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1 Hain, Kathryn AnnThe slave trade of European women to the Middle East and Asia from antiquity to the ninth centuryIn the mid-ninth century, an Abbasid intelligence officer, Ibn Khurdadhbih, wrote a geography book, the extant sections of which describe the existing trade routes, products, and two major trade networks of the early Abbasid Empire. The Rus or Norse traders brought furs and swords from north to sout...Middle Eastern history; Womens studies; World History2016
2 Zulli, Diana G.Theorizing Socio-Mediated Scandals: Comparing Scandal Discourse in Traditional and Digital Media EnvironmentsPolitical scandals are a conspicuous characteristic of American democracy but have received little theorization that might nuance our understanding of their form and meaning. Drawing insights from previous literature on digital technology, participatory journalism, and the incorporation of social me...Communication; Political science2018
3 Velagapudi, BharathCharacterization and Modulation of Neuroinflammation Surrounding Intracortical Microelectrode ArraysIntracortical microelectrode arrays have incredible potential to help treat patients with CNS damage. Unfortunately, widespread clinical use of this technology is hindered due to the lack of reliability and longevity in chronicrecordings, for which a major mechanism is the host's foreign body respon...Biomedical engineering2018
4 Viskochil, Joseph M.Delivery of Applied Behavioral Intervention to Children in Rural Communities via Teleconsultation and the Rethink Autism Web-Based Video Treatment ProgramParents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) living in underserviced rural areas were provided with training based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) through a combination of teleconsultation and the online Rethink Autism program. Primary study aims were gains in child behavior and parent...Disability studies; Educational psychology; Clinical psychology; Educational technology2017
5 Wong, Roy Y.Moran's I Spacial Auto-correlation and Anomaly Detection Utilizing PCA and High Dimensional Feature VectorsAnomaly detection in large spatial data sets is difficult. Anomaly detection in large spatial data sets with multiple correlated features, becomes even more difficult. Moran's I is a useful function for auto-correlating spatial observations and detecting anomalous observations. Unfortunately, Moran...Computer science2017
6 Manhart, Michael WilliamSingle-Molecule Fluorescence Imaging of DNA Hybridization Equilibria and Kinetics at SurfacesThe goal of this dissertation was to develop single-molecule fluorescence microscopy to investigate hybridization of surface-immobilized DNA probes with target DNA in solution. These experiments required surface chemistry that could immobilize single-stranded DNA probe sites while passivating the su...Analytical chemistry2018
7 St. Andre, Mark EdwardA Forced Choice Method for Evaluating Instruction in Higher EducationStudent evaluations of teaching (SET) in higher education are ubiquitous. Many SETs utilize Likert-type scales and data from these evaluations are frequently used as data points in the retention, promotion, and tenure reviews of instructors. This makes them a high impact activity. Research has revea...Educational evaluation; Educational psychology; Higher education2017
8 Mallia, Derek VincentSimulating High Impact Wildfire and Wind-Blown Dust Events Using Improved Atmospheric Modeling MethodsWildfires and wind-blown dust events are expected to increase through the end of the 21st century as a result of warmer temperatures and increasing aridity, which is being driven by climate change. There is a significant need to develop air quality modeling frameworks that can simulate the impacts o...Atmospheric sciences; Dust; Forest & brush fires; Atmospheric models2018
9 Erspamer, Bryan ThomasCauses of Hip Pain in Collegiate Ice Hockey PlayersIn collegiate ice hockey, hip injuries account for an estimated 9% of all injuries occurring over the course of a hockey season. Most of these injuries can be labeled in the avoidable, overuse category. Still, far too little is known about why injuries such as femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) and ...Medicine; Pathology2018
10 Greenhalgh, Robert ThomasInsights into Generalist and Specialist Life Histories: How they Shape the Genomic Architecture of Chelicerate Herbivores and Impact the Transcriptomic Responses of Two Economically Important Grass SpeciesPlant-herbivore interactions have shaped organismal evolution for hundreds of millions of years. For plants, selection has led to the development of physical structures and chemical compounds aimed at deterring animals from feeding, while for herbivores detoxification genes, physical adaptations and...Genetics; Evolution & development2018
11 Hinkson, Kent D. Jr.Disaggregating the Effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder on Academic Performance in a Veteran SampleNearly 1,230,000 student veterans received Department of Veteran Affairs college benefits within the United States in 2014, many of them struggling with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While PTSD has been linked to lower academic performance, the mechanism behind the relationship remains uncle...Psychology; University students; Veterans; Academic achievement; Post traumatic stress disorder2018
12 Deshotel, Malia J.Cytoplasmic mRNA Decay in Arabidopsis: Roles of mRNA Decapping and Sov/ATDIS3L2The regulation of mRNA levels is achieved by balancing two opposing and dynamic processes: transcription and degradation. While our understanding of transcription to regulate mRNA levels has expanded, our understanding of RNA degradation is still limited. The relative contributions of known mRNA dec...Genetics; Biology; Plant sciences; Ribonucleic acid--RNA2018
13 Deits-Lebehn, CarleneInterpersonal Correlates of Dispositional Mindfulness and NonattachmentThe study of dispositional mindfulness has generally focused on intrapersonal processes to understand how mindfulness promotes health and well-being. However, interpersonal processes may also contribute to the effects of dispositional mindfulness on these outcomes. Interpersonal processes may also c...Psychology2018
14 Bloomfield, Bradley S.Using Coaching as a Professional Development Tool to Train Staff in Behavior Management Techniques at a Therapeutic Summer Camp SettingTo ensure staff members implement interventions and empirically supported practices with fidelity, different methods of professional development are necessary. One theory designed to support staff is using a multitiered systems of support (MTSS) for professional development. MTSS for staff professio...Educational psychology; Industrial arts education; Disability studies2018
15 Raj, MukundDepth-Based Visualizations for Ensemble Data and GraphsEnsemble data sets appear in many domains, often as a result of a collection of solutions arising from the use of different parameters or initial conditions in simulations, measurement uncertainty associated with repeated measurements of a natural phenomenon, and inherent variability in natural or h...Computer science; Mathematics2018
16 Ye, ZhizhouThioredoxin-Interacting Protein Acts as a Metabolic Checkpoint for Coordinated Cell GrowthMetabolism is a fundamental process of all living organisms. Nutrient acquisition and utilization are tightly controlled for coordinated cell growth and execution of physiological function. However, cancer cells reprogram their metabolism to meet the increased bioenergetic, biosynthetic, and redox d...Molecular biology; Oncology2018
17 Young, Colin CampbellImprovements in Analytical Techniques for Analytes Related to Human HealthThe creation of new analytical platforms and methodologies is critical to meet the ever-increasing demands for accurate, sensitive, and fast techniques for disease detection and analyte quantitation. Improving the figures of merit (e.g., sensitivity, turnaround time) for an analytical test can lead ...Chemical engineering; Engineering2018
18 Yandamuri, Soumya SathyaMechanisms of Axonal Degeneration and Repair in a Preclinical Viral Model of Multiple SclerosisIntracranial inoculation of susceptible mice with the JHM strain of mouse hepatitis virus (JHMV) results in acute and chronic encephalomyelitis and demyelinating disease; thus, it has been used as a model of multiple sclerosis (MS). No cure currently exists for patients with MS. Recently, it has bee...Biomedical engineering; Neurosciences; Immunology2018
19 Zech, Hannah JoanInterventions for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome in High School AthletesResearch has highlighted medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) as a very common overuse injury for runners of all levels as well as military personnel. Studies have demonstrated that conservative treatment such as strengthening and taping or bracing techniques help to decrease the pain associated wit...Physical therapy2018
20 Xu, HaojieGalaxy Color-Luminosity-Halo Mass Relation from Galaxy ClusteringUnderstanding how galaxies form and evolve is one of the most pressing questions in modern astronomy. The distribution of galaxies in the color-magnitude diagram (CMD) encodes key information on the physical processes in galaxy formation and evolution. A better understanding of the CMD would rely on...Astrophysics2018
21 Wei, ChuanhaoLogarithmic Kodaira Dimension and Zeros of Holomorphic Log-One-FormsWe prove that the zero-locus of any global holomorphic log-one-form on a projective log-smooth pair of log-general type must be non-empty. This result is a natural generalization of the work of M. Popa and C. Schnell in 2015, which states that, the zero-locus of any global holomorphic one-form on a ...Mathematics2018
22 Willhard, Travis PaulMagnetostriction and Ordering in Fe-16.4 AT.% Al Single CrystalsFe-Al alloys are of interest as high strength, ductile and low cost magnetostrictive alloys. This work examines how the nature of short range ordering and possible presence of B2 and DO3 ordered domains change with thermal history in Fe-16.4 at.% Al single crystal and how this influences magnetostri...Physics; Engineering; Materials science2018
23 Villani, Julia MarieValidity Testing of the Functional Movement Screen in Adolescent AthletesAssessment of functional movements in athletes can help to assess athletes' risk of injury. The purpose of this study was to examine the use of the Functional Movement Screen™ (FMS) assessment tool as a predictor of injury in secondary school athletes. It was hypothesized that due to differences i...Physical therapy; Biomechanics2018
24 Tran, Tho DinhA Framework for Evaluating the Potential of Renewable Power Generation Systems under Techno-Economic UncertaintiesRenewable energy systems are becoming popular choices for power generation. Well-established technologies (e.g. solar and wind energy) have been widely implemented. However, other emerging technologies (e.g. ocean energy) have not been properly commercialized due to the expensive capital investment....Energy2018
25 Tian, KunAdvanced Materials and Concepts for Spintronics, 2D Electronics, and BiosensorsNanomaterials have influenced various fields and improved our quality of living through multiple smart devices. However, much more development is still needed in the field of medicine for early diagnosis of disease and treatments; the performance of computational devices for increased data flow; and...Nanotechnology; Materials science2018
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