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1 Prince, Donald GailUtah Coal Industry: A Study in Economic GeographyThe importance of coal in the modern industrial economy cannot be overestimated. This age has been variously characterized as an "Age of Coal and Iron, " "Steel Age, " "Machine Age, " and "Power Age. " By whatever characterization we attempt to describe our modern industrial world, the signific...Coal trade, Utah
2 Humpherys, BlancheAppraisal of the needs for an occupational therapy school in UtahThe problem of this study was to determine the need for an Occupational Therapy school in Utah. Statistical and historical data were gathered for the first accurately compiled and recorded history of the growth and development of Occupation Therapy in Utah. The method use was historical and survey...Utah1958-08
3 Hao, JianmeiDevelopment and the Environment in China: A Multilevel Analysis 2004-2013This dissertation is to theoretically and empirically explore how development impacts the environment in the largest developing country in the world from the perspective of sociology of development, and environmental and urban sociology. This dissertation focuses on the context of China, reviews the...Sociology; Environmental health; Aeronomy; Asian studies2018
4 Liao, HaifengGeographic information system spatial analysis of urban and regional development in China: a case study of Guangdong ProvinceThis research focuses on the application of geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis methods to urban and regional development studies. GIS-based spatial modeling approaches have recently been used in examining regional development disparities and urban growth. Through the cases of ...2014-08
5 Linder, Lauri A.School reentry for school age children with cancer: changes in school behaviors as perceived by parents and teachersThe purpose of this study was to investigate changes in school behaviors of children with cancer as perceived by their parents and school teachers. Subjects included 21 children, aged 6 to 12 years, receiving treatment for cancer. Data were collected through interviews and questionnaires developed f...Disabled Persons; Education1994-12
6 Skinner, Michelle D.Foundations for a lifetime: a qualitative inquiry into the recollection, reconstruction and meaning-making process of cadaver dissectionCadaver dissection has been a central part of the education of medical professionals for centuries. Throughout that time, anatomists have claimed that dissection is a learning experience rich with life lessons encompassing more than simply gross anatomy. Yet, no published empirical data exist of the...Anatomy; Cadaver; Dissection; Longitudinal; Medical education; Qualitative2013-08
7 Zamir, ChelseyA pigeon with two nests: a case of first- and second-generation iraniansFollowing the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Iranians migrated to the United States in substantial numbers. Ever since this large-scale migration to the United States, first-generation Iranian immigrants have struggled to adapt to every-day life in America while retaining their culture and identities. ...Culture; First-Generation Iranians; Identity; Immigration; Second-Generation Iranians2016
8 Li, HanInstitutions, economic transition, and urban land expansion in chinaDuring the past three decades, China was experiencing a transitional economy driven by both the market and the state. At the same time, the economic transitions brought a tremendous urban land expansion in China and other transitional socialist countries,China; Economic Transition; Institutions; Urban Expansion2016
9 Bateman, Richard A.The history of the Utah State School Boards Association and its function in Utah educationIn the early days of school board membership when the community and school district were small and comparatively isolated, the problems of the local school board were less complex and extensive. However, with the rapid growth of school enrollment and the tendency for interest in the schools to becom...Utah. State School Boards Association; School boards Education -- Utah1950
10 Mohassab Ahmed, Mohassab YousefPhase equilibria between iron and slag in CO/CO2/H2/H2O atmospheres relevant to a novel flash ironmaking technologyIn an effort to develop a novel flash ironmaking process, to be called the Sohn process in this dissertation, with the potential of steelmaking in a single continuous process, the phase equilibria involved and the chemistry of selected slag systems were investigated. The Sohn process is an ecofriend...FTIR; Raman; XPS; Novel flash ironmaking; Phase equilibrium,;Slag chemistry; Sohn green ironmaking technology; Steelmaking2013-08
11 June, Virginia KnokiPersonality traits of Navajo children living in a semi-urban communityPrevious investigations of infants and children describing the characteristic of culturally distinct groups of people such as the Dine', or Navajo people, suggest definite differences which have been associated with genetic explanations, environmental impoverishment, and culture specific child reari...Utah; Navajo Indians1977-06
12 Robson, Shannen LorraineHuman life histories in an evolutionary and comparative contextThis dissertation utilizes life history theory to describe traits that are derived in humans through comparisons with other primate species. Modern human life histories are unique in that they are slower, exhibiting distinctly long postmenopausal life spans and later ages at sexual maturity as a res...Dentition; Encephalization; Heterogeneity; Life history; Marital fertility; Twinning2011-08
13 Linebarger, Sandra Le Grande ChalmersSelf-esteem enhancement in Lamaze-prepared mothersThis experimental study focused on self-concept change in 42 primigravid mothers enrolled in Lamaze Prepared Childbirth Courses and randomly assigned to either experimental (Group 1) or control groups (Group 2). A self-esteem enhancement audiotape was the provided to the experimental group. The Ten...Psychology1986-06
14 O'Brien, Brad MichaelThe US response to the displacement of Iraqis since 2003As the US completes its military withdrawal from Iraq, the Obama Administration's stated policy goals are to promote security, stability and prosperity in Iraq, help it emerge as a force for stability and moderation in the region, transition responsibility for security to the Iraqis and cultivate an...Displacement; IDPs; Iraq; Refugees; US policy2011-08
15 Talbot, KarenAnxiety levels of psychiatric patients during a course of electroconvulsive therapyElectroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a method of treatment for some psychiatric patients. One disadvantage of ECT is that it seems to be a source of anxiety for some patients who receive it. The purpose of this investigation were to validate the observations that ECT is a source of anxiety, to measu...1969-06
16 Cross, Gary PaulThe effects of belief systems and the amount of debate experience on the acquisition of critical thinking.The general purpose of this study is to investigate the attainment of a specific educational goal which is believed to be related to competitive debating. Specifically, the intent of this study is to compare the increase of critical thinking ability between two discreet groups--interscholastic high ...Debates and debating; Thought and thinking1971
17 Pek, JungWooNew urban democracy, economic hard times, and political participation: local voter turnout in South Korean cities, 1995-2006This research is planned as an explanation about 1) the determinants of civic participation in newly established democratic urban politics, and 2) whether national socioeconomic changes resulting from globalization can affect local political participation. Through time-series cross-sectional Genera...Elections--South Korea; Politics--South Korea2009-09-25
18 Parrott, Elaine AvePersonality adjustment of children with cystic fibrosisThe focus of this study was the personality adjustment of chronically ill children. While there has been very detailed and careful research conducted regarding the physiological processes resulting from various chronic illnesses, there has been little critical research conducted regarding the psych...Health Care Delivery; Salt Lake City; Utah1975-06
19 Changwatchai, PiyaphanDeterminants of FDI inflows by industry to asean (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam)Foreign direct investment (FDI) has become more important for the economic growth and development of many countries. FDI can deliver capital, a means to pursue global strategic objectives, and a means to access technology and skills to the host country. Attracting FDI is an important issue of concer...FDI determinants; FDI in asean; Foreign direct investment; Gravity equation; Industry-level FDI; Southeast Asia2010
20 Chiga, Dorothy EndacottDifferences identified in a group of psychiatric nurses through use of the California Psychological InventoryThe exploratory research study reported in this thesis was planned to determine whether there are statistically significant individual differences which can be identified in a group of psychiatric nurses. It was anticipated that there would be individual differences in a group a psychiatric nurses ...California Psychological Inventory; Personality1962-08
21 Carey, Glen A.; Roberts, I. C.Dissertation on the history, occurance, mining, and economics of GilsoniteA native hydrocarbon occurs in the petroliferrous Uintah Basin of eastern Utah that has exerted a perceptible effect on the economy of the State of Utah as well as the western United States. This hydrocarbon which has been known by several names, the most common being gilsonite, occurs in such vast ...Gilsonite; Geology, Uintah Basin (Utah and Colo.)1905-05-02
22 Givens, Jennifer ElizabethQuestioning development: global integration and the carbon intensity of well-beingI investigate the extent to which sociological theories of global integration help explain variation in countries' carbon intensity of well-begin (CIWB) over time. The CIWB approach provides a way to simultaneously measure a country's sustainability in terms of both environmental and human well-bein...Carbon; Climate; Environment; International; Society; Well-being2014-12
23 Godfrey, Athleen BrownThe Relation of caloric-volume intake to physiologic weight loss of the newborn.Nurses who care for newborn infants must be aware of the physiologic changes that occur during the period of transition form intrauterine to extrauterine life. In order to plan and to provide effective Nursing; care, the nurse must know the normal range of physiologic change that occurs during this...Physiology; Newborn Infants1968-06
24 Bunker, James C.The theory and practice of deliberative criticism: rhetoric, digital archives, new media, and public policy deliberationThis purpose of this dissertation is to provide critics with an answer to the information quality deficit dilemma that impedes civic discourse. Political deliberation in the wake of September 11 demonstrates the severity of this purpose. The theory of deliberative criticism proposed in this disserta...Afghanistan; Deliberative criticism; Deliberative democracy; Political deliberation; Public policy; Rhetoric2011-08
25 Kirgis, Carol Anne.Values of reducing substances in the stools of premature infants.The increased incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis among newborn infants has prompted research to discover tools for early diagnosis of the disease. Previous studies have shown that elevated levels of fecal reducing sugars precede the symptoms of the disease. The study attempted to establish the...Intestines; Diseases1975-06
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