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1 A separation: a small consolationA small consolation is a video from "A separation", found in part IV of the thesis "In the house of beauty".Video in art
2 A separation: transparencyTransparency is a video from "A separation", found in part IV of the thesis "In the house of beauty".Video in art
3 A separation: ex nihiloEx nihilo is a video from "A separation", found in part IV of the thesis "In the house of beauty".Video in art
4 A separation: refractionRefraction is a video from "A separation", found in part IV of the thesis "In the house of beauty".
5 A separation: mercuryMercury is a video from "A separation", found in part IV of the thesis "In the house of beauty".
6 Relational interaction coding systemThis coding system accompanies the dissertation "An analysis of relational communication in ongoing group systems" by Donald Ellis. The dissertation may be viewed at: http://content.lib.utah.edu/cdm/ref/collection/etd3/id/2488
7 The influence of Marlowe on Shakespeare with a comparison of the dramatic and poetic merits of their works, and parallelisms in characterizationsIn marvelling at the tremendous power and beauty of a master mind we are too prone to consider it the result of purely inward forces and inborn talent, rather than, as is often the case, the result of external forces and influences, great or small, which have acted in such a way as to call forth and...Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593 - Influence - Shakespeare; Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593 - Criticism and interpretation; Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 - Criticism and interpretation1905
8 Oil reserves in the oil shale and coal deposits of UtahThe great importance of fuels and their utilization to the industrial and domestic progress of cities and nations, has directed the attention of many of our leading scientists, engineers, and forward looking people to newer ways by which our fuel resources can be so utilized to bring many benefits t...Petroleum; Geology; Economics1905-04-15
9 History of the Gilsonite industryIn 1957 the American Gilsonite Company opened a revolutionary refinery near Grand Junction, Colorado, which had cost them $16,000,000 to build, and began reducing the gilsonite--a solid hydrocarbon--to high-grade gasoline and pure carbon-coke at the rate of about 700 tons per day. Just as incredible...Gilsonite; Utah, Industries1905-05-12
10 A document history of the Morrisites in UtahIn conformity with my belief that no historian should ever attempt to prove a thesis, I have satisfied myself with collecting testimony, document t and datum. With these before me I am able to form my own opinions respecting the Morrisite movement , and I have no tear but that the reader will be equ...Church of the First Born (Morrisites)1909
11 Development of English courts and appeal in English courtsThe development of English courts and of English appeals is so intimately connected with the political history of England that is almost impossible to give anything like an adequate account of the English judiciary without giving at least its political setting.Courts - England - History; Appellate procedure - England - History1909
12 Carlyle and Emerson: Their philosophy of lifeThroughout history the great problem has been the relation of Man to the Universe, but until modern times the Universe was the important subject of though and Man, only an incident. With the advent of Christianity, however, this attitude was changed, and Man as an individual with a claim to divinit...Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881; Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-18821909-06-02
13 Cliff-dwellers of the San Juan ValleyIn treating a thesis of this nature, the student of history undertakes much. Not only does he draw the antagonism of those who have already formed conclusions on the subject he treats, but he also receives the criticism of other students whose theories fail to harmonize with his. , In preparing ...San Juan River Valley--Archaeology1911-05
14 The Lancelot story in literatureThere are tales and tales and tales, but never will the favorites of the early tide of youth be entirely supplanted by modern inventions. A fair example is the old Aurthurian material. Even today there are people sufficiently interested to spend a vast amount of time and labor attempting to trace ...Lancelot (Legendary character)1913
15 The cohesive power of the Irish dramaEver since the crafty Henry II obtained a bull from the English Pope Adrian II "to enter Ireland and execute therein whatever should pertain to the honor of God and the welfare of that land" English power in Ireland rooted, grew and flourished, and propagated no end of internal troubles.English drama -- Irish authors1915
16 The development of higher education in colonial timesOf the nine colleges established before the Revolution, viz. Harvard, William and Mary, Yale, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Brown, Rutgers, and Dartmouth, only four, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Princeton, have followed closely the lines first laid out. They have always been most...Education, Higher -- United States -- History; Universities and colleges -- United States -- History1915
17 Utah's struggle for statehoodUtah was settled by a band of Mormon colonists in July, 1847. The valley of the Great Salt Lake became their first home, and here was begun the building of a united economic, social and political organization, which in time produced a prosperous state. The early settlers of Utah were a distinct ...Utah history1929-05-10
18 American colonial policy in the Philippines (1916-1932)The United States' colonial policy in the Philippines as first enunciated by President McKinley contemplated the preparation of the islanders for a speedy participation in the government with the ultimate object of granting them independence under a democracy in the form of a republic.Philippines; American colonial policy; Jones act1933-05-15
19 Dr. John Milton Bernhisel: Utah's first delgate to CongressThe initial work on this thesis '"as begun after consultation with Dr. L. H. Creer, Head, and Dr. G-. Homer Durham of the Department of History and Political Science; of the University of Utah. Since the author requested a subject of consequence both to the State of Utah and its founders the Mormo...Mormons; Biography1947
20 The general trends and characteristics of Utah pioneer dress from 1847 to 1875The problem of this thesis is to investigate the trends and characteristics of Utah pioneer dress from 1947 to 1875. It attempts to find out in what particulars Utah pioneer dress followed the general lines and characteristics of current fashion, and why; to find out in what particulars Utah pionee...Utah pioneers; Clothing; Fashion; Pioneer costume1947
21 The Mormon outpost of San Bernardino, CaliforniaIn this paper I have tried to make a summary of the colonizing policies and the methods used by the Mormon leaders. Emphasis is placed on the San Bernardino settlement in the "outer cordon." Because of the similarity in procedure I have reviewed the founding of sore of the settlements in the inner c...1947-04
22 Corinne : a study of a freight transfer point in the Montana trade, 1869-1878Purpose of the thesis The purpose of this paper is to present an historical study of the economies life of a community in Utah.Corinne (Utah) -- History1951
23 Susa Young Gates : her life and literary workToo long have Americans accepted western colonization in terms of a kaleidoscopic assortment of boundlessly bountiful land in slabs such as "The Oregon Territory" or "The Mississippi Valley," of romanticized. men like Daniel Boone, Buffalo Bill, and Jim Bridger, of soul-stirring slogans : "Fifty-fou...Mormon women; Biography1951
24 Before Escalante: an early history of the Yuta Indians and the area north of New MexicoIt has been the custom to begin the documentary study of the history of the present Utah area, and of the Yuta Indians, -with the diary of Father Escalante, who, with Dominguez leading the party, entered the Yuta domain and the boundaries of the present state of Utah in 1776. The area may have been ...Ute Indians; Shoshonean Indians; Indians of North America1951
25 The ethics of William James"Any author is easy", William James once remarked, if you can catch, the center of his vision." (WJMT 12) And elsewhere, "All philosophers, accordingly, have conceived of the whole world after the analogy of some particular feature of it which has particularly captivated their attention." (1U 8) It ...Ethics; William James philosophy; Literature1951
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