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1 A cellularized biomaterial model of cardiac fibroblasts for evaluation of fibroblast induced changes in stiffnessChronic heart failure (CHF) is a life-altering long-term condition that contributes a substantial burden to our healthcare system. It is caused by a maladaptive remodeling of the heart mediated through fibroblast synthesis, degradation, and modification of extracellular matrix (ECM). It is currently...bioreactor; cardiac fibroblasts; perfusion; scaffold2013-05
2 A continuous fluorescence assay for polymerase activityLittle is known about the kinetic limitations of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Advancements in chemistry and instrumentation have increased its speed and specificity. Further improvements will be facilitated by a more complete understanding of the rates of the individual reactions that compri...Activity assay; Extension rate; Intercalating dye; Polymerase activity2013-12
3 A microfluidic in vitro model of the blood-brain barrierThe blood-brain barrier (BBB) limits entry of most molecules into the brain and complicates the development of brain-targeting compounds, necessitating novel BBB models. This dissertation describes the first microfluidic BBB model allowing the study of BBB properties in relation to various chemical ...Blood-brain barrier; MEMS; Microfluidic2014-12
4 A novel use of sampling pressure from sidestream capnometerAmplitude and shape of the respiratory carbon dioxide (CO2) signal (capnogram) are not always a true reflection of the patient's respiratory status, especially during delivery of supplemental oxygen (O2), and can result in false alarms. The goal of the project was to provide a more reliable source o...2014-12
5 A twenty-channel radio frequency coil for improved magnetic resonance imaging of the optic nerveThe purpose of this thesis was to design and construct a radio frequency (RF) coil array for imaging the optic nerve on a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner. The goal of the work was to increase signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) from the eye orbits to the optic chiasm, compared to the SNR of...Magnetic resonance imaging; Optic nerve; Phased array; Rf coil2012-05
6 Absolute quantification of pharmacokinetic parameters in dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imagingWe present a method for absolutely quantifying pharmacokinetic parameters in dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE)-MRI. This method, known as alternating mini-mization with model (AMM), involves jointly estimating the arterial input function (AIF) and pharmacokinetic parameters from a characteristic set o...Arterial input function; Blind estimation; DCE-MRI2011-05
7 Addressing The Foreign Body Response to High Density Penetrating Microelectrode ArraysThe Utah Electrode Array (UEA) is a brain-implanted microelectrode recording device that has shown promise to assist patients with motor-control disabilities. Unfortunately, the UEA suffers from a foreign body response (FBR) that results in device movement away from implantation target, encapsulatio...Bioengineering; Engineering; Neurosciences; Physiology2018
8 The adhesive silk of the aquatic caddisfly larva: structure, mechanics, and fiber spinningThe aquatic caddisfly larvae (insect order Trichoptera) use their adhesive silk in diverse species-specific ways to construct shelters and procure food. Structural H-fibroin protein comprising the bulk of aquatic caddisworm silk is extensively phosphorylated (10-15 mol%), an attribute atypical of th...Biogeochemistry; Biomechanics; Materials science2016
9 Advanced imaging tools for quantifying cardiac microstructureDiffusion tensor MRI (DT-MRI or DTI) has been proven useful for characterizing biological tissue microstructure, with the majority of DTI studies having been performed previously in the brain. Other studies have shown that changes in DTI parameters are detectable in the presence of cardiac pathology...Compressed Sensing; Constrained Reconstruction; Diffusion Tensor Imaging; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Motion Compensation; Small Animal Imaging2015
10 Advanced magnetic resonance imaging of extracellular volume for guiding left ventricular assist device therapyHeart failure (HF) is a significant health care problem in the United States. Many patients advance towards end stage HF despite optimal medical therapy. For patients with end stage HF, unfortunately, therapeutic options are limited. While heart transplantation is the most proven treatment for impro...CMR; fibrosis; heart failure; LVAD; Biomedical engineering2016
11 An Anesthesia alarm system based on neural networks.The alarms in most patient monitoring devices are threshold alarms that call attention to the value of a single measured parameter. These threshold alarms do not aid in diagnosis and tend to have high false alarm rates. This dissertation describes a neural network based anesthesia alarm system tha...Neural Networks (Computer); Respiration, Artificial; Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted1991-06
12 An engineering approach to direct and characterize the structure of cardiac tissueTreatment and management of heart disease is challenging due to the heart's limited ability to self-repair. Although current approaches to manage heart disease, such as pharmacotherapy, medical devices, lifestyle changes, and heart transplantation, have improved and extended the quality of life for ...Bioreactor; Cardiac tissue structure; Confocal microscopy; Tissue engineering; Heart -- Histology2012
13 An engineering approach to improve clinical usability of quantitative electromyographyElectromyography (EMG) is the record of the electrical activity from muscle fiber membranes. This invaluable clinical tool in neurology aids in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease affecting muscle and nerve. Routine clinical EMG studies rely on the experience of the physician to analyze the data...Electromyography; Electrophysiology; Modeling; Neuromuscular disease; Quantitative EMG2011-05
14 Analysis of soft encapsulation methods for acutely implantable high-channel count neural recording electronicsAdvances in neural interfaces are putting digitization electronics closer to the patient. Since a fully implantable system is desired, there is need for a viable method for encapsulating electronics intended for implantation using a soft encapsulation method. For this thesis, several encapsulation m...Electronics; Encapsulation; Implant; Neural; Potting; Silicone2014-05
15 Analysis of torque stability and cement penetration using a stemless rimmed cemented tibial component in cadaveric tibiaLoosening of the tibial component continues to be a major cause of failure in cemented total knee arthroplasty. Much of the cement applied to the device does not penetrate evenly into the trabecular bone due to cement leakage along the outer margins of the component during implantation which may ult...Total knee replacement, Complications; Ligaments, Mechanical properties.2008-05
16 Analytical methods for studying intratumoral drug delivery in solid tumorsThe overall objective of this project is to develop methods that can help us to understand the movement of drugs and carriers along their routes inside solid tumors. The origins and current paradigm of targeted drug delivery offer a lot of promising strategies. However, the carriers often struggle w...Barriers; Cancer therapy; Clinical translation; Drug delivery; Intratumoral distribution; Solid tumors2016
17 Antiretroviral eluting intravaginal rings to prevent the sexual transmission of HIVFemale-controlled preventative technologies are being developed to decrease HIV sexual transmission rates in resource poor regions of the world where the pandemic is most prevalent. Intravaginal rings (IVRs) comprise extended duration vaginal drug delivery vehicles which may provide sustained releas...2012-12
18 Assessing periimplant tissue infection prevention in a percutaneous modelPrevention of infection remains a challenge to the implementation of the percutaneous sseointegrated implant technology of prosthetic limb attachment in amputees. The purpose of this investigation was to determine if a broad spectrum antimicrobial, Ceragenins™ (CSA - 13), could prevent pin track ...Infection prevention; Artificial limbs; Amputees; Rehabilitation2008-08
19 Automated system for measuring tip impedance and among-electrode shunting in high-density microelectrode arraysMicroelectrode arrays are being routinely used today as a means to better understand and interface with the nervous system, in order to develop prostheses that can restore function in systems that do not function properly. The development and effective use of robust high-­?channel-­?count micro...Electrode characteristics; Impedance testing; Microelectrode array; Shunting impedance2010-07
20 Beta-sheet peptide-mediated self-assembly of HPMA Copolymers into nanostructured biomaterialsThe use of ?-sheets as building blocks for biomaterials is already firmly established. In particular, self-assembled ?-sheet peptides are promising for engineering new fibrous nanostructures and hydrogels. Peptide-synthetic polymer hybrids are especially attractive since they combine the advantages ...Beta-sheet; Biomaterials; HPMA; Hybrid hydrogels2010-12
21 Biocompatibility of ocular biomedical devicesBiocompatibility is a key aspect in determining the success of a biomedical device. In this work the development, manufacture, designs, and biocompatibility of two devices are discussed. As protein adsorption to a material surface is the first step in the host wound healing and inflammatory response...Biocompatibility; Biomedical engineering; Capsule drug ring; Device development; Endocontact lens; Polyethylene glycol2013-08
22 Bioelectric source characterization of acute myocardial ischemiaDespite a century of research and practice, the clinical accuracy of the electrocardiogram (ECG) to detect and localize myocardial ischemia remains less than satisfactory. Myocardial ischemia occurs when the heart does not receive adequate oxygen-rich blood to keep up with its metabolic requirements...Cardiac Electrophysiology; Coronary Artery Disease; ECG; Heart Attack; Myocardial Ischemia; Physiology2015
23 Biogenesis of fibroblast growth factor 8-binding heparan sulfate motifsHeparan sulfate (HS) chains play roles in numerous biological processes as they bind to various signaling molecules including fibroblast growth factors (FGFs). This graduate research aims at investigating the structural requirements and the biogenesis pathways of FGF8-binding HS motifs. In the first...2012-12
24 Biologically-informed investigations to reduce the foreign body response to central nervous system implantsNeural recording devices are a therapeutic and diagnostic option for central nervous system (CNS) diseases and a vital component of neuroscience research. However, poor functional longevity is a major hurdle facing this broad class of devices. Decreases in functionality are associated, in part, with...Astrogliosis; Extracellular Matrix; Foreign Body Response; Inflammation; Macrophage; Neural Prosthesis2016
25 Biomechanical analysis of acetabular dysplasia: foundations for improved clinical careAltered mechanics are believed to initiate osteoarthritis in hips with acetabular dysplasia. Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) is the preferred surgical treatment; however, it is unknown if the procedure normalizes joint anatomy and mechanics. Changes in three-dimensional (3D) morphology and chondrolab...Acetabular dysplasia; Discrete element analysis; Finite element analysis; Hip; Imaging; MRI2014-12
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