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1 Relationships between dominance and territorial behavior: a field study in a youth rehabilitation setting1972
2 The Extraction of copper from Chrysocolla with NTA1972
3 A History of Park City, 1869 to 18981971
4 Analysis and Prediction of Utah Transit Authority Service Areas1972
5 John A. Widtsoe: Rational Apologist1977
6 Factorial ecology: A study of the spatial distribution of social characteristics in the Salt Lake City Urban Area1973
7 South American Immigration to Utah1972
8 Social, Vocational, and Family-Community influences on rehabilitated amputee clients from Utah Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 1949-19541959
9 Labor at the beginning of the 20th Centuryt: the carbon county, Utah Coal Fields 1900 to 19051972
10 Economic and Political forces shaping the smoot-hawley tariff act of 19301972
11 Title I F.H.A loans as an investment medium for Salt Lake lendinginstitutions1961
12 The Western Federation of Miners1972
13 A study of the Utilization of training services provided to female rehabilitants1969
14 Comparative investigation of electrical potential of the Iliopsoas and rectus abdominis muscles during performance of selected activites1974
15 Nobility in BrazilThe new world has generally been quite hostile to the institution of nobility. During colonial times, titles and honors were usually restricted to governmental administration who rarely entered the mainstream of American life. With independence, nobility was generally rejected. Brazil, however, pres...1968
16 A Rhetorical analysis of the Rhetoric emerging from the Mormon-Black controversyThe general purpose of this research has been to explore and critically analyze the public rhetoric evolving fro the Mormon-black conflict. Three specific groups were delineated for this analysis: (1) the Church structure supporting and defending the present position of the Church; (2) selected indi...1973
17 A History of the Organization and growth of the junior tennis program in Salt Lake CountyTennis had made many worthwhile contributions to the health and welfare of children. it is a way of developing skill and strength in the young. The natural impulse of the young is to be active; activity is a vital factor in the development of personality. The child's capacities physically, mentally,...1966
18 Mental health of proselyting missionariesThis study is a social psychological investigation of the mental health of proselyting missionaries, specificalIy Mormon missionaries, and their social context. The study consists of two parts: (a) a general historical and cultural background of the Mormon missionary system--its origin and developme...1971
19 Orson F. Whitney, Mormon writerThe Mormon community and its institutions have been the subject matter for an amount of writing seemingly out of proportion to the numbers of the Mormon people and their place in American history. Most of this writing has been analytical, a turning of literary searchlights upon Mormon institutions.1949
20 A Comparative study of baseball deflection between horizontal bat bunting position and forty0five0degree bat angle bunting position using videotape analysisThe purpose of this study was to determine to what extent a bat held at a forty-five-degree angle, to the horizontal, for bunting deflects a pitched baseball that prohibits the defense from catching an airborne foul ball in a significantly greater percentage of trials than would a bat held at a hori...1969
21 A Scale of relative difficulty of skills used in prysical education activities
22 Choreography for four experience levels of Modern DanceThe problem of this thesis was to choreograph a modern dance concert using dancers of four experience levels. By experience level, I refer to maturity and dance training of the dancers and their ability to cope with the dance themes. I used the premise that, whenever possible, it was wise to choose ...1969
23 Three Renaissance Episodes : the new World, the Armada, the Gunpowder plotThe discovery of the New World, the coming of the Spanish Armada, and the uncovering of the gunpowder Plot were three Renaissance episodes that influenced the attitude of Englishmen toward each other and toward other European countries, particularly Spain. When the Spanish followed Columbus to the N...1970
24 The Effect of food deprivation on the behavior of group-housed deermice and its implications for crowding researchEfforts to investigate crowding phenomena using a population density paradigm, which space or number of organisms or both are varied, have often produced confusing, irregular, or inconsistent results. In addition the experimental manipulations dictated by a density paradigm may be irredeemably confo...1975
25 The novel as Rhetoric: a study of William S. Burroughs' naked lunchThis study approaches William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch as a rhetorical act in which the disruption of conventional reading expectations functions as a strategic attack on American institutionalized conformity during the 1950's. As a rhetorical act, the novel dramatizes and demythologizes the sublim...1977
1 - 25 of 7,010