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1 Springer, Sheree Elizabeth GrantCall in the Ref: The Impact of an Interest-Regulating Strategy on the Reading of Uninteresting TextsThe purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to determine the effectiveness of an instructional intervention designed to help high school students learn to regulate their interest when reading uninteresting texts. An intervention was developed utilizing current research on motivation and interes...Secondary education; Reading instruction2017
2 Selkowitz, David JamesAutomated Approaches for Snow and Ice Cover Monitoring Using Optical Remote SensingSnow and ice cover exhibits a high degree of spatial and temporal variability. Data from multispectral optical remote sensing instruments such as Landsat are an underutilized resource that can extend our ability for mapping these phenomena. High resolution imagery is used to demonstrate that even a...Geography2017
3 Polei, Michael DavidAddressing The Foreign Body Response to High Density Penetrating Microelectrode ArraysThe Utah Electrode Array (UEA) is a brain-implanted microelectrode recording device that has shown promise to assist patients with motor-control disabilities. Unfortunately, the UEA suffers from a foreign body response (FBR) that results in device movement away from implantation target, encapsulatio...Bioengineering; Engineering; Neurosciences; Physiology2018
4 Kanna Reddy, Hariprasada ReddyDevelopment of Selective Ribosome P-Site Inhibitors and Their Applications as New Antitubercular Agents and Efforts Toward Development of First-In-Class Antibiofilm Antibacterial AgentsThe fight against tuberculosis (TB), has been further complicated by both the emergence of multidrug resistant strains of the organism, along with its coinfection with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Since current TB regimens reduce the efficacy of highly active antiretroviral therapies (HAART) ...Chemistry; Organic chemistry; Physiology; Microbiology; Medicine; Epidemiology; Public health2017
5 Wen, JingranPathogenesis of Expanded Polyglutamine Repeats in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Gaining Insight into Protein Folding, Hydrogen Bonding, and Water-Accessibility by Advanced Informatics and SimulationsThe unstable expansion of the polyglutamine (polyQ) tract is a critical factor in the pathogenic pathway of at least ten neurodegenerative diseases, including Huntington's disease, spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA), dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy (DRPLA), and seven spinocerebellar atax...Bioinformatics2017
6 Son, JiyoungActive Sperm Separation Technique Using an Inertial Microfluidic DeviceMicrofluidic technology has the unique potential to separate sperm from unwanted debris while improving the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Limitations of current clinical protocols regarding separation of sperm from other cells and cellular debris can lead to low sperm re...Bioengineering; Engineering; Electrical engineering2017
7 Shaw, David DeanMass Transfer in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Eosinophilic EsophagitisEosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is an inflammatory disease of the esophagus, characterized by penetration of eosinophils into the esophageal wall. Once thought to be a rare condition, incidents of EoE are becoming more common. As EoE has risen to prominence, significant effort has been undertaken to ...Chemical engineering; Pathology; Public health; Physiology; Epidemiology2017
8 Singhal, ShwetaTraining a Restricted Boltzmann Machine Using Spatial Markov Random Field Priors on WeightsRecent developments have shown that restricted Boltzmann machines (RBMs) are useful in learning the features of a given dataset in an unsupervised manner. In the case of digital images, RBMs consider the image pixels as a set of real-valued random variables, disregarding their spatial layout. Howeve...Computer science2017
9 Saragsyan, AhotMitochondrial Pyruvate Metabolism Induces Pseudohypoxia and MitophagyMitochondria play a central role in cellular energy metabolism, and they supply most cellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP). During production of ATP, mitochondria also produce reactive oxygen species that could be damaging to mitochondria and to other cellular compartments. To limit and control the ...Molecular biology; Cellular biology; Biochemistry2017
10 Sharp, Ryan HughCareer Crescendo: A Mixed Methods Study on the Developmental Capacity of Psychological CapitalResearch surrounding psychological capital (PsyCap) continues to expand and develop as scholars and organizational leaders look to the strengths of positive psychology and integrate them into the workplace. While previous research has underscored connections between PsyCap and various organizational...Developmental psychology; Occupational psychology; Personality psychology; Organizational behavior2017
11 Olson, Matthew HowardImpacts of Topographic Shading on Surface Energy Balance of High Mountain Asia GlaciersTopographic shading involves two components: shaded relief and cast shadowing. Shaded relief occurs from self-shadowing due to the slope and aspect of a given location; cast shadowing involves projecting shade from nearby terrain onto an adjacent surface. The combined effect of topographic shading p...Climate Change; Atmospheric sciences; Remote sensing2017
12 Overholt, Stacey MarieThe War of Words in the War on Cancer: Contemporary Discursive Contestations Around Breast, Bladder, and Skin CancersDespite decades of awareness and research, cancer continues to grow as a threat to public health. This prevalence indicates the continued importance of attending to how cancer is covered and constructed in public health campaigns ("official" discourses) and mainstream news coverage ("common" discour...Communication; Public health; Oncology2017
13 Muralidharan, PrasannaBayesian Regression and Longitudinal Modeling of Manifold data: Applications to Time-varying Shape Analysis2017
14 Munion, Ascher KaiSex Differences in Spatial Navigation: An Approach to Characterizing How We Wayfind2017
15 Hakami, Samer MohammedHeterogeneity in MIR21 Content of MCF-7 Exosomes and Comparative Study of Their Thermal StabilityGlobally, the subject of exosomes (defined as extracellular nano-vesicles (30 nm to 130 nm in diameter) secreted by many types of living cells and found in all body fluids, including blood, urine, and saliva) has received significant attention over the past 15 years, but with more intensive research...Biomedical engineering; Chemical engineering; Oncology2017
16 Rodriguez, Erik Saturnino GamezAnalysis and Implementation of Spatial Filters in the Quasi-Static Regime with Applications to Wireless Power TransferMore than a century ago, in his labs in Colorado Springs and New York, Nikola Tesla started experimenting with wireless power transfer (WPT). His ideas were ahead of his time, but they fell into obscurity shortly after his death. Nowadays, WPT is no longer thought of as science fiction: neural prost...Electrical engineering; Electromagnetics2017
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