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1 "It's Just A Rash" (Presentation Video)McCulley, TimothyA 76-year old male with a 3-month history of an enlarging, painless rashing starting on the right lowere eyelid. Previous history significant for diverticulitis, chronic hepatitis C and Hashimoto thyroiditis
2 "Not Right in the Head" - VideoMelinda Y. Chang, MD; Janet Lee, MD; Robert A. Goldberg, MD; Stacy L. Pineles, MDA 55 year old man presented with eight months of progressive left orbital swelling. His past ocular history was significant for LASIK of the right eye with monovision. His past medical history was significant for melanoma of the left arm, treated by surgical excision, with two negative lymph nodes, ...
3 "Oh, You Have Metastatic Cancer" (Presentation Video)Sokolava, ElenaA 59-year old male noted when driving the cars approaching disappear and reappears further to the side in his peripheral vision.
4 Vertical Gaze Palsy and Fever in a 53 Year-Old, HIV-Positive Man; (Presentation Video)Nicholas J Volpe, MD, Northwestern UniversityA 53-year old male with a 2-day history of vertical, binocular diplopia accompanied by worsening headache, slurred speech, unsteady gait and right face, arm and leg numbness the week previous. Previous history significant for HIV infection, hepatitis B and C and Hodgkin's lymphoma.
5 19-year-old Man with Dizziness and Blackout Spells (Presentation Video)Neil R Miller, M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology, Johns Hopkins UniversityA 19-year old male with history of bizarre behavior, dizziness and black-out spells. Initial manifestation a self-described head rush followed by a black-out spell while at work. 2 months later, patient developed a right facial droop and expressive aphasia.
6 A "Frosty" Altered Level of Consciousness (video)Alaa Bou Ghannam, Emily McCourt, Victoria Pelak, Jeffrey Bennett, Prem S Subramanian, MD, PhD, ‚ÄčProfessor of Ophthalmology, Neurology, and Neurosurgery, University of Colorado, David Smits15-year-old previously healthy male, transferred because of 9-day history of headache, difficulty walking, diplopia, blurry vision and new onset altered level of consciousness. Neurologic examination was remarkable for delirium; with semi-coherent speech, VA of CF 2ft and 20/400, no APD, and bilater...
7 A 28 Year-Old Male with Progressive Vertical Diplopia (Presentation Video)Gans, MarkA 28-year old male with a 4-month history of double vision. Previous history significant for hypercholesterolemia subsequently responding to diet control.
8 A 28 Year-Old Man with Visual Loss and Pain on Eye Movement (Presentation video)Mark L. Moster, MD, Thomas Jefferson UniversityA 28-year old male with loss of vision OS associated with soreness on eye movement over an 8-day period.
9 A 29-Year Old Woman with Bilateral Visual Loss, Amenorrhea and Hyperprolactinemia (Presentation Video)M. Tariq Bhatti, MD, Duke HealthA 29-year old female with episodic complete loss of vision followed by a progressive decline in vision OU. Previous history significant for miscarriage, amenorrhea, excessive thirst, joint pain and decrease in hearing AS.
10 A 48 Year-Old Man with Loss of Vision OD (Presentation Video)Joseph G. Chacko, M.D., University of ArkansasA 48-year-old male with blurred vision and pain associated with eye movement OD.
11 A 68-Year Old Woman with New Onset Vertical Diplopia and Pain (Presentation Video)Scruggs, Jennifer T.A 68-year old female with mild headache and diplopia. Previous history significant for thyroidectomy.
12 A Bad Case of Sinusitis (Presentation Video)Fraser, AlexA 17-year old male with Crohn's disease maintained on azathioprine and prednisone developed abdominal pain and bloody stools eight days after prednisone taper. NG flushes produced cold pressure sensation behind right eye, photophobia and headache.
13 A Bad Place To Be (Presentation Video)Ou, Judy I.A 6-year old female with a 1-week history of headache, right-sided ptosis and painful ophthalmoplegia with diplopia.
14 A Bright Spot Causing Darkness (Presentation Video)Hwang, ThomasA 20-year old male with a 2-week history of headache and blurred vision.
15 A Can of Worms - VideoAli Hamedani, Madhura Tamhankar
16 A Candid Look at a Missed DiagnosisMargolin, Edward; Gopwani, Jasmine; Willinsky, RobertShe was diagnosed with migraine, stress, and "drug seeking" presumed from a history of past (intravenous?) heroin use.
17 A Case of Bilateral Optic Nerve Atrophy (Presentation Video)Hwang, Thomas N.A 2 1/2-year old male with bilateral optic atrophy, multi-system abnormalities, tonic-clonic seizures, spastic paresis, sensorineural hearing loss and ataxia.
18 A Case of Cotton Wool SpotsMoazami, Golnaz; Schubert, Hermann D; Jacinda, Sampson; Claire, Riley
19 A Case of Net Visual Loss and Gain (Presentation Video)Slamovits, ThomasA 68-year old female with a sudden loss of vision OU. Previous history significant for anemia, presumed by patient to account for her presenting symptoms.
20 A Case of Progressive Orbital Cellulitis in an Immunocompetent Patient - VideoCinthi Pillai, MD, NYU Langone; Ivana Vodopivec, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Daniel Lefebvre, MD, Massachusetts Eye and Ear; Frederick A. Jakobiec, MD, DSc, Massachusetts Eye and Ear; Joseph F. Rizzo III, MD, Massachusetts Eye and EarA 74 year-old woman presented 2/7/2015 with left orbital swelling/discomfort. Imaging revealed paranasal sinus and orbital soft tissue abnormalities suggestive of inflammatory/infectious disease. She received intravenous vancomycin/meropenam but worsened. Medical history was notable for paroxysmal a...
21 A Case of Recurrent Encephalopathy, Seizures, and Retinopathy (Presentation Video)Walsh, RyanA 45-year old male with right hemisphere encephalitis and a Dx of macular degeneration at age 43. Previous history significant for a learning disability and a complex partial seizure disorder diagnosed 20 years earlier subsequently managed with an anti-epileptic.
22 A Diagnostic Potpourri (video)Padmaja Sudhakar, Robert Lightfoot, Douglas Lukins, Dianne WilsonA 63 yr. old incarcerated man with history of diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) (on hydroxychloroquine, sulfasalazine and prednisone 7 mg), cutaneous lupus and Hepatitis C presented with sudden painless vision loss of the left eye without headache or symptoms of temporal arteritis. V...
23 A Giant (Cell) Mistake - VideoBehzad Mansouri, Paul Wawryko, Frank Bovell
24 A Golf and Shopping Hazard (Presentation Video)Yoon, Steven J.A 69-year old male with scalp tenderness, headache and loss of vision OD. Previous history significant for chronic sinusitis and bronchitis.
25 A Lebanese Woman with Progressive Visual Loss; presentation videoGregory P. Van Stavern, MD, Associate Professor, Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences and Neurology, Washington University School of MedicineA 69-year old female with progressive loss of vision OD.
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