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1 Thyroid Eye Disease64 year old woman with painless vertical double vision: Thyroid eye disease. This video shows lid retraction, swelling, injection over recti and restricted EOM's and proptosis (shows the Hertel). All these symptoms aretypical of thyroid eye disease.Image/MovingImage
2 Third Nerve Paresis Involving Pupil17 year old woman with ptosis and diplopia. Limitation is very subtle. Shows a cover cross cover testing. Left gaze XT and LH; right gaze ET. Shows a Maddox rod which confirms subtle third nerve. Shows measuring of the pupils for anisocoria, then measuring an RAPD. Left pupil has RAPD; right pupi...Image/MovingImage
3 Ocular Myasthenia Mimicking Third Nerve Palsy66 year old man with ptosis OS and diplopia, slow saccades and pattern of a third nerve palsy. He shows a Cogan's lid twitch. Differential diagnosis is cavernous sinus lesion vs myasthenia. The Sleep test shows his eye open and he is diagnosed with myasthenia. His ocular myasthenia mimicked a thir...Image/MovingImage
4 Tensilon Testideo shows a tensilon test where ptosis and eyemovements are improved after the test.Image/MovingImage
5 BlepharospasmVideo shows nice example of patient with blepharospasm. Also shows treatment with Botox.Image/MovingImage
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