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1 Relational interaction coding systemThis coding system accompanies the dissertation "An analysis of relational communication in ongoing group systems" by Donald Ellis. The dissertation may be viewed at: http://content.lib.utah.edu/cdm/ref/collection/etd3/id/2488
2 Columnar section of the permian unnamed formation exposed between Rydalch Pass and US Coast and geodetic survey Cedar Triangulation Station Plate VIIIGeologic columnar section of the permian unnamed formation exposed between Rydalch Pass and US CoastGeologic cross-sections; Rydalch Pass; Cedar Triangulation Station
3 Studies into the immunologic responses resulting from interactions between tumors and their syngeneic hosts.Tumors, regardless of their etiology, appear to express both unique tumor specific transplantation antigens (TSTA) and shared tumor associated antigens (TAA). Both known types of tumor antigens are capable of eliciting a variety of immune responses within the autochthonous host, as well as in the s...Immunology; Lymphoid Cells; Mice
4 Ultrafast photophysics of π-conjugated polymers and polythiophene/fullerene blends for organic photovoltaic applicationsThe present work reports studies of the ultrafast photoexcitations in various pristine n-conjugated polymers as well as compounds of polythiophene/fullerene blends, which act as the active layer of donor/acceptor in organic photovoltaic applications. The main technique used is the ultrafast (∼150 ...Condensed matter physics; Optics
5 Utah Coal Industry: A Study in Economic GeographyThe importance of coal in the modern industrial economy cannot be overestimated. This age has been variously characterized as an "Age of Coal and Iron, " "Steel Age, " "Machine Age, " and "Power Age. " By whatever characterization we attempt to describe our modern industrial world, the signific...Coal trade, Utah
6 Grounded theory of adult student persistenceThis grounded theory study investigates adult student persistence at a community college. Student persistence in college is a prerequisite for degree achievement, which correlates with higher earnings and overall better quality of life. Persistence rates remain low for adult students, who combine th...Adult education
7 On choosing: tenure decision making in academic nursing.The purpose of this research was to describe tenure decision making within the context of a school of nursing. The sample consisted of 17 tenured and tenure-track faculty who were interviewed. Twenty tenure review files were also analyzed for differences between faculty granted tenure and faculty de...Decision Making; Higher Education
8 WestwardTesttemp
9 An evaluation of a passive nitrous oxide monitor.Exposure limits to waste nitrous oxide (N2O) in dental operatories have been established by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) at 25 ppm (average per period of administration) and by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist (ACGIH average should pre...Adminstration and Dosage; Anesthesia
10 Investigation of coal burning equipment designed to burn Utah coal without the emission of smoketempSmoke prevention; Furnaces
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12 MyD88 play a pivotal role in host defense to lyme disease and relapsing fever BorreliaBorrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia hermsii represent two vector-borne bacterial pathogens that are causative agents for Lyme disease and relapsing fever, respectively. Though related, these pathogens occupy distinct niches within a host upon infection and cause unique clinical symptoms and disease. B...Autoimmunity; Receptor Signaling
13 Final Architectural project depicting the design and sustainability of a winery in Springdale.Architecture - Design; Winery
14 A Scale of Relative Difficulty of Skills used in Physical Education ActivitiesUndoubtedly every alert physical education teacher has, at some time, wondered if his particular field of instruction were not lagging behand in the matter of student classification and measurements.
15 A Scale of relative difficulty of skills used in prysical education activities
16 Socialization and individuationThe object of this inquiry is to find, if possible, a basis on which the two conflicting theories of socialism and individualism, now dominating the world of social philosophy, may meet. We shall endeavor to determine how far progress is best accomplished by conserving the interests of the individua...Individualism; socialism1903
17 Concerning the Laramie Formation in Carbon County, UtahThe Northern portion of the extensive area now embraced under the name Laramie Group was the first to attract attention. It was natural that the earliest transcontinental voyages should follow the larges water-ways, and notwithstanding the extremely slow development of the Upper Missouri River regi...Geology - Utah - Carbon County; Coal mines and mining - Utah; Geology, Stratigraphic - Cretaceous1905
18 Structural geology: From Markham Gulch to Freeman Gulch, Bingham Mining District, UtahThe Bingham District itself thus lies in a broad, shallow, synclinal basin, which pitches gently northward and is limited on the west by the Tooele anticline and on the east by the abrupt Bingham upturn.Geology, Structural; Geology - Utah - Bingham Mining District1905
19 Co-operative and communistic elements in the development of Utah : from original sourcesThe object of the writer has not been to produce a well balanced rhetoric paper, nor has an attempt been made at a scientifically discussion of Co-operation of Communism. It is not even proposed to discuss the practicability of either one of these except as it may call for comment incidentally. Al...Cooperation - Utah; Utah - History1905
20 The influence of Marlowe on Shakespeare with a comparison of the dramatic and poetic merits of their works, and parallelisms in characterizationsIn marvelling at the tremendous power and beauty of a master mind we are too prone to consider it the result of purely inward forces and inborn talent, rather than, as is often the case, the result of external forces and influences, great or small, which have acted in such a way as to call forth and...Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593 - Influence - Shakespeare; Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593 - Criticism and interpretation; Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 - Criticism and interpretation1905
21 Is Greek a dead language?The past few years have seen many many changes in well established, firmly rooted educational traditions. College have revised, eliminated here, added there until the so-called curriculum, as it use to be known, has well nigh passed out of existence. Especially, in this controversy between the old...Greek language, modern1905
22 Oil-shales of the United States and methods of testingAcquaintanceship with the oil-shales of the United States is only just "being formed". Their possibilities as future producers of a substitute for petroleum will depend obviously on future demands for the products that can be synthetically made from the very complex organic material of the oil-shale...Oil-shales, United States1905-04-04
23 Chemical dynamics of the transformation of organic matter to bitumen in oil-shaleIn spite of the fact that the commercial production of hydrocarbon products from oil-shale has been carried on for more than sixty years, practically no work has been done in an effort to determine the fundamental chemical dynamic principles involved in the transformation of the original organic mat...Bitumen; Oil-shales1905-04-06
24 Oil reserves in the oil shale and coal deposits of UtahThe great importance of fuels and their utilization to the industrial and domestic progress of cities and nations, has directed the attention of many of our leading scientists, engineers, and forward looking people to newer ways by which our fuel resources can be so utilized to bring many benefits t...Petroleum; Geology; Economics1905-04-15
25 GilsoniteThe term "Gilsonite"is popularly associated with a shiny, black, solid hydrocarbon which is found in commercial quantities only in the Uinta Basin. Other "rock asphalts," somewhat resembling Gilsonite, are also found in this region. These are called Grahamite, Elaterite, Ozocerite, and Wurtzilite, b...Gilsonite; Geology, Uintah Basin (Utah and Colo.)1905-04-17
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