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1 A Hidden Surface Algorithm for Computer Generated Halftone PicturesThe application of computer graphics to problem solving has increased over the past few years. The representation of data in the form of line drawings, graphs, charts, diagrams and line plots has been explored extensively, This paper addresses itself to some new techniques used to solve problems ass...1969
2 Automated Computer Analysis of the ElectrocardiogramInterpretation of the electrocardiogram (ECG) has become one of the larger tasks now being placed on the cardiologist. Besides the magnitude of the task, variability among cardiologists and aid for the rural population are two other reasons for looking toward automation in an effort to reduce the bu...Electronic digital computers; Electrocardiograph1972-06
3 Ground ResistanceThe determination of the specific resistance of representative soils taken from tthe surface strata of the Salt Lake Valley, with varying water contents, was the problem confronting the writers at the beginning of the investigation. In the following thesis an attempt is made to explain the methods ...Electric currents - Grounding; Electric currents1930-05
4 Real-time measurement of multiple three-dimensional positionsA hardware-software system has been built which measures the three-dimensional positions of multiple points. In most cases, the points are light-emitting diodes which may be attached to wands, gloves, clothing, etc. The position of a light source is measured by scanning the environment and determini...Real-time data processing; Computer graphics1973-06
5 Theory and permanency of calibration of the single-phase induction wattmeterThe purpose of the modern electrical power plant is to furnish electrical energy to the public for illuminating, heating and power. The public compensates the owners of the power plant by paying them a stipulated sum for each unit of energy consumed by it.Wattmeter - Calibration1910
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