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1 404 SightPC; WindowsAction; Runner404 Sight is a free-to-play 3D running game set in a pastel, Tron-like version of cyberspace, where bandwidth is the health bar and fast lanes provide a boost to health and speed. The player sprints through these surreal maps, avoiding the bandwidth-throttling drones sent by an ominous ISP, using th...2015
2 A Boy and His BeardPC; WindowsFree to Play; Action; CasualA Boy and His Beard is a fast-paced experience where you fight with your beard in an attempt to steal and collect the beards of your enemies! The game is a wave based survival game where the goal is to collect as many beards and achievements as possible!2017
3 A Divided LightPC; Mac; WindowsAction; Platformer; 3DDivided Light is a 3D puzzle-platformer where you use light to change your world. Navigate a deep space landscape using thoughtful combinations of light sources and colors to alter the environment and solve puzzles. FEATURES: Wield light as your tool, removing obstacles and revealing new pathways. ...2015
4 A Walk in the WoodsPC; WindowsAdventure; Free to Play; HorrorFind Your Friends! Over the years, dozens of children go missing in the forest. They disappear without a trace. Where did they go? What happened to them? You and three other friends venture out into the forest on an adventurous camping trip. But what you find in those woods is more terrifying than...2018
5 All Is DustPC; WindowsAdventure; Survival; 3D; Action; First-Person; Horror; Free to PlayIt's the year 1931, and Oklahoma has been brought to its knees by the Dust Bowl. But the suffocating dust is the least of your problems... Take on the role of Thomas Joad, a proud farmer and father. Over the course of three nights he tries to unravel the mysterious and horrific events that are plag...2015
6 And I must screamPC; WindowsAction; AdventureAnd I Must Scream is a horror-platformer that delves into the psyche of a young boy and follows him as he metaphorically and physically traverses the five stages of grief.2018
7 AplowcalypsePC; Windows; MacAction; Free to PlayThe end of the world is here. A giant alien has consumed Earth and everything you know and love, but there's one thing still worth fighting for… America! Hop in your homemade snow plow mech and defend freedom or die trying. It's too late for the planet, but it's never too late for revenge! The Apl...2016
8 ArchiTacPC; WindowsFree to Play; Adventure; Casual; BuildingArchiTac is a resource gathering and crafting game where you play as TAC, an astronaut who has crash-landed onto a deserted planet. You must search the planet for pieces of your ship and gather the resources you will need to fix it up so that you can continue on your journey.2020
9 Avatar Trials: Ninja UprisingXbox 360ActionUnleash your Inner Ninja! Avatar Trials: Ninja Uprising is a third person platforming game. Using parkour and free running movement, use your Avatar to navigate three challenging levels influenced by Assassin's Creed and Ninja Warrior. You've never seen Avatars like this before - Master your skills ...2013
10 BESTTraining; PoliceB.E.S.T. is the world's first and only police training simulator to focus exclusively on de-escalation of conflict. In 2015, at least 1,205 American citizens were killed by police and 127 police officers were killed in the line of duty. B.E.S.T. teaches officers how to manage conflict BEFORE it beco...2016
11 Ballad of the Masked BanditsPC; WindowsCasual; Free to Play; Early AccessEver wanted to lead the most notorious bandits in the wild west?!? Well, look no further! Ballad of The Masked Bandits is a puzzle-packed stealth game where you can play as three raccoons in a trench coat pulling off wacky and wild west heists. Either by splitting them or stacking them, the player l...2020
12 BlazeAdventureThe other elementals have been corrupted and are being used by the humans. They tried to do the same to you, the fire elemental, except you won't be taken so easily. Utilize all of your destructive force to save your elemental kin and make sure the humans know who is in charge.
13 Blind TrustPC; WindowsFree to Play; AdventureBlind Trust is a two-player, cooperative, first-person game where the deaf lead the blind on a fantasy island using binaural audio. The Soldier uses sound to lead the Oracle through the level where the Oracle will hear obstacles, reveal them, and allow the Soldier to destroy them.2016
14 Blood MagicPC; WindowsFree to Play; Action; AdventureBlood Magic is a 2D Isometric Dungeon Crawler where you use your own health to cast spells to defeat enemies while you search for the missing pages of your spell book to increase your power. During your journey will you slaughter hordes of gruesome monsters, defeat unique mini bosses, and defeat the...2019
15 ChronoraptorPC; WindowsCasual; Free to Play; DinosaursChronoraptor is a puzzle solving time-travel game about recovering ancient artifacts stolen from throughout history by a time-traveling dinosaur! The player uses their own time-travel abilities to cooperate with past versions of themselves to retrieve artifacts and put an end to the raptor's time al...2019
16 ClawfacePC; Windows; Mac; SteamOS + LinuxAction; Free to Play; Violent; GoreClawface is an intense, arcade-styled, twin-stick shooter where you play as an adorable robot equipped with crazy weapons and a giant face claw to fight endless waves of alien monsters! With fast-paced combat, a dynamic level system that modifies the play field, and the ability to dual-wield weapon...2018
17 Creeping WillowPC; WindowsActionGame was first released on Desura digital distribution service2015
18 Cult of the EyeAdventureVideo game produced by a team of students in the 2018 EAE cohort.2018
19 Curse of ShadowsXbox 360ActionExperience the story of a thief who can transform into her own shadow. In this 2-D side scroller, alternate between normal and shadow mode to navigate platforms and solve puzzles. Walk on the shadows of objects to get to new areas, move objects and light sources in order to change the shadow environ...2012
20 Cyber HeistPC; WindowsAction; Strategy; PuzzleCyber Heist is a co-operative, action-packed experience where players take different roles to break, sneak, and hack their way into the future Department of Education. In the year 2114, student debt shackles every citizen into a life of slavery for major corporations, and it's your job to take them ...2014
21 DeliriantPS43D; Adventure; First-PersonVideo game produced by a team of students in the 2017 EAE Cohort2017
22 DiveAction; Free to PlayDIVE is a 3-D, 3rd person runner where the player transverses the stratosphere of planets. The player controls a lone astronaut diver as she orbits dangerous routes, by dodging asteroids, avoiding space debris, and preventing re-entry into the planet's atmosphere.2016
23 Drop DropRainVideo game produced by a team of students in EAE's 2013 cohort, who invite players to ask "ever wonder how it feels to be a raindrop?"2013
24 EggwalkPC; Windows; MacAction; CasualBack in the day things were simple. Friendly yolkels balanced eggs on spoons and walked through meadows at their picnic parties. Not any more. In EggWalk let's embrace the chaos of modern life. The spoon is kaput, the egg has grown, and you are swerving through traffic-delivering eggs ‘til one sha...2016
25 EriePC; WindowsAction; Adventure; Survival; 3DErie drops you into a visually stunning, yet terrifying scenario where your goals are to investigate, survive, and finally escape. It's first person horror meets intense dark-ride with hidden, rotting cats. Erie begins in October 1966, when the Fermi 1 Nuclear Power Generator suffers a partial meltd...2012
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