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1 Hot Spot-Based design and synthesis of small molecule inhibitors for B-Catenin/T-Cell factor 4 protein-protein interaction and hemiporphyrin-like N-ACYL 2-Aminoimidazoles: Chemistry, biology and Zinc Binding Properties2019
2 Patterns of ethnic cleansing in the balkans2019
3 Management of dissolved methane from anaerobic effluents2019
4 Understanding human spermatogonial stem chells and spermatogenesis Via single-Cell analysis2018
5 Personal inertial navigation system assisted by mems wearable ground reaction sensor array and sensing interface application specific intgrated circuits2018
6 Ultrafast optical study of spin dynamics in Hybrid perovskite semiconductors2018
7 The effect of priming, integration of material, and mode of presentation on performance and self-efficacy2018
8 Distributed sensor stations and staistical algorithms in Bundary layer meteorology2019
9 Global Justice: An defense of institutional cosmopolitanism2019
10 Synthesis and characterization of ion-conducting polymer-modified silica nanoparticle membranes for use in alternative energy applications2018
11 Synthesis and characterization of multiphase composite materials2018
12 Reconfiguracion De La Mujer Y LA frontera EN LA Literatura De Rosina Conde Y rosario sanmiguel2019
13 Characterization of genomic subtypes of Ewing sarcoma based on copy number alterations2018
14 In situ characterization of texture and fracture anisotropy in fine grained sedimentary rocks2018
15 Demand Environment analysis of higher-order languages2018
16 Longitudinal segmentation for image sequence with appearance and shape change2019
17 The interplay of morphological adaptations and neuromuscular control2018
18 Supporting scientific reasoning about real-world phenomenaThe current study examined the impacts of concreteness fading and explanation activity on learning from visualizations of real-world physics experiments. Results indicated that concreteness fading may make the relationships between concrete and symbolic representation elements more salient, yielding...2019
19 Predicting watershed-scale agricultural water consumption using statistical and cropping systems models with satellite-based remote sensingIrrigation accounts for approximately 80% of consumptive water use in the U.S., making evapotranspiration (ET) an important measure for agricultural water management. Estimation and prediction of spatially varied ET using measured data is difficult. Remote sensing approaches have been used to extrap...2019
20 Modeling and optimization framework for reducing emissions based on location and timing of electricity use in commercial buildingsIn buildings, indirect emissions are from electricity use, and onsite fuel combustion produces direct emissions. Factors like tradeoffs between gas and electricity use, grid dynamics, location, and application of the building determine the proper energy management scenarios. This work utilizes build...2019
21 Quantifying the dark matter substructure Mass function using strongly lendsed lyman-alpha Emitter GalaxiesOne of the greatest mysteries in modern-day astrophysics is that of the nature and composition of dark matter. Numerous lines of research have sought to detect and characterize this unknown material. Cosmological simulations in particular have proven very successful at re-creating observed large sca...2018
22 Categorizing content in digital resources for education: developing a rubric to represent the selection and use of online materialsThe objectives of this current research were to test the reliability of the ADMIRE rubric and to evaluate whether it can be used as a tool to gain insight into what types of digital library resources teachers' select for classroom use. Additionally, this research was conducted to explore the types o...2019
23 An Experimental test of the effects of acute stress and parental bonding history on maternal sensitivityThe beneficial consequences of maternal sensitivity for infant social and emotional development are well-known, as is the notion that stress may impair a mother's ability to provide sensitive care for her infant. Less is known about whether some mothers may be more susceptible to parenting-related s...2019
24 Dissecting the role of Ron and Sfron Co-Expression in Breast Cancer Tumorprogression and metastasisMetastasis remains the leading cause of death in breast cancer patients, and the lack of curative treatments accounts for over 40,000 deaths per year. RON receptor tyrosine kinase and short-form RON (sfRON), an N-terminally truncated RON isoform, have emerged as key players in independently promotin...2018
25 Development and analysis of an introductory chemical engineering laboratory courseWe developed an introductory chemical engineering design laboratory course coupling traditional, hands-on, and virtual learning techniques. The course is centered on a set of interactive, online simulations mimicking laboratory experimentation, which the students complete for homework prior to compl...2018
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