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1 Hale, Fred A.Geology and ore deposits of the Santaquin mining districtTo our knowledge there is no literature dealing with the geology of the Santaquin district. The district, however, has been mapped in a general way, both by the Fortieth Parallel Survey and by the United States Topographical Survey.Ore deposits - Utah - Utah County; Geology - Utah - Utah County1910
2 Morgan, William EdwardThe Juvenile CourtThe Juvenile Court is a court for dealing with children who have not adapted themselves to their natural and social environment. The tendency at the present time is, however, to extend its jurisdiction to include adults who contribute to the delinquency of such children.Juvenile courts - United States; Juvenile justice, Administration of - United States1910
3 Ralston, Edward L.Some geological features of the boulder batholith, MontanaThe majority of the large metalliferous mines of Montana are closely associated with the Boulder batholith, and yet no report of any extent has been made on the intrusion as a whole. Several small districts have been thoroughly studied and reported, but the great distances which separate those areas...Boulder batholith; Mines; Mining1910
4 Adams, Joseph B.Theory and permanency of calibration of the single-phase induction wattmeterThe purpose of the modern electrical power plant is to furnish electrical energy to the public for illuminating, heating and power. The public compensates the owners of the power plant by paying them a stipulated sum for each unit of energy consumed by it.Wattmeter - Calibration1910
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