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1 Underground Coal Thermal Treatment as a Potential Low-Carbon Energy Sourceir_icseText
2 California production statistics-1980: Significant statistics1980ir_icseText
3 California production statistics-1981: Significant statistics1981ir_icseText
4 California production statistics-1956: Significant statistics1956ir_icseText
5 Powder River Basin Underground Coal Gasificationir_icse
6 Fischer Assay Data, Utah Geological Survey Well Number U127 (c)ir_icse
7 Brief description of the mining, material handling, processing and economics of the Western Tar Sands Pilot Plant Project1981-12ir_icseText
8 Hot water extraction of bitumen from Utah tar sands1976-09ir_icse
9 Techniques of analysis of tar sand bitumens1977ir_icse
10 Catalytic cracking of Asphalt Ridge bitumen1979ir_icseText
11 Pollutant formation in premixed and diffusion flames of paraffinic fuels using the reduced Utah Surrogate Mechanisms2007ir_icse
12 California production statistics-1992: Significant statistics1992ir_icseText
13 California production statistics-1993: Significant statistics1993ir_icseText
14 California production statistics-1989: Significant statistics1989ir_icseText
15 California production statistics-1990: Significant statistics1990ir_icseText
16 California production statistics-1995: Production by company1995ir_icseText
17 California production statistics-1996: Production by company1996ir_icseText
18 California production statistics-1994: Production by field1994ir_icseText
19 California production statistics-1987: Significant statistics1987ir_icseText
20 California production statistics-1988: Significant statistics1988ir_icseText
21 California production statistics-1986: Significant statistics1986ir_icseText
22 California production statistics-1982: Significant statistics1982ir_icseText
23 California production statistics-1953: Significant statistics1953ir_icseText
24 California production statistics-1997: Production by company1997ir_icseText
25 Hydrocarbons of the Uinta Basin of Utah and Colorado: Review of geology and field work; survey of bitumen analyses and extraction methods1944ir_icseText
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