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1 Coons, Dal--Wedding Fairview, Utah -Shot 21946-10-03dha_sltncImage/StillImage
2 Bingham News Agency Party at Ambassador -Shot 21946-12-14dha_sltncImage/StillImage
3 Ashton Family -Shot 21946-12-26dha_sltncImage/StillImage
4 Westminster College May Day Night -Shot 61949-05-23dha_sltncImage/StillImage
5 Westminster College Registration -Shot 51948-09-14dha_sltncImage/StillImage
6 Ellertson Wedding, 58 N. 1st. West -Shot 41946-11-29dha_sltncImage/StillImage
7 Philco Corp--Bettinger San Fran., Group at airport -Shot 11948-06-10dha_sltncImage/StillImage
8 Deffebach, Mrs. Harry W. Wedding -Shot 61949-05-14dha_sltncImage/StillImage
9 Methodist Church Group Centenary -Shot 11949-11-25dha_sltncImage/StillImage
10 Caterers Conclave Hotel Utah -Shot 21949-05-08dha_sltncImage/StillImage
11 Westminster College May Day Night -Shot 91949-05-23dha_sltncImage/StillImage
12 Westminster Collge Stadium Dedication -Shot 61949-10-12dha_sltncImage/StillImage
13 Caldwell, G.R.--Wedding 1739 Herbert Ave. -Shot 21946-11-28dha_sltncImage/StillImage
14 Dreyfous--Paris Co. Christmas Party Happiness Farm -Shot 91946-12-25dha_sltncImage/StillImage
15 Retail Grocers Convention Stimulators Group -Shot 11948-09-26dha_sltncImage/StillImage
16 Christmas--Children June Kuramada -Shot 41946-12-25dha_sltncImage/StillImage
17 Weiss, Mrs. Carl Daughter -Shot 31946-12-03dha_sltncImage/StillImage
18 Dreyfous--Paris Co. Christmas Party Happiness Farm -Shot 51946-12-25dha_sltncImage/StillImage
19 Donald, George Retailer -Shot 31948-06-02dha_sltncImage/StillImage
20 Arnovitz, Michael H. --Party1949-05-07dha_sltncImage/StillImage
21 Young, Brigham -- Monument1940-03-16dha_sltncImage/StillImage
22 Young, Brigham -- Monument1940-03-16dha_sltncImage/StillImage
23 Young, Brigham -- Monument1940-03-16dha_sltncImage/StillImage
24 Young, Brigham -- Monument1940-03-16dha_sltncImage/StillImage
25 Baker Shoe Store1940-03-15dha_sltncImage/StillImage
1 - 25 of 171,664