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1 "Aguantamos porque no nos queda de otra" (we hold up because we have no other option): Everyday resistance in the lives of Latina immigrant U.S. hospitality industry workersLatina immigrant workers in the United States are often rendered invisible by mainstream society. These women, especially when fulfilling service occupations, such as hotel housekeeping jobs, are expected to work in silence and in deference to those in "higher" positions of power (e.g. supervisors a...Hospitality industry - Employees - United States; Hispanic American women - Employment2013-06
2 The Social and Historical Reproduction of Japantown/Nihonmachi in Salt Lake City, UtahMy honors thesis is a historical, theoretical, and methodological approach to understanding the social and physical formation of Japantown and Japantown Street in Salt Lake City. I am interested in the formation of a specific ethnic enclave and micro-neighborhood which once existed. My thesis will a...
3 Politics without character: Liberal virtues and the situationist critiqueA critique of virtue ethics has recently been raised by social psychologists who believe experimental psychology has all but proved the non-existence of character. In morally compromising situations, external situational factors have the greatest influence on choice, and therefore virtue as a stable...Situation ethics; Virtue Choice (Psychology); Autonomy (Philosophy)2015-05
4 From Ground to Air: Connecting Nonemergency Medical Transportation in Rural UtahSufficient transportation is essential to supporting medical care in rural communities. Due to spatial barriers, or the lack of health facilities or pharmacies, patients often find themselves paying a high cost for consistent medical care. For patients needing multiple medical appointments, transpor...2020
5 You Do You: A Theoretical Exploration of Audience Agency in TheatreThis thesis explores the relationship between audiences and performers in theatre. Contemporary companies which consciously tamper with this relationship are analyzed. Particular focus is on companies that explore the extent to which the audience can directly affect a performance. The reasoning of c...2017
6 Redesigning communities: The case for utopiasThis thesis studies the importance of Utopian city planning in attempting to transform our communities and solve the social issues faced throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries. Idealist city plans originated as a genre of literature dating back to the 16th Century, playing a vital social role throug...Utopias -- United States City planning -- United States2014-05
7 Finding home: discovering place in a changing worldIn spring of 2010, I took a class called Global Environmental Issues from a professor in the biology department named Fred Montague, who had achieved a somewhat legendary status as a lecturer. He taught us science, the grim outlook of the environment, and the convoluted policies working against chan...2012-08
8 The sociolinguistics of Basque in the U.S.This thesis examines the history of the Basques (both in Europe and the United States), the ethnolinguistic vitality of Basque in the U.S. (including the role of language and language revitalization efforts), and some linguistic features of Basque today. It makes use of various articles, studies, an...Basque language - Social aspects - United States; Sociolinguistics - United States2013-05
9 The View From Our Mother's HouseThe View from Our Mother's House is a novel about a family of three women struggling to understand and accept their past, full of abandonment and manipulation, while dealing with the immediate needs of the mother dying from Alzheimer's disease. This project combines research in the field of literatu...2019
10 Questioning my answers: Exploring Cloud Atlas in relation to my B.U.S. degree, "Philosophy for Life"In my sophomore year, I wanted to choose courses that helped me question my answers. Choosing a traditional major felt too restrictive, so I created my own major through the Bachelor of University Studies program. Titled "Philosophy for Life," my major includes courses from 13 academic disciplines o...Mitchell, David (David Stephen). Cloud Atlas; Philosophy2015-04
11 Man up: Sexual Violence, Masculinity, and RhetoricIn discussion of sexual violence, very specific rhetoric is used. Discussions on the topic include questions of "what was she wearing? How much did she drink? Don't you think she was asking for it?" This language creates a situation where this action is perceived as an abnormal act of violence, rath...2017
12 Sustainability and Organizational Mindulness in the Outdoor IndustryThis research theorizes that characteristics of mindfulness can be cultivated in organizations through a focus on environmental sustainability. It thematically evaluates sustainability goals that correlate to organizational mindfulness and mindful organizing. The research examines organizations in t...2020
13 Sex as a Potential Source of Bias in Adult Judgments of Children with Neurodevelopmental DisorderPrevious research has shown the tendency for people to assign negative attributes to children with a variety of disabilities including neurodevelopmental disorders. The purpose of this study was to examine potential differences in ratings assigned by participants based on their sexes (Rater Male (RM...2017
14 "The wanderers" novel projectThe title of the novel is "The Wanderers." My objective in writing this book was first and foremost to create something personally meaningful, which might connect with readers by touching on something in the cultural zeitgeist of young Millennials coming of age in an era of drastic change and global...American fiction - 21st century2015-04
15 "Negative News" Isn't Always Negative: Utah Journalists Reflect on News Values and Audience Engagement in the Digital AgeThe purpose of this thesis is to explain the general notion of negativity in the news and how journalists perceive both their professional and personal standards. Specifically, journalists from Utah were interviewed to determine the main ethical values they consciously think of during their practice...2019
16 Where there are still animals: A poetic study on the earth as womanThey would like to feel they might be something better than animals. That's understandable: other animals might feel they are something different than "just animals" too. But we must contemplate the shared ground of our common biological being before emphasizing the difference"American poetry - 21st century2015-12
17 River Nymph, Earth Goddess: a Female Narrative on the Power of Outdoor Adventure ExperiencesThe primary focus of this thesis is to reveal aspects of the female reality in outdoor adventure experiences. An outdoor adventure experience occurs at any time where one is intentionally outside, appreciating nature often through a type of physical activity. My method is intentional introspection a...2018
18 A survey of exchange rate systems with focus on currency boards and on Hong Kong's experience in particularThe choice of an exchange rate regime can make or break a regional economy. While a stable currency is useful to businesses, exchange rate flexibility also has its proponents. This thesis will first describe a brief history of exchange rate systems. Then, it will provide a survey and analysis of the...Foreign exchange rates - China - Hong Kong; Currency boards - China - Hong Kong2014-05
19 Prostitution and the construction of female identityIn the modern and postmodern worlds, most people see sex work as something on the fringes of society, yet prostitution and its history reflect mainstream modern women's sexuality and sexual life in myriad ways. This paper will examine how sex work exemplifies constructs of female identity. Writings ...Prostitution Women -- Identity2015-04
20 Short-Term medical missions: a tool for understanding damaging practices, best practices, and program evaluationShort-term medical missions (STMMs), defined generally as short-length trips (ranging from 1 week to several months) where participants from one country travel to another country to provide medical or health-related care, have grown in popularity and number in recent years. As STMMs have grown, the ...2020
21 The Patriot: A Creative Exploration of Critical Race Theory in Film and MediaBigotry pervades our daily lives and the idea of a patriot has drastically changed. Since the beginning of our recent political turbulence, jingoism has become prevalent, while sexism and racism follow a growing trend of prejudice. Delineating said jingoism through research and media is a powerful m...2019
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