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1 Access to Physical and Mental Wellness Programs2017ehsl_rps
2 2017 Pathology Residency Program Wellness Initiatives - Workspace Improvements2017ehsl_rps
3 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training in a Medical Setting- A Pilot Study2017ehsl_rps
4 Improving Efficiency in Documentation and Coding Compliance2017ehsl_rps
5 Improving Joy in the Workplace2017ehsl_rps
6 Residency Wellness Program2017ehsl_rps
7 Optimizing Collegiality Through Small Group Intervention to Address PM&R Burnout2017ehsl_rps
8 Streamlining Clinic Visits for Patients Traveling from Afar2017ehsl_rps
9 The Wellness Games - Creating and Implementing a Wellness Game2017ehsl_rps
10 Affecting the Culture and Conversation Around Wellness2017ehsl_rps
11 Improving Faculty Ambulatory Practice Experience2017ehsl_rps
12 Neurology Resident Wellness Program2017ehsl_rps
13 Wellness in Anesthesiology2017ehsl_rps
14 Wellness and Preventing Burnout of Physician Assistant Faculty2017ehsl_rps
15 What Do FM Residents Want For Burnout Prevention? Time.2017ehsl_rps
16 Use of Wellness Practice Improvement Group - WellPIG to Improve Family Medicine Satisfaction and Burnout2017ehsl_rps
17 Wellness Champions - Addressing Faculty Burnout Through a Disseminated Ground Up Approach2017ehsl_rps
18 Utah Health Wellness Survey - Assessing Burnout and Satisfaction Among Faculty2017ehsl_rps
19 Identification of Contributing Factors to Radiology Faculty Burnout2017ehsl_rps
20 Challenges and Strategies in Approaching One of the Most Un-Well Specialties Nationally2017ehsl_rps
21 Decreasing Work Outside of Clinic - Improving Clinic Flow at South Jordan Health Center2017ehsl_rps
22 ‘Go to Green' Campaign Improving Chart Closure Rates at Two Family Medicine Clinics2017ehsl_rps
23 Developing a Video Intervention That Teaches Action Planning2017ehsl_rps
24 An Interdepartmental Approach to Wellness Through Community Philanthropy2017ehsl_rps
25 Cross Campus: Bike Share Pilot to Reduce Cross Campus Driving and Provide Fitness Opportunities2017ehsl_rps
1 - 25 of 45