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1 1920-21 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1920
2 Northwest Commission on Colleges & Universities: University of Utah Reaccreditation Activity Schedule2006 accreditation scheduleAccreditation; Higher Education, University of Utah2006-10-10
3 GilsoniteGlisonite is a black, pitch-like substance which occurs in pure form in large veins in the Tertiary sediments of the Uinta Basin. It is a homogenous petroleum substance (technically it is a predominently aromatic asphaltite) which fuses relatively easily and burns like tar. Glisonite is brittle and ...glisonite; bitumen; asphalt-based petroleum; glisonite ore1961-06
4 Geological assessment of heavy-oil reservoirs in the Lloydminster area, using a computerized data baseHeavy-oil reservoirs of the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group in the Lloydminster area (Western Canada) occur in a sequence of complexly arranged sandstones, siltstones, shales, and coals. Trapping mechanisms vary, and the precise geological controls governing hydrocarbon accumulations are not well u...heavy-oil reservoirs; geological assessment; heavy-oil reservoirs; wells1987
5 Hydrotreating process kinetics for bitumen and bitumen-derived liquidsHydrodenitrogenation, hydrodesulfurization and resid conversion data for the Whiterocks bitumen and bitumen-derived liquid were analyzed using a modified power rate law model. The model incorporated the space velocity and pressure since the plug flow equation may not be applicable to laboratory-scal...hydrotreating process kinetics; bitumen; bitumen-derived liquids; Whiterocks bitumen1993-05
6 Geology of heavy crude oil and natural bitumen in the USSR, Mongolia, and ChinaThe USSR, Mongolia, and China occupy an area of 33,385,390 km2, or a quarter of the earth's land area. Large reserves and resources of heavy crude oil and natural bitumen are present, especially on the Eastern European (Russian) and Siberian platforms, where at least 700 billion bbl is present (out ...geology; heavy crude oil; natural bitumen; USSR, Mongolia, China; heavy oil resources; natural bitumen resources1987
7 Heavy crude oil fields and bitumen deposits of the Middle and Far East and OceaniaA total of 119 heavy-oil fields are located in the Middle and Far East and Oceania, in 19 countries. Of these, 12 have ultimate recoveries of more than 500 million barrels, and nine of more than 1000 million barrels. About 97% of the total resource of 120,000 million barrels is found in the Middle E...heavy crude oil fields; bitumen deposits; Middle and Far East and Oceania; oil resource1987
8 California plio-miocene oils: Evidence of early generationEarly generation of oil from Monterey and equivalent source rocks may well be the primary controlling factor on oil quality in the coastal basins of California. Commercial generation has occurred at reflectance levels as low as 0.3% R0. The wide range of chemical characteristics of these oils is com...plio-miocene oils; California oil; source rocks; commercial generation; LOM; hydrocarbon concentration; oil quality1987
9 An echoing in-situ combustion oil recovery project in a Utah tar sandU.S. tar sand resources contain an estimated 30 billion bbl (4.7 Gm3) of oil in place in about 550 occurrences in 22 states. Over 90% of the known resources are in six large deposits in Utah, each containing from 1 to 16 billion bbl (0.15 to 2.5 Gm3) of oil. 1 Four major tar sand deposits in Alberta...in-situ combustion; oil recovery project; Utah tar sand; echoing in-situ; U.S. tar sand resources; reverse combustion process; heterogeneous tar sand reservoir1982
10 Bitumen and very heavy crude upgrading technology: A review of long term R&D opportunitiesThe Focus of this Review: This review has focused on the identification of emerging and developing technologies that can, when fully developed, either be applied directly to upgrade bitumen and very heavy crudes, or are integral to new approaches to upgrading. Although very heavy crudes do not have ...bitumen; very heavy crude; upgrading technology; R&D opportunities; upgrade bitumen; oil sands bitumen2004-03-31
11 Comparative study of organic rich solids present in Utah and Athabasca oil sandsThe presence of humic matter modifies the hydrophilic character of some oil sand solids surfaces and thereby results in serious problems in bitumen recovery using water-based processes. In the present work the fraction enriched with humic matter was separated from the bulk of Utah oil sand solids, u...organic rich solids; Utah oil sands; Athabasca oil sands; comparative study of oil sands1989
12 Extraction of hydrocarbons from Antrim oil shaleThe Dow Chemical Company has performed a variety of in situ experiments on the Antrim oil shale which underlies Michigan. These experiments have ranged from in situ combustion in a quarry to attempted extraction at a depth of 2,600 feet (780 m). Currently, Dow is continuing its efforts to obtain hyd...hydrocarbon extraction; Antrim oil shale; oil shale; hydrocarbon recovery1978
13 A heavy-oil case study on a single well in Venezuela, MFM-7s, using cores and logsPlanning for optimum production from heavy-oil reservoirs requires a deep understanding of their geological and petrophysical characteristics, synthesized from intermittent core and continuous log data. In this paper the study developed for the MFM-7S well, operated by S. A. Meneven in the Faja Petr...heavy-oil case study; Venezuela well; MFM-7s; well cores; well logs; heavy-oil reservoirs1987
14 Coking poor coking coals and hydrocracked tar sand bitumen binderA process is described for producing metallurgical coke from poor coking coals in which there is combined with the poor coking coals a small amount of an additive consisting of a bitumen residue obtained from hydrocracking of bitumen from tar sands. The residue used is that from vacuum distillation ...1980-11-18
15 An assessment of oil shale and tar sand development in the state of Utah: Phase 2--policy analysisThe potential development of synthetic fuels in the United States has been characterized by a great variation in preceived economies. The interest has been on an upswing during the decade of the 1970's due to the possibility of synthetic fuels lessening U.S. dependence on foreign oil. However, even ...Oil shale; Tar sand development; Utah; Synthetic fuels; Uintah Basin; Northeastern Utah; Petroleum reserves; Tar sand; Oil; Synthetic Fuel commercialization viability1982
16 A brief history of early mineral exploitation in the Uinta BasinEarly mining activities in the Uinta Basin can be summarized by saying that they included mining for gilsonite, coal, copper, iron, oil shale, ozocerite, wurtzilite, and oil and asphalt (under the placer mining laws). Of these minerals only coal and gilsonite were produced in commercially significan...Uinta Basin; Mining; Uintah Valley; Indian Reservation; Meeker; Utah; History of early mineral exploitation; Uintah Reservation; Gilsonite; Coal; Copper; Iron; Oil shale; Ozocerite; Wurtzilite; Oil; Asphalt; Ashley Creek; Hatchtown; Vernal; Fort Duchesne; Ouray Subagency1964
17 Fluidized bed pyrolysis of bitumen-impregnated sandstone at sub-atmospheric conditionsA 15.2 cm diameter fluidized bed reactor was designed, built, and operated to study the pyrolysis of oil sands at pressures slightly less than atmospheric. Fluidizing gas flow through the reactor was caused by reducing the pressure above the bed with a gas pump operating in the vacuum mode. Pyrolysi...fluidized bed pyrolysis; bitumen-impregnated sandstone; sub atmospheric conditions1993-05
18 Final report on 1989 update of the computerized geologic model to include the 1988 drill hole data Sunnyside Tar Sands project Sunnyside, UtahIn May 1989, Rozelle Consulting Services (RCS) was requested by Amoco Corporation (Amoco) to submit a proposed scope of work for updating the 1987 computerized geologic model of the Sunnyside Tar Sands deposit (Figure 1-1 and 1-2) to include the drill hole data that was completed in 1988 by Amoco. T...computerized geologic model; 1988 drill hole data; Sunnyside Tar Sands project; geologic resources1989-07
19 Atomistic modeling of oil shale kerogens and asphaltene along with their interactions with the inorganic mineral matrixThe goal of this project is to obtain and validate three dimensional atomistic models for the organic matter in both oil shales and oil sands. In the case of oil shales the modeling was completed for kerogen, the insoluble portion of the organic matter; for oil sands it was for asphaltenes, a class ...atomistic modeling; oil shale kerogens and asphaltene; inorganic mineral matrix2011-04
20 Problems facing tar sand developmentThis issue of the Interstate Oil Compact Commission Committee Bulletin contains papers presented before the meetings of the Standing Committees of the Interstate Oil Compact Commission on July 11 and 12, 1977, at Nashville, Tennessee. All available papers presented before the committees at this meet...Interstate Oil Compact Committee Bulletin; heavy oil deposits develompment; Tar Sand Triangle1977-07
21 Review of the world's major oil sand depositsThe solution of today's energy equation lies in crash programmes for the development of alternative fuels to supplement dwindling conventional oil reserves. Conse quently, sources of non-conventional oil such as oil sands, oil-shale and coal are being given greater consid eration. The production of ...oil sand deposits; major oil sand deposits; oil reserves; non-conventional oil; oil sands; oil shale; coal; syncrude production; review; types of oil deposits1974
22 Uranium deposits of Temple MountainTemple Mountain is a prominent topographic feature on the southeast flank of the San Rafael Swell in Emery County, Utah, the outline of which resembles the Temple at Salt Lake City. The existence of uranium in this area has been known for many years, but mining at Temple Mountain in the early part o...uranium deposits; Temple Mountain, Utah; mining ore1954
23 The Chinese wax mine: A unique oil-impregnated rock depositThe Chinese Wax mine in Daniels Canyon, Wasatch County, Utah, is a small deposit of black, viscous, waxy oil emplaced in fractured, brecciated Oquirrh Formation (Pennsylvanian-Permian) on the Strawberry Valley (or Charleston) thrust sheet where the thrust has overriden the west margin of the Uinta B...Chinese wax mine; oil-impregnated rock deposit; oil; mineral wax; viscous oil1975
24 1888-89 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1888
25 1893-94 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1893
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