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1 Underground Coal Thermal Treatment as a Potential Low-Carbon Energy SourceText
2 Effects of partial pressure of oxygen on the stability of axial, oxy-coal, turbulent diffusion flames: Topical report task 82009Text
3 California production statistics-1991: Significant statistics1991Text
4 13C NMR Spectroscopy: A key contributor for development of the molecular structure of coal and other kerogensText
5 Whiterock River bituminous sandstone deposit Uintah County, Utah1943Text
6 Rubber from the Uinta Basin of Utah1942Text
7 Bituminous sandstone near Vernal, Utah1931Text
8 An overview of tar sand of Utah1933Text
9 Hydrocarbons of the Uinta Basin of Utah and Colorado: Review of geology and field work; survey of bitumen analyses and extraction methods1944Text
10 California production statistics 1998 Production by company1998Text
11 California production statistics-1999: Production by company1999Text
12 California production statistics-1992: Significant statistics1992Text
13 California production statistics-1993: Significant statistics1993Text
14 California production statistics-1989: Significant statistics1989Text
15 California production statistics 2000 Production by company2000Text
16 California production statistics-1990: Significant statistics1990Text
17 California production statistics-1995: Production by company1995Text
18 California production statistics-1996: Production by company1996Text
19 California production statistics-1994: Production by field1994Text
20 California production statistics-1987: Significant statistics1987Text
21 California production statistics-1988: Significant statistics1988Text
22 California production statistics-1986: Significant statistics1986Text
23 California production statistics-1982: Significant statistics1982Text
24 California production statistics-1953: Significant statistics1953Text
25 California production statistics-1997: Production by company1997Text
1 - 25 of 53