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1 Fischer Assay Data, Utah Geological Survey Well Number U081his dataset contains the results of Fischer assay analyses obtained and published by the Utah Geological Survey for well U081.Fischer assay analyses; well U0812008
2 XRF data archive All coresdataset; all cores; XRF data2014
3 Skyline 16 samplingSkyline 16 sampling summary.Skyline 16; sampling summary2015-07
4 Skyline 12 Fisher Assay DataFisher Assay drill hole info on Skyline 12.Skyline 12; Fisher Assay; Drill hole2015-07
5 Skyline 16 XRFSkyline 16; Skyline 16 samples2015-07
6 McLennan samples: SkylineSkyline; tight rock analysis; porosity2012-04-06
7 Marriott library circulation statistics 2011-2013Circulation statistics for the Marriott Library and University of Utah Press for the years 2011-2013Circulation statistics; University Press2014-07-28
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