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1 Kennedy, Robert Oran"And a soul in ev'ry stone": the ludic natures of Pale Fire and Gravity's RainbowEcocriticism; Environmental Humanities; Nabokov; Vladimir; Nietzsche; Friedrich; Play; Pynchon; Thomas2015thesis
2 Brown, Barbara Jones"Enemies at home": race, citizenship, and the roots of Japanese American internment policyInternment; Japanese American; Policy; "Race"; World War II2012-08thesis
3 Lehnardt, Anna Samantha"I Shall Never Be Cited as a Bad Example": Religious Idealization and Humanity in Crusader Figures in the Chanson de Roland and RolandsliedComparative literature; French literature; German literature2018thesis
4 Mcintire, Earl Henry"Raised money by hook and crook, got my paper out": Sunshine and shadow in the life seasons of editor and physician Dr. Elihu S. McIntire (1832-1899)Biography; Cultural History; Diary; Framing; Journalism History; Textual Silences2017dissertation
5 Gardett, Marie Isabel"Sometimes there are differences of opinion as to what the data mean": bureaucracy and facticity in the face of inconclusive scienceFDA; Medicine; Philosophy of science; Rhetoric; Science; Technical writing2013-08dissertation
6 Lahr, Kelsey Elaine"This is what I've seen": climate change communication and the articulation of local and scientific knowledge in Yosemite National Parkclimate change; environment; national parks; rhetoric2017thesis
7 Laird, Katie"Wolves guarding sheep": how women police in London and Cape Town brokered a deal to protect and control women, 1914-1918Police; Women Police; Policewomen; Women's movement; Suffrage; Britain; Social purists2016thesis
8 Siska, Amanda Friz"You have to be your own doctor": neoliberal reconfigurations of expertise on thebump.comauthenticity; expertise; neoliberalism; online communities; pregnancy; rhetoric2013thesis
9 Parga, Ana Carolina Gomez#Cabronacomomonicarobles: When memes reproduce more than images2018dissertation
10 Painter, Stephanie M.'This is not a marriage': husbandly virtue on trial in Qing dynasty lawCHASTITY; CHINA; GENDER; MARRIAGE; MASCULINITY; SUICIDE2016thesis
11 Light, ElinorThe (em)placed vernacular: rhetorics of transgression and control in new york city(em)placed vernacular; New York City; Rhetoric; Spatial Studies; Transgression; Visual Rhetoric2015-08dissertation
12 Duehlmeier, Fred DouglasThe 1847 Mormon Migration1977thesis
13 Cox, Carl JonathanA 'two-fisted, three-party state': Utah's 1992 U.S. senate raceElections2011-08thesis
14 Rogers, ChristopherA comparative grammar of XinkanEndangered languages; Grammar; Language documentation; Mesoamerica; Xinkan; Xinca2010-08dissertation
15 Fazzi, Vincent PeterA Comparison of Public Education in the Philippines and Puerto Rico during American RuleHistory; World history; Education history; Spanish-American War2018thesis
16 Liu, YanqinA constructionist perspective on human rights tension between china and the u.s.Human Rights; Social Construction; U.S.-China Communication2013thesis
17 Silva, Wilson de LimaA descriptive grammar of DesanoDesano; Description; Documentation; Grammar; Morphosyntax; Tukanoan2012-08dissertation
18 A descriptive grammar of Koho-Sre: a Mon-Khmer languageAustroasiatic languages; Grammar; Mon-Khmer languages; North Carolina; Vietnam2014-12dissertation
19 Banks, JohnA document history of the Morrisites in UtahChurch of the First Born (Morrisites)1909thesis
20 Altizer, Roger Alan Jr.A grounded legal study of the breakdown of modders' relationships with game companies or legal threats shake moral bedscease and desist; chilling effect; grounded theory; modding; participatory culture; video games2013-05dissertation
21 Jorgensen, John L.A history of Castle Valley to 18901955thesis
22 Gillies, Richard E.A history of Lincoln County, Nevada, 1776-1874Lincoln County (Nev.); History1959thesis
23 Wright, Dean FranklinA History of Park City, 1869 to 18981971thesis
24 Knell, Ellen ShipleyA longitudinal study of early English; immersion and literacy in Xi'an, ChinaEnglish; as a foreign language (EFL); English; language teaching; English; oral language proficiency; Immersion programs; Second language (L2) literacy; Second language (L2) reading comprehension2010-12dissertation
25 Wallace, Catherine Eliza FrewA matter of moral agency: the religious impetus behind Woodrow Wilson's decision for unilateral belligerency in World War IWorld War, 1914-19182012-05thesis
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