlatesThe elderly who suffer from chronic illness are at unusually high risk of depression and depressive symptoms. This study was conducted to describe the prevalence of depressive symptoms in a sample of chronically-ill elders and to examine the relationship between physical illness and depression, bot...Physical correlates; Psycho-social correlates1999
10 Barusch, AmandaIntergenerational relations in contemporary China: descriptive findings from ShanghaiWith over one billion people, China accounts for nearly a quarter of the world's population. It also has the largest population of elderly (60 and over) living under one government (approximately 80 million). These elderly make up approximately 8 percent of China's population (Banister, 1984). In th...1991
11 Yaffe, JoanneHypermedia computer-based education in social work educationHypermedia computer-based education (CBE) is an emerging information technology that makes possible user-directed, nonsequential exploration of, and interaction with, information presented through a variety of media including text, animation, graphics, sound, and video.Computer-based education1994
12 Barusch, AmandaSocial security is not for babies: trends and policies affecting older women in the United StatesIn the first year of the new century, over a million American women officially entered the ranks of "the elderly" by reaching their 65th birthday (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1999). What can they expect of government policy? To what extent will the nation's economic support systems respond to their n...Income security; Shifting fertility patterns; Labor force participation2001-01-01
13 Yaffe, JoanneOnline practice course development with action research: a case exampleAbstract. Despite the proliferation of online courses in social work, questions still exist about learning practice skills in an online instructional environment. This paper describes a case example of an action-oriented approach to the development of an online practice course. Lessons learned from ...Instructional design; Technology; Social work practice skills2008
14 Barusch, AmandaSelf-concepts of low-income older women: not old or poor, but fortunate and blessedThis article examines the extent to which low-income older women define themselves in stigmatizing terms, then explores the strategies they use to preserve a positive sense of self. Instead of considering themselves "old" or "poor," the sixty-two women interviewed defined themselves as "fortunate" a...Low-income older women; Stigmatizing terms; Positive thinking1997
15 Yaffe, JoanneAssessing procedural descriptiveness: rationale and illustrative studyProcedural descriptiveness refers to the extent to which the activities defined in a procedure are complete and specific. Procedures used in research or human service that are poorly described raise important questions such as whether the procedures can be replicated or generalized and, in the case ...Procedural descriptiveness1987
16 Yaffe, Joanne; Harris, Norma J.Evaluation of wraparound services for severely emotionally disturbed youthObjective: Services to children and adolescents with a severe emotional disturbance (SED) have long been inadequate. The wraparound approach has emerged as a promising practice that could address the needs of children with SED and their families through a strength-based, individualized, family-focus...Wraparound services; Emotionally disturbed youth; SED2009-10-06
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