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1 Lanier, DeandraI am: the wake of postpostmodernismThe goal of this "essay," a compilation of the genres of fiction, poetry, and literary criticism, is to figure out where contemporary fiction is headed and what postmodernism might be leaving in its wake. This essay is an attempt to push critique through the lens of fiction. It seems that the progre...2011
2 Oritt, MadeleineAccessibility to HIV/AIDS medications in resource-limited countriesThis research examines the impact of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) on accessibility to HIV/AIDS medications for populations in resource-limited countries. This World Trade Organization agreement created provisions by which these countries can obtain o...2013
3 Coronado, Yvette Sonia GonzalezThe pedagogy of sistahood : Living in this skin in the classroomHistorical and contemporary social dynamics have constructed a 'commonsense' of Latina youth as submissive characters to el macho (the male), in addition to portrayals as sexually promiscuous, destined for marriage and pregnancy, quiet, resistant learners, and as lacking in ambition. These deficit m...Hispanic American teenage girls; Social conditions2009
4 Downs, MelindaModeling conductivity as a function of temperature for CZTS and CZTSe thin film solar cell absorber layersThe goat of this project was to develop an accurate model for the temperature dependent conductivity of CU2ZnSnS4 (elTS) and CU2ZnSnSe4 {ClTSe} thin film solar cell absorber layers. Mathematical models of conductivity and resistivity were derived from both parallel and series combinations of tempera...Solar cells; Thin films2013
5 Grahmann, Bridget N.Refugee use of the women, infants and children programThis study examines the experience refugee families have with the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, and attempts to identify the difficulties they have in order to make suggestions that might result in more efficient use of the WIC program among the refugee population. Thirty women enrolled...Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (U.S.); Women refugees -- United States; Women refugees -- Food2014
6 Bowen, BradyFractal geometry of melt ponds: Modeling the fractal geometry of arctic melt ponds using the level sets of random surfacesDuring the late spring, most of the Arctic Ocean is covered by sea ice with a layer of snow on top. As the snow and sea ice begin to melt, water collects on the surface to form melt ponds. As melting progresses, sparse, disconnected ponds coalesce to form complex, self-similar structures which are c...Melt pond geometry2016-04
7 Blanton, NatalieFemale inmate sexual health literacy and disparities in the Salt Lake County jailThe rates of women interacting with the criminal justice system are increasing steadily­ yet little is known about the experiences of these women within the system as well as the latent effects that follow them throughout their lives. With a sociological perspective, one comes to understand the imm...Incarcerated women; Sexual health; Reproductive health; Contraception; Women's experiences; Health literacy2014-05
8 Borrowman, WilliamGas exchange of co-occurring plant species of the Great Basin Desert in an irrigated common gardenThe majority of plants in the Great Basin ecosystem have adapted to cope with drought during summer. While general characteristics of these plants have been studied in non-managed environments it is important to investigate the physiology of these plants when additional water is supplied. In this ...Urban heat island -- Prevention; Desert plants -- Ecology -- Great Basin -- Research; Plant ecophysiology -- Research; Irrigation -- Environmental aspects; Red Butte Garden (Salt Lake City, Utah)2014-04
9 Alder, IsabellaCreating community: Facilitating an engaged resettlement process for refugee status families in the Salt Lake Valley to promote greater self-relianceThere are approximately 12 million refugees in the world today and roughly 50,000 of these individuals have resettled to the Salt Lake Valley. Upon their arrival to Utah, families with refugee status are paired with one of a small number of organizations to assist them in the process of resettlemen...Refugees -- Utah -- Salt Lake Valley Resettlement2014-05
10 Kirby, KaltinFinding a characterMy thesis revolves around the idea of creating a character. There have been countless theatre practitioners and theorists Stanislvasky to Meisner who have tried to develop the "best way" to create a character. This project centers around my personal process to create a character based on my traini...Acting2014-05
11 Jenson, DonovonNo low hanging fruits: salient factors for good nutrition by socioeconomic statusIn recent years increasing obesity rates have become a major concern in the United States. Statistics show socioeconomic status plays a big role in obesity outcomes, with those of lower SES more likely to be obese. Although exercise and stress have also been shown as important contributors to obesit...Obesity - United States2014-04
12 Meadows, NatalieCommunication is key: A critical analysis of Spanish language policies and ideologies in healthcare settings in the United StatesEffective communication is a vital component in providing quality healthcare. Communication between patients and their healthcare providers has been shown to have substantial effects on health outcomes. According to the 2012 U.S Census 5% of the U.S population who identifies as Hispanic or Latino re...Language policy - United States; Hispanic Americans - Medical care2014-08
13 Edson, ShaunaWriting center programming inside outWriting Center programs serving refugee, sexual minority and other underserved populations are expanding but there is little evidence to support their effectiveness. The purpose of this research is to examine the effectiveness of writing center programs and determine the populations utilizing writin...Writing centers - United States - Research - Methodology2014-08
14 Bingham, KouverReflection groups and coxeter groupsIn this paper we give a survey of the theory of Coxeter Groups and Reflection groups. This survey will give an undergraduate reader a full picture of Coxeter Group theory, and will lean slightly heavily on the side of showing examples, although the course of discussion will be based on theory. We'll...Finite groups2014-07
15 Saperstein, ElizabethPunctuated equilibrium and the Patriot Act 2001An all-encompassing theory to describe the policy-making process in modern political systems has yet to be determined. Therefore, no theory currently exists that uncontestably predicts future policy outcomes. In an attempt to describe the policy process and account for the process as one that fluctu...Patriot Act (U.S.); Punctuated equilibrium (Evolution)2014-08
16 Mizero, DanielThe political and regulatory challenges of effectively implementing an international accounting systemThese are pivotal times in accounting history. Globalization, world trade and financial market integration have given international accounting standards increased relevance and priority. The possibility of worldwide use of a single set of international accounting standards could provide tremendous v...International accounting standard2014-07
17 Reiser, AlexanderProviding healthcare for the uninsured: How the media frames conflicting ideologies in achieving the same goalCurrent coverage of the Affordable Care Act (AC A) is just one opportunity to analyze the use of media in framing health care policy. An examination of the history of media and their influence surrounding the implementation of the AC A in 2013 and a veto for additional funding of the State Children'...Medical policy - United States; Medically uninsured persons - United States; Healthcare in mass media2014-08
18 Steadham, AngelaHuman trafficking in Utah, America and the worldTo define human trafficking is to describe one of the most inhumane crimes in daily practice. It is modern day slavery. Human Trafficking is the recruitment, transport, transfer, harboring, and receipt of persons by coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or force to exploit them. The ...Human trafficking - United States2014-07
19 Rush, JacobThe Kantian concept of the person, rationality and Socrates' deathIn this paper, I consider Socrates' death sentence in The Apology and his choice to accept his death sentence in The Crito. I structure his choice in a Kantian manner. First, I argue that Socrates has a duty to himself, as a rational agent, to (a) act as a promisekeeping individual and (b) perform t...Socrates - Death and burial; Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1824 - Ethics2014-05
20 Hales, LaurelPhysics show and tell and elementary science educationIt is a well-known fact that American children are performing below their peers in international science and mathematics examinations, leading to what is commonly called the STEM education crisis. This project was created in an attempt to resolve this crisis by improving elementary school science ed...Science - Study and teaching (Elementary) - United States2014-05
21 Russell, CurtisThe Zion curtain: A documentary playThe Zion Curtain is a documentary play about the collision of ideology and civil rights, using the words of real people to trace the roots and show the effects of reactionary, homophobic doctrines in the Mormon Church. Every "um," "uh," and pause is performed as spoken in original interviews by the ...Homosexuality - Religious aspects - Mormon Church; Mormon gays2014-04
22 Manwill, EmmylouGrassroots yet global: the Idle No More indigenous movement in twenty-first century CanadaThe focus of this thesis is the indigenous sovereignty and land rights movement, selfidentified as the "Idle No More movement" (INM), that began in opposition to federal Canadian policies in December 2012. While Canadian natives have organized in resistance before, the INM movement sticks out compar...Idle No More (Movement); Protest movements - Canada; Indigenous peoples - Canada2014-05
23 Radhakrishnan, ParvathiPI3K inhibitors as potential new therapy against breast cancer progressionReceptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) and their pleiotropic effectors play key roles in metastasis. Met and Ron are RTKs that have been shown to contribute to tumor growth and metastasis in both animal models and in patients. Recently, an alternative Ron isoform known as "short-form" Ron (sfRon) was asso...Breast - Cancer - Treatment - Research; Protein - tyrosine kinase - inhibitors - Therapeutic use; Enzyme inhibitors - Therapeutic use. - Research; Biology - Research2014-05
24 Jin, ZhaoHow is the company's stock risk associated with its demand elasticity?I examine a sample of 20 companies to see if individual total stock risk is associated with its product or service demand elasticity. My evidence is consistent with my first hypothesis that elastic firms' stock prices are more strongly affected by the changes in the input cost than are inelastic fir...Elasticity (Economics); Risk; Stocks; Stock risk2014-05
25 Webb, AndrewLegal instability and societal breakdown in La mort le roi ArturThe death of King Arthur and the twilight of his empire are attributed by many scholars to the adulterous love affair between Queen Guinevere and Lancelot. Indeed their adulterous relationship seems to set off a chain of events that leads to the inglorious demise of almost all of the Knights of the ...Legend of King Arthur; Arthurian law1991
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