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1 8. Wandervers. swdtsch. Neurol by Hitzig -- AnnotationsIntellectual loss upon frontal lobotomy.Card Catalog Index Cards
2 A Case of Raeder's Syndrome by Prusinski et al -- AnnotationsStudy of Raeder's syndrome, Horner's syndrome in adolescent; trigeminal nerve, paralysis.Card Catalog Index Cards
3 A Clinical Comparison of Cluster Headache and Migraine by Ekbom -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches and migraines.Card Catalog Index Cards
4 A Further Minute Analysis by Electric Stimulation of the So-Called Motor Region of the Cortex Cerebri in the Monkey (Macacus sinicus) -- AnnotationsOcular and head movements upon cortical stimulation (pupil dilation).Card Catalog Index Cards
5 A Particular Variety of Headache by Symonds -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headache, treated with ergotamine tartrate; conjunctival and facial vasodilation, stuffy, running nose.Card Catalog Index Cards
6 A Record of Experiments upon the Functions of the Cerebral Cortex by Horsley & Schafer -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy involving experiments on the functions of the cerebral cortex, including pupil dilation with eye opening and head turning to opposite side upon stimulation of the frontal eye field of motor area.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
7 A Record of Experiments upon the Functions of the Cerebral Cortex by Horsley and Schaefer -- AnnotationsDiscrete motor loss upon cortical ablations.Card Catalog Index Cards
8 A Record of experiments on the effects of lesion of different regions of the cerebral hemispheres by Ferrier and Yeo -- AnnotationsMonkeys with occipital lobectomy had fixed pupils, but also had severe optic atrophy, said to be secondary.Card Catalog Index Cards
9 Acetylcholine in the Mechanism of Headaches of the Migraine Type by Kunkle -- AnnotationsStudy of acetylcholine in migraine headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
10 Action sur le coeur de l'excitation faradique d'un lobe anterieur du cerveau, l'un des pneumogastriques etant coupe by Lepine -- AnnotationsCardiac effects of frontal lobe stimulation.Card Catalog Index Cards
11 Adrenergic Mydriasis in Horner's Syndrome. Hydroxy-Amphetamine Test for Diagnosis of Post-ganglionic Defects by Thompson and Mensher -- AnnotationsStudy of adrenergic mydriasis in Horner's syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
12 Adrenergic nerves to the eye and its adnexa in rabbit and guinea-pig by Ehinger -- AnnotationsStudy of adrenergic nerves.Card Catalog Index Cards
13 Amygdalotomy and Hypothalmamotomy -- A Comparative Study by Balasubramanian and Kanaka -- AnnotationsAutonomic effects of hypothalamic stimulation during stereotactic 'psychosurgery'; saw pupillary dilation as the most common sign of stimulation.Card Catalog Index Cards
14 An Analysis of the Forces Determining the Size of the Pupil by Davangar -- AnnotationsCalculation of the constricting effect of sphincter, and the dilating effect of dilatator; vary inversely proportionally to the size of the pupil.Card Catalog Index Cards
15 An Electron Microscopic Study of the Iris Stroma in Monkey and Rabbit with Particular Reference to Intercellular Contacts and Sympathetic Innervation of Anterior Layer Cells by Ringvold -- AnnotationsStudy of iris structure.Card Catalog Index Cards
16 Apparent Shape and Size of the Pupil Viewed Obliquely by Spring & Stiles -- Illustrations and AnnotationsCase study of the response of the peripheral retina, apparent shape and size of the pupil for large angles of view. By photographing the pupil at various angles in the horizontal meridian from 20 degrees nasal to 105 degrees temporal the mean results were obtained for a group of 13 subjects.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
17 Ascending Spinal Pathways of the Pupillo-dilator Fibres by Harper & McSwiney -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of afferent pathways in the spinal cord of pupillo-dilator fibres.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
18 Beitrag zur Oberflächenstruktur des Pigementepithels der Menschlichen Iris by Dieterich & Franz -- AnnotationsContribution to the surface structure of the pigment epithelium of the iris.Card Catalog Index Cards
19 Bemerkungen zum Bau der Gefasse und der Gefassscheiden in der Iris by Purtscher -- AnnotationsStudy of the construction of the vessels and vascular sheaths in the iris.Card Catalog Index Cards
20 Beobachtungen an Einem Affen mit Verstuemmeltem Grosshirn by Goltz -- AnnotationsMemory and sensory loss in monkey after fronto-temporal lobectomy in December 1887 and February 1888 (clumsy and depressed); occipital lobes were not removed, and monkey saw well; movements improved with time but remained clumsy; observes brain stem and cord may become increasingly excitable after r...Card Catalog Index Cards
21 Beobachtungen und Analysen Mikrozirkulatorischer Vorgänge am Rattenauge. I. Ueber das Druckabhängige Verhalten der Irisgefässe by Castenholz -- AnnotationsObservations of micro-circulatory processes on the eye; observations of the pressure-dependent behavior of the iris vessel.Card Catalog Index Cards
22 Brainstem loci for sympathetic activation of the nictitating membrane and pupil in the cat by Koss and Wang -- AnnotationsHypothalamic origin and efferent pupillodilator tract through the brain stem and cord.Card Catalog Index Cards
23 Card Tag LegendLegend to the color coding of Dr. Loewenfeld's annotation cards.Verification and Organization
24 Card Tag LegendLegend to the color coding of Dr. Loewenfeld's annotation cards.Verification and Organization
25 Centre adrenalino-secreteur hypothalamique by Houssay and Molinelli -- AnnotationsSympathetic action potentials upon hypothalamic stimulation.Card Catalog Index Cards
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