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1 Differentiation in elementary classroomsIn conjunction with the Utah Educational Policy Research center and under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Rorrer, this paper examines the current research surrounding differentiation in public elementary school (K-5) classrooms in the United States. This paper will seek to find a clear, singular defin...Individualized instruction; Mixed ability grouping in education; Education; Elementary2014-04
2 Developing and Evaluating a Resilience Curriculum for Nurse Residency ProgramsPurpose: There is a nursing shortage worldwide, which is partially due to nurses leaving the workforce prematurely. This phenomenon has been particularly prevalent within emergency, critical care, and oncology. This burnout has been linked to a concept termed "compassion fatigue", where nurses' abil...2017
3 The Utes Nickname: Mascots, Symbols, and Nickname a Critical Discourse AnalysisThe University of Utah maintains a unique relationship with the Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation in northeast Utah. The University has permission from the Ute Indian Tribe to use the "Utes" nickname for athletic purposes. Yet, existing outside of the nickname's sphere, and withou...2017
4 The Role that Lysosomes and Autophagy play in Alveolar soft parts Sarcoma, clear cell Sarcoma and Synovial SarcomaSarcomas are cancer of the connective tissue and are very deadly group of cancers. Two of the sarcoma types, alveolar soft parts sarcoma (ASPS) and clear cell sarcoma (CCS) have a unique vacuolar morphology. This unique morphology is absent in synovial sarcoma (SS). We believe that the unusual morph...2017
5 Reconstruction of Cosmic Ray Geometry using Cherenkov backscatteringFluorescence detectors are often used to examine the energy spectrum and arrival directions of ultra high energy cosmic rays. An accurate reconstruction of geometry is key when determining both energy and direction. In the past, it has been necessary to build multiple fluorescence detectors to take ...2017
6 Bias-Coppected Estimation for singles-event studiesSingle-firm event studies used in securities fraud litigation are prone to statistical bias. Brav and Heaton (2015) describe three potential issues: low statistical power to detect price impacts, confounding effects that cannot be averaged out, and an effect bias in the upward direction. The effect ...2017
7 Sinap types a run-time language for data-descriptionSinap IDE is an editor for graph-based programming languages (as distinct from textbased). To facilitate versatility in Sinap IDE it was necessary to design a language (Sinap's Type System) to generically describe families of well-formed cyclic data structures. This language can be used to maintain ...2017
8 The Celebrity Product Endorser in American Advertising: Five Components of a Successful CampaignThis thesis seeks to provide information and insight for any brand that is considering utilizing a celebrity advocate to sell its product or service. An analysis is presented within the framework of Professor Robert Cialdini's book, Influence: The Power of Persuasion. First, the history of the celeb...2017
9 Career Immersion Prior to Graduation: an Analysis o the Efficacy of Student Marketing AgenciesModern college graduates are faced with a hiring paradox: employers are more willing to hire workers with experience, but college graduates lack professional experience when they graduate. Many educational disciplines encourage experiential work as a solution to this problem. In the marketing indust...2017
10 Accurate communication : explaining a medical technology to a mass audienceThe purpose of this thesis project is to describe the process I have taken, and that others could follow, to use the written communication tecliniques that I have learned during my undergraduate career to accurately inform a non-medically trained mass audience of a medical technology. Clear communic...Medical technology; Communication and technology2013-05
11 The effects of color on food preferenceColor has an influence on our perception of food and affects the food choices we make. In this study, images of food were used to test the effect of dish color on food preferences. Pairs of various food images were shown to 96 college students. One image in each pair displayed the food on a white di...Color - Psychological aspects; Food presentation2013-04
12 Accessibility to HIV/AIDS medications in resource-limited countriesThis research examines the impact of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) on accessibility to HIV/AIDS medications for populations in resource-limited countries. This World Trade Organization agreement created provisions by which these countries can obtain o...2013
13 A history of interest covergence in University of Utah diversity related policies and programsThis paper will look at the history of interest convergence of the University of Utah Administration hi the implementation of diversity related programs and policies. Diversity programs and policies, especially with the pending ruling on Affirmative Action from the Supreme Court, are continuously un...University of Utah - Faculty; University of Utah - Students; Affirmative action program in education - Utah - Salt Lake City; Minorities - Education (Higher) - Utah - Salt Lake City2013-04
14 Cellular ultrastructure of C. elegans nervous systemDetermining the ultrastructural organization of the nervous system is a key step in understanding how complex behavior is generated. For a nervous system to function, it must be wired accurately. A complete wiring diagram, referred to as a connectome, can be created by tracing neuronal profiles thro...Caenorhabditis elegans - Nervous system2013-05
15 Pre-clinical trials of anti-neoplastic drugs using zebrafish with T-cell cancerNote: To agree with NCBI nomenclature guidelines, human gene abbreviations are italicized and capitalized; human protein abbreviations are non-italicized and capitalized, and zebrafish gene abbreviations are italicized in lowercase. T lymphocytes, or T-cells, are blood cells that normally fight vira...Antineoplastic agents - Testing; Zebra danio2013-04
16 Identification of Kin-20 and UNC-119 Knockout suppressors associated with neuronal development and maintenance in C. elegansNeurons comprise the nervous system-the essential signaling and communication system for nearly all multicellular organisms. To coordinate cells across an entire organism, they must grow to be relatively long. Therefore, neurons extend axons from the cell body. Immature neurons extend growth cones a...2018
17 The impact of Global Health education in American Academic Medical Center (AAMCS)Global health has become an increasingly popular field of study among college and graduate students in the United States. A growing body of literature purports the benefits of Global Health Education (GHEs) in American Academic Medical Centers (AAMCs), including introduction to a wider spectrum of d...2018
18 Wynton Marsalis and Nicholas Payton: a compartative discourseJazz music has achieved the support of elite institutions, such as higher education and government arts initiatives, relatively recently. There is now a growing body of scholarly research on jazz history, performance practice, recordings, and music theory. However, there are widely differing concept...2018
19 The Impact of Dodd-Frank Legislation on the Mortagage Market Risk Environment: A Quantitative and Qualitative ExaminationWithin the last decade, the United States endured what is contemporaneously considered to be the most devastating economic recession since the Great Depression. While a complex array of factors contributed to the downturn, a significant and material contributor was the collapse of the housing market...2018
20 I Choose Life Project : Resolving the Disparity of Political and Human Rights Interventions a Strategic Communication Plan to Implement Treatment for Trauma and Suicide Prevention and Reduce Global Conflict VIA Digital DiplomacyIf one is faced with the daunting challenge of climbing Mount Everest or entering a battlefield, the best option is to follow the lead of someone who has done it before, rather than someone who has only read about it. Such is the case with current trends in addressing human rights interventions for ...2018
21 Comparing Educational Engagement and Extracurricular Activity Participation for First-Generation Versus Continuing-Generation College StudentsFirst-generation college students (FGCS) typically have difficulty adjusting to college compared to continuing-generation college students (CGCS). Previous research has found that FGCS are less engaged in their higher education classes. However, engagement in college should also include participatio...2018
22 The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Promoting Higher Education Among Latina/O Youth: The Case of Latinos in Action (LIA) of UtahNonprofit organizations have been at the forefront of helping newly-arrived immigrants and refugees integrate into society, advocating for marginalized communities, and ensuring that Latina/o youth are reaching for higher education. Nonprofit organizations have helped to fill in the gaps that the Un...2018
23 Abnormal Stock Returns and Venture Capital Funding Event Study of Six Down Round Venture Capital Funding Announcement DatesThis paper analyzes the reaction of stock prices to the announcement of a round of financing raised by a venture capital-backed firm at a valuation lower than in a previous round. The event study is performed to analyze short-term stock price reactions prior to and following the announcement of a do...2018
24 Multivalent Human Serum Albumin - Rituximab Fab' Conjugates Induce Apoptosis in Lymphoma CellsNon-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is an immune disease, mostly of B-cell origin (85%), as well as the ninth leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Although treatments for NHLs greatly improved following the FDA approval of Rituximab (RTX), refractive malignancies still occur that are nonrespon...2018
25 Assessing Utah's 90th Percentile storm to understand bioretention design and cost to meet Utah's Modified stormwater mangeement rulehis research dissects and improves understanding of the implications of Utah's modified stormwater permit rule. By analyzing the 90th percentile (90th-P) storm depth calculation and modeling an urban watershed on the foothills of Salt Lake City, Utah; this project provides initial guidance to local ...2018
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