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1 Welker, ChelseaMaster of Geographic Information ScienceCollection of GIS project course work for M.S. GIS from the University of UtahGeography--Research--United States2017
2 Eichorn, MichaelMaster of Geographic Information Science PortfolioDirectory page for an interactive portfolio that highlights course work completed for the MSGIS programGeography--Research--United States; Remote sensing2017
3 Rivera, SarahMaster of Geographic Information Science PortfolioWebsite outlining projects and coursework required for a Master of Geographic Information Science.Geography - information services2017
4 Ottesen, MitchellMaster of Geographic Information Science PortfolioPage from a MSGIS portfolio that highlights cartography course work completed for the programGeography--Research--United States; Cartography--United States
5 Theobald, MeganMaster of Geographic Science Informatoin PortfolioPage from a MSGIS portfolio that highlights the course work completed for the course GEOG 6960Geography--Research--United States
6 Arnold, StevenMSGIS PortfolioWebsite outling projects and coursework for the Masters program. Each project lists the problem or application addressed, the techniques and methods used to solve it, and summarizes the specific skills gained during the course of the project.2016-12
7 Remote sensing: green coverage area in Salt Lake CityStudy of urban vegetation coverage in Salt Lake CityGeography--Research--United States; Remote sensing
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