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1 A Comparison of the Characteristics of 259 Alaskan Native Students who Dropped out of School during the academic year 1969-1970The Problem and Purpose Very little research had been done related to the Alaska native student who dropped out of school. The Bureau of Indian Affairs had noted a growing number of native student dropouts in recent years. That lack of current research together with the growing number of natives lea...1971
2 Activities that promote ethnic identity development in transnational adopteesTransnational adoption is a common practice in the United States, with American families adopting hundreds of thousands of children born in other countries over the last 50 years. Most of these adoptions represent transcultural and transracial adoptions, and both families and adoptees frequently en...adult adoptees; ethnic identity; transnational adoption2013
3 An exploratory study of chinese college students' autonomy development and parental influenceAutonomy is a basic psychological need for human beings and is closely related to people's well-being and optimal functioning according to self-determination theory (SDT). In China, which is in transition from a traditional collectivist society to a more competitive and individualistic society, coll...autonomy; Chinese college student; emerging adult; parental influence2015
4 Attitudes of administrative and professional staff personnel at the Utah State Training School towards sterilization of the mentally retardedThe purpose of this study was to determine the need for and effectiveness of sterilization practices for the mentally retarded in Utah as viewed from the attitudes held by administrative and professional staff personnel at the Utah state Training School, Based upon the findings, recommendations conc...Utah State Training School (American Fork) Criminals1973
5 Caseworker Factors That Influence Removal Decisions in Child Welfare InvestigationsChild welfare agencies across the United States investigate millions of allegations of child maltreatment, including abuse and neglect, every year. Approximately 15% of the youth involved in these investigations are removed from their homes. Removals are tremendously impactful and change the traject...Social work; Individual & family studies2017
6 Characteristics of New Navajo students enrolled at Intermountian school, Utah 1967 Part IV: Social functioning with peersBackground Statement of the Problem In 1868, following the Indian Wars, Navajo leaders signed a Treaty with the United States Government. The Navajos agreed to return to some three and a half million acres in the Canyon De Chelley area and keep the peace with other Indian Tribes.1967
7 Community voices for housing equality: engaging tenants with immigrant and refugee backgrounds in participatory action researchThis multiple article path (MAP) dissertation is comprised of three interrelated and independent articles that will be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Community Voices for Housing Equality (CVHE) is a participatory action research project that developed organically out of reside...housing; immigrant; participatory action research; refugee; renter; structural racism2016
8 Cultural competency in social work scholarship and research on latinos in the united states: a content analysis of peer-reviewed social work journalsIn the mid-1990s, following years of dramatic growth in many ethnic minority populations in the United States-particularly in the Latino population-many helping professions were compelled to develop and implement culturally competent policies, practices, and standards to better meet the unique needs...Content analysis; Cultural competency; Latinos; Social work research; Social work scholarship2016
9 Deg Xit'an Athabascan Conversations on Wellness: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Radical Possibilities of RelationshipsIt is essential that Indigenous people tell their own stories that describe the "who," "what," "where," and "how" of Indigenous life in order to shape our own destiny. The question posed in this research study is, In what ways do Deg Xit'an, Athabascan people draw from their culturally unique experi...Social work; Native American studies2017
10 Development of self-awareness and cultural competency in social work educationBoth self-awareness and cultural competency are well-known concepts in the social work profession. There is a myriad of research on both subjects; however, empirical research on each concept is limited. In addition, the relationship between self-awareness and cultural competency has rarely been expl...Cultural competency; Racism; Self; Self-awareness; Social work education; Social work2015
11 The effect of ageism on law enforcement response to elder mistreatmentThis study focused on how law enforcement officers' incorrect knowledge and ageist beliefs about older adults affected their response to scenarios of elder mistreatment. Regression analyses was conducted using data from a survey of 200 law enforcement officers from the intermountain west area. The U...Gerontology; Social work2014
12 The Homeless Court in Salt Lake City, Utah: Access to Justice and Mercy for a Disenfranchised PopulationHomeless individuals gain entry into the criminal justice system when they are cited for misdemeanor offenses and/or infractions, fail to appear in court, and are booked into jail based on warrants issued from the court. Dependence on the criminal justice system to minimize the visibility of homeles...Law enforcement; Social work; Criminology; Ethnic studies2017
13 Invisible children: an exploratory examination of child trafficking in the united statesThe trafficking of children in the United States for both sex and labor is a growing phenomenon. The trafficking of humans in general is a profitable business rivaling that of the drug trade in its depth and breadth. The impact of trafficking can have sevchild trafficking; child welfare; domestic minor sex trafficking; human trafficking; qualitative methodology2014
14 Lifestyle physical activity among older adults: the health implicationsThe aging of the American population brings increased concerns about the consequences of chronic diseases and the associated health challenges related to these illnesses. Regular exercise is linked to reducing or eliminating risks of disease and provides the ability to delay the onset of disabilitie...older adults; physical activity2017
15 Mormons, Sexual Minorities, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsIndividuals who identify as Mormon-adherents to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Church), a distinct and peculiar form of Christianity-and who also identify as gay or lesbian face a unique challenge to their mental health as they wrestle with the integration of their faith and their ...Religion; LGBTQ studies2017
16 Predictors of sexual abuse investigation and substantiation by child protection services involving children less than three years oldInherent within a child protection investigator's overarching role of determining who needs protection is the responsibility to also ensure that preverbal children who have not experienced sexual abuse do not grow up thinking they have. Currently, there is a scarcity of research related to the confi...Social work; Developmental psychology; Public policy2010
17 Sexual assault prevention: a randomized controlled trial of a military interventionThis randomized controlled trial examined the efficacy of the United States Air Force (USAF) sexual assault prevention program (SAPP) compared to that same program with an additional motivational interviewing (MI) component designed to increase participants' motivation to change. Participants were c...Assault; Intervention; Military; Prevention; RCT; Sexual2016
18 Social determinants of health among older adults: evidence from the utah fertility, longevity, and aging (flag) studyFor some decades, social relationship has been a central theme in research on health and wellbeing. The literature documents two separate but related components of social relationship-social network and social support-both of which are believed to impact health independent of the other. Using data f...Mental health; Older adults; Physical health; Social connectedness; Social support2015-08
19 Social, Vocational, and Family-Community influences on rehabilitated amputee clients from Utah Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 1949-1954The Problem Amputations result from accidents, diseases, and congenital absence of limb which is referred to as 'amputation at birth." Persons who have lost or were born without arms, legs, or parts of them, are known as "amputees." They are disabled and need rehabilitation in order to achieve the f...1959
20 The socio-economic impact of e-verify in an era of globalization: a scoping review and analyses of workforce outcomesLatinos have accounted for 56% of the Nation's population growth in the past decade and in March of 2012 there were 11.7 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. Fifty-two percent (6.05 million) of these immigrants were of Mexican origin and 8 mE-Verify; Globalization; Labor; Policy; Social Justice; Workforce2014
21 Targeting Biobehavioral Mechanisms in Obesity among Cancer Survivors with Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery EnhancementOver the past 50 years, there has been a gradual upward trend in overweight and obesity prevalence, such that current epidemiological estimates indicate that over one-third of U.S. adults are obese and another third are overweight. Cancer prevalence has risen in tandem with excess adiposity in a dos...Therapy; Behavioral psychology; Social work; Public health; Oncology2017
22 Traditional Navajo child rearing pattern: A survey of the traditional child rearing practices among elderly Navajo parentsA need to do an exploratory study of the Navajo traditional child rearing practices grew out of a discussion between key personnel and five Navajo graduate students at the University of Utah Graduate School of Social Work. The result led to a study of traditional Navajo child rearing practices. Th...Navajo Indians; Child rearing1976-08
23 What is recovery?: Understanding chemical dependency stakeholder expectationsThis study explored the expectations of stakeholders in substance abuse treatment services. These findings may help inform treatment, research, and policy development concerning substance abuse disorders. An exploratory qualitative approach was taken to minimize the effect of the model on outcomes....Addiction; Chemical Dependency; Disempowerment; Empowerment; Principles and practices; Recovery; Social work2016
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