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1 Basal cell carcinoma: excision removalThis person had a basal cell carcinoma, and the epidermis and dermis were excised. The danger area where the temporal branch of the facial nerve may lie and be quite close to the undersurface of the skin is shown by the straight lines drawn from ear to forehead. The surgeon should be careful to unde...Surgical MethodsKnowledge Weavers Dermatology
2 Gastrointestinal TractLow power view of a plica circularis of the jejunum; this is a fold of mucosa and submucosa. Many poorly preserved villi, evaginations of lamina propria and epithelium, can be seen protruding from the plica circularis. Invaginations of the epithelium into the lamina propria form intestinal glands ca...gastrointestinal tract; plica circularis; small intestineUCLA Histology
3 Brenner tumorSolid and partially cystic epithelial nests are surrounded by a stroma composed of bundles of tightly-packed spindle shaped cells. The epithelial cells are polygonal and of the squamoid type, with pale, eosinophilic cytoplasm and oval nuclei having distinct nuclei and longitudinal grooving, a coffee...Knowledge Weavers Human Reproduction
4 GoodmanThis is a picture of Dr. Goodman (of Goodman & Gillman fame). I once asked him how much you should know about a medication before using it, and he said,A lot! And you can quote me on that!Knowledge Weavers Dermatology
5 Fibrous DysplasiaThis image depicts Fibrous Dysplasia. Fibrous Dysplasia can be found in a radiograph and diagnosis is relatively easy if common symptoms are present.McCune-Albright Syndrome; Lichtenstein Jaffe Disease; Caf-au-lait Spots; Leontiasis OssiumHEAL Reviewed Collection
6 Minimize risks: procedure after venipunctureA series of three images showing how to reduce the possibility of needle stick injuries after venipuncture by using an adapter.VenipunctureHEAL Reviewed Collection
7 Search and find veinThree examples of how to find and feel a vein and a good puncture spot.Venipuncture; Vein LocationHEAL Reviewed Collection
8 Pharynx (Labeled)Pharyngeal structures.Mastoid Cavity; Mastoid Air CellsRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland Illustrations
9 Bladder Fistula (Labeled)Bladder Fistula. Colon.Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Illustrations
10 Rash of Systemic Onset Juvenile Rheumatoid ArthritisMaculo-papular rash in a child with systemic onset rheumatoid arthritis (Still's Disease). The rash occurred during a flare-up.Still's Disease; Systemic Onset; Maculo-papular RashHEAL Reviewed Collection
11 Anterior-posterior chest X-ray of meconium-stained severely asphyxiated infantAnterior-posterior X-ray of meconium-stained severely asphyxiated infant with Type II Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS) and shock lung (ARDS).Anterior-Posterior Chest Diameter; Type II MAS; Shock LungHarris Pediatric Image Collection
12 Anterior-posterior X-ray taken shortly after birth of infant with Type II MASAnterior-posterior chest X-ray taken shortly after birth of baby with Type II Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS).Anterior-Posterior Chest Diameter; Air Trapping; Type II MASHarris Pediatric Image Collection
13 Further suctioning of MAS infant before first breath takenFurther suctioning of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS) infant before baby takes his/her first breath.Mouth SuctioningHarris Pediatric Image Collection
14 Multiple Systemic LipomatosisMale patient with multiple systemic lipomatosis.Multiple Systemic LipomatosisHEAL Reviewed Collection
15 Wet hepatisized lung at autopsyWet hepatisized lung at autopsy of infant dying of Type II Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS).Type II MASHarris Pediatric Image Collection
16 DiastomyeliaThis image depicts diastomyelia.Split Cord; Myeloschisis; Hemi Cord; Congenital Scoliosis; Tethered Cord; Spinal Cord MyelodysplasiaHEAL Reviewed Collection
17 MidbrainMidbrain. Superior colliculus, red nucleus, III nucleus. Transverse plane. Photograph. Multimedia.Mesencephalon; Superior colliculus; Red nucleu; Cranial nerves; Oculomotor nerve; Central nervous system; AnatomySlice of Life
18 Tympanic MembraneNormal tympanic membraneEar DrumHEAL Reviewed Collection
19 Chest X-ray of (MAS) infant with severe Type I Meconium Aspiration Syndrome prior to respiratory failureChest X-ray of baby with severe Type I Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS) just prior to respiratory failure (RF) requiring mechanical ventilation - noting patchy infiltrates or areas of atelectasis scattered throughout markedly over-expanded lungs (predominantly on the right) due to air-trapping.Air Trapping; Respiratory Failure; InfiltratesHarris Pediatric Image Collection
20 General Description of Hydrogen Bonding in AlcoholsThis image depicts the basic interaction between the oxygen in one alcohol with the hydrogen of an adjccent alcohol. The oxygen is shown with a partial negative charge (as shown by the negative lowercase delta), and the hydrogen of the adjacent alcohol has the corresponding partial postive charge (p...HEAL Open Review Collection
21 Arthritis of Both KneesArthritis of large joints occurs with polyarticular or pauciarticular disease, while small joint involvement is typically seen in polyarticular disease only.Polyarticular Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis; Pauciarticular Juvenile Rheumatoid ArthritisHEAL Reviewed Collection
22 Manual ventilation during successful delivery room resuscitationManual ventilation during successful delivery room resuscitation of a meconium-stained, initially depressed, postmature newborn infant male.manual ventilationHarris Pediatric Image Collection
23 Increased AP-diameter of chest in MAS infant due to air-trappingIncreased AP-diameter of chest in infant with Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS) due to air-trapping.Air Trapping; Anterior-Posterior Chest DiameterHarris Pediatric Image Collection
24 Pulmonary EmbolusThis image contains two scans of the same Pulmonary Embolus found in a patient.Pulmonary Infarction; Westermark Sign; Intraluminal Filling Defects, Subsegmental; Hampton Hump; Pleural Based DensityHEAL Reviewed Collection
25 Suctioning of the mouth in MAS infant before delivery of the bodySuctioning of the mouth of infant with Meconium Aspiration Syndome (MAS) before delivery of the body.Mouth SuctioningHarris Pediatric Image Collection
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