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1 Cryer, Martin EricHybrid Agent-Based Modeling of Healthcare Surveillance NetworksFuture cancer registry systems will be provided on elastic and scalable systems in order to cost effectively allow for data sharing agreements to be realized. In order to develop systems to link the various disciplines of the health care industry, it is proposed that modeling and simulation techniqu...2013-08
2 Bramble, Joan GirouxUse of data to inform practice in elementary school classroomsThe purpose of this study was to examine the influence of data use on student achievement. Two research questions were considered: is the use of formative assessment tools (Yearly Progress Pro and Acuity) correlated to student achievement outcomes and are there factors (access to computers, a teache...Data use; Decision making; Student Achievement2015-12
3 Sward, Katherine A.Patterns of noncompliance with recommendations from a computerized insulin protocolDetailed research protocols standardize the interventions for clinical studies, but the protocols can be complex. Clinical decision support systems (CDS) can interpret detailed protocols for care providers. Nurses are expected to comply with research protocols; however, nurses sometimes reject the C...Therapeutic Use; Nursing2007-08
4 Coyle, Joseph F.The Clinical Element Model Detailed Clinical ModelsDetailed clinical models (DCMs) are the basis for retaining computable meaning when data are exchanged between heterogeneous computer systems. DCMs are also the basis for shared computable meaning when clinical data are referenced in decision support logic, and they provide a basis for data consiste...2013-05
5 Hicken, Val NormanDetecting data variation in disparate perinatal clinical systems using a triangulated approach of data concept analysis, clinician perception study, and patient record reviewDelivery of high quality health care requires access to complete and accurate patient information. Variation in data context and content across disparate clinical systems adversely affects the integration of information needed for effective patient care and outcomes research. This study detects the ...2004-05
6 Franco, ArieNeonate - a prototype of a comprehensive expert system embedded inside a hospital information systemNeonate is a prototype of an expert system for the Newborn Intensive Care Unit developed at the Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake Cityt, Utah. The System is designed to be embedded in the Help Hospital Information System and as such has all the characteristics of a HIS (data acquisition...Medicine -- Data processing1990
7 Patton, Gregory AlanValuing health information systemsHealth information systems are networks of computers employed by health care enterprises to facilitate the delivery of their health care product. Computers originally entered the medical domain solely as tools aimed at the business functions of the hospital. Having demonstrated their utility in this...Intermountain Health Care (Utah)1999-12
8 Thacker, Robert ANew verification method for embedded systemsCyber-physical systems, in which computers control real-world mechanisms, are ever more pervasive in our society. These complex systems, containing a mixture of software, digital hardware, and analog circuitry, are often employed in circumstances where their correct behavior is crucial to the safety...Embedded systems; Petri nets; Verification2010-12
9 Bowes, Watson AllenEvaluation of the impact of an outpatient computer system on personnel at three family practice clinicsThe objective of this thesis was to evaluate the impact of an outpatient computer system, know as the Clinical Workstation (CW), on personnel at three outpatient clinics. The primary evaluation took place between June 1997 and June 1998. Thirteen provides and sixty-two staff members were initiall...Medical records - Data processing2000-08
10 Beatty, Shelley Melinda Smith.An Application of automated decision logic in diagnostic radiology.The ability of computers to accumulate and evaluate information and to make it rapidly available on demand is aiding physicians. Computers are especially valuable in helping to make accurate diagnoses quickly. Results of radiologic examinations, including those using ultrasound, computed tomograph...Data Processing; Radiology, Medical1980-06
11 Gundersen, Michael LloydDevelopment and evaluation of an admission diagnoses encoding systemEvolution of computerized hospital information systems designed to fulfill the needs of health care providers has kindled a controversy concerning how information should be represented-freetext data or precoded data. The primary advantage of freetext storage schemes (methods utilizing the natural la...Data Processing; HELP (Information Retrieval System)1995-12
12 Evans, Roy ScottComputer assisted reporting and monitoring of microbiology/infectious disease data and antibiotic therapy.At the Salt Lake Latter-Day Saints (LDS) Hospital, we developed an interface between the microbiology laboratory computer system and a central hospital computer system (HELP). This system contains an integrated data base including information from most medical areas. A translation program was crea...Antibiotics; Cross Infection1984-08
13 Rocha, Roberto de AlmeidaDevelopment and evaluation of a semantic data model for chest radiologyDespite significant achievements in many areas of medicine, computer-based technology has yet to demonstrate its ability to consistently process medical information. Important examples of this inability are the technological obstacles that currently impede the creation of a complete and lifelong com...1996-06
14 Rague, Brian WilliamCS1 pedagogical approach to parallel thinkingAlmost all collegiate programs in College of Engineering; (School of); offer an introductory course in programming primarily devoted to communicating the foundational principles of software design and development. The ACM designates this introduction to computer programming course for first-year st...Computer; CS1; Education; Parallel; Programming; Science2010-08
15 Choudhury, A.N.M. ImrozVisualizing program memory behavior using memory reference tracesComputer programs have complex interactions with their underlying hardware, exhibiting complex behaviors as a result. It is critical to understand these programs, as they serve an importantrole: researchers use them to express new ideas in computer science, while many others derive production value ...Cache; Memory; Memory reference traces; Visualization; Memory behavior2012-08
16 Qadir, AshequlAcquiring knowledge for affective state recognition in social mediaOver the last decade, social media has emerged as a revolutionary platform for informal communication and social interactions among people. Publicly expressing thoughts, opinions, and feelings is one of the key characteristics of social media. In this dissertation, I present research on automaticall...Affective Polarity; Emotion Hashtag; Implicit Property; Natural Language Processing; Simile; Social Media2016
17 Hooper, James KimballA Computer system for measurement of systolic time intervals.Systolic time internal (STI) tests are a noninvasive technique for evaluation of left ventricular heart function. Manual methods for calculating STI are time consuming, very tedious, and require, lengthy mathematical calculations which are prone to error. A computerized method for measuring STIs u...Heart Beat; Data Processing; Medicine1982-03
18 Drummond, Willa HendricksDatabase design for computerized management of time-variant clinical information in neonatal intensive careCritical care environments are difficult to computerize. Conceptual data management challenges include temporal intensity of the data, currency issues, simultaneity of multiple processes and the need to manage extensive human interactions while maintaining security. In critical care, where minutes c...1999-12
19 Baker, James BrandonDetermining specular, diffuse, and ambient color material properties of industrial plant primitivesThree-dimensional (3D) models of industrial plant primitives are used extensively in modern asset design, management, and visualization systems. Such systems allow users to efficiently perform tasks in Computer Aided Design (CAD), life-cycle management, construction progress monitoring, virtual rea...Automation; Computer aided design; Computer vision; Industrial plants; Material properties; Numerical inversion2014-05
20 Nelson, Dylan PoeschThree dimensional morphological assessment of normal and FAI femoral head geometriesCam type femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is characterized by a nonspherical femoral head that shears itself into the hip socket (acetabulum) causing damage to the labrum and adjacent cartilage; a hip with slightly abnormal geometry is prone to develop early osteoarthritis due to increased mech...Femur abnormalities2009-05
21 Smith, James CarrIliad: a computer program for managing personal bibliographic knowledge bases.ILIAD is a microcomputer based program that has been developed to facilitate the construction and management of bibliographic knowledge bases. The contents of these knowledge bases are selected bibliographic citations to the literature. The knowledge base contents are organized by knowledge models...Bibliography of Medicine; Databases, Bibliographic1986-06
22 Anderson, Curtis LeeTechniques for physician review of patient history data in the HELP computer systemThe patient medical history is a necessary and critical tool for making diagnostic decisions. Recently the HELP hospital information system implemented a plan to collect a patient's history via a computer-directed, self-administered questionnaire. Because this method removed physicians from the hist...Computer-Assisted Diagnosis1985-12
23 Stilling, William J.Toward a model for reimbursing professional services in community pharmacy practiceOver the last thirty years increasing numbers of patients have been insured by benefit plans that include prepayment of prescription medications as part of their health care coverage. This has occurred at the same time that the focus of pharmacist has shifted from an emphasis on compounding and dis...Reimbursement Mechanisms; Pharmaceutical Services1989-06
24 Swapp, Craig RichardPrototyping an obstetrical information system in PTXT application languageThe purpose of this thesis is to detail work that has been done to prototype a computer aided data collection, documentation, and decision-making systems for obstetrical medicine. Physicians and medical professionals are extremely busy people. Performance of their job depends on accurate and timel...Aminocentesis; BIOS2003-05
25 Smith, James CarrPROTOKOL: a system-building aid for developing Protocol-type knowledge base.We have identified the difficulties encountered in developing and maintaining the knowledge base component of a decision-support system as the primary factors impeding system development and contributing to the degradation of subsequent system performance. Our analysis of these difficulties suggests...Medical Informatiacs Application; Software1988-06
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