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1 Lundquist, Jon PaulEnergy Anisotropies of Proton-Like Ultra-High Energy Cosmic RaysEvidence of a number of interrelated energy dependent intermediate-scale anisotropies have been found in the arrival directions of proton-like ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECR) using 7 years of Telescope Array (TA) data. These are found using analysis techniques that have been developed for this...Statistical physics; Astrophysics2017
2 Sunada, Grant RogerA Longitudinal Study of Women Coaching Women Through Motivational Interviewing and the Interrelationships Between Depression, Health Behaviors, and Changes in Obesity2018
3 Matthew Alan SzaniawskiSAMHD1 Activity Underlies Ifn Responses and Sex-Dependent Differences in Macrophage Infection by HIV-12018
4 Smith, Amanda RayInvestigating Human Immunodeficiency Virus Resistance Mechanisms to D-Peptide Entry Inhibitors2018
5 Rangel, Alexandra EusebiaExpanding SELEX Technology to Engineer Functional Nucleic Acids Optimized for the Development of Small-molecule Biosensors2018
6 Rommel, Casey A.The Integration of a Clinical Prognostic Calculator for Traumatic Brain Injury within an Electronic Health Record2018
7 Lewis, Michael DavidStable Isotope Ecology Baselines and Human Diet Reconstruction: An Example from Basketmaker II Burials at Cedar Mesa, Utah2018
8 Pflieger, Courtney L.Video Self-modeling with Elementary School Students Displaying Behavioral Engagement Deficits Due to Acquired Brain Injury2018
9 Patharkar, Abhidnya VijaykumarStudy of Change in Orientation of Adventitial Collagen in Cerebral Blood Vessels during and Post-Axial Overstretch2018
10 Lehnardt, Anna Samantha"I Shall Never Be Cited as a Bad Example": Religious Idealization and Humanity in Crusader Figures in the Chanson de Roland and Rolandslied2018
11 Field, Samuel J.Political Parties and Their Relationship with Economic Globalization2018
12 Grafe, Carl JamesMathematical Modeling for Public Health Decision Support During Acute Gastroenteritis Outbreaks2018
13 Jabbarzadeh, MehdiHydrodynamic Interactions and Motion of Bacteria at Low Reynolds Number2018
14 Dimjasevic, MarkoEnhancing Automatic Software Testing for Broader Applicability2018
15 Dockstader, Keith E. Jr.Design, Modeling, and Gait Control of a Rolling Quadruped (roll-U-ped)2018
16 Dorrian, Edward JohnTool-Chip Interface Temperature in Machining: Modeling and Evaluating the Effects of Variable Flow Rate Cutting Fluid Application2018
17 Marin, Gerard CortinaLarge-Eddy Simulations of Wind Farms under Different Atmospheric Stratification ConditionsThe continuous growth in energy demand together with the awareness of greenhouse gases and their implication on climate change has pushed our society to design new environmentally sustainable sources of energy. An example of this is the rapid growth that wind and solar energy production has experien...Energy; Sustainability; Engineering2018
18 Clark, Larry EdwardParental opinions regarding protective services for the mentally retarded in Utah, 1971The purpose of this study was to provide some initial research in four general areas of concern related to the mentally retarded in utah. The first and chief area of consideration was guardianship. The purpose here was to determine whether the parents of mentally retarded children, who were either r...Children with mental disabilities -- Utah1971
19 Ricks, Paul MurlandAttitudes of administrative and professional staff personnel at the Utah State Training School towards sterilization of the mentally retardedThe purpose of this study was to determine the need for and effectiveness of sterilization practices for the mentally retarded in Utah as viewed from the attitudes held by administrative and professional staff personnel at the Utah state Training School, Based upon the findings, recommendations conc...Utah State Training School (American Fork) Criminals1973
20 Roche, Maurice A.The Flin Flon Open Cut HaulageHudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company Mines and mineral resources; Manitoba; Flin Flon1929
21 Mandel, KayThe predictive validity of on-the-job performance of policemen from recruitment selection informationIntercorrelations between 121 predictors and 29 job related criteria obtained from 114 Salt Lake City policemen were analyzed in order to determine the extent to which the predictors could account for the policemen's job performance. Predictor data consisted of 108 biographical items and 13 scales p...Police; Recruitin1970
22 Price, Sara SueA comparison of Gosiute material culture and the archaeology of Western UtahIn archeology and ethnology the Great Basin has been not only one of the last, but is also one o the least studied sections of the United States. Many reports in both archeology and ethnology have been presented within the past twenty years but few attempts have been made to carrelate the cultures o...Gosiute Indians; Gosiute Indians; Antiquities Utah; Antiquities1952
23 Sedman, Yale S.The Syrphidae of UtahThe family Syrphidae, comprising one of the largest and most beneficial families of the Diptera, has attracted considerable attention. The entomologist first became interested in the adults because of their seemingly endless diversity in color and form. As more intensive studies were conducted, it w...Syrphidae Insects -- Utah1952
24 Donovan, Ann JohnsonAn analysis of Anton Bruckner's symphony number seven in E majorThe purpose of this thesis concerning Anton Bruckner's Seventh Symphony is to present a detailed analysis of the composition and to make it of value to anyone interested in the work of Bruckner. An intensive written analysis is given and the formal structure and tonal relationships are shown by diag...Bruckner, Aton, 1824-1896. Symphony no. 7, E major1972
25 Allen, Florence S.Analysis of Schubert symphony no.8 in B minorThis thesis contains four chapters. Chapter I discusses pertinent information concerning the writing, first performances, and success of Schubert's Symphony No. 8 in B minor, known as the Unfinished Symphony. Chapter II describes in detail the form of each of the movements. Chapter III is composed o...Schubert; Franz; 1797-1828. Symphonies; D. 759, B minor1955
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