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1 Atencio, Mitchell M.Back to Bagatelles: Realizing the Remainder of Ligett's Musica RicercataGyörgy Ligeti completed Musica Ricercata in 1953, and shortly thereafter transcribed six of the movements into the 6 Bagatelles for wind quintet. Much of the scholarship surrounding Ligeti's transitional period discusses Musical Ricercata, a pivotal work for Ligeti marking divergence in composition...2019
2 Kelly, DianaFederal Education Reform and Music Education: a Review of the Literature and Implications for the FutureThe purpose of the literature review is to examine the relationship between federal education reform and the subsequent response from music educators in order to prepare for future reform. For studies to be included in this paper, they had to be directly related to the topic, peer reviewed, publishe...2018
3 Elison, TonyKeyframe: Six Images for Jazz Sextet and String QuartetMemory defines reality. The mind's interpretation of the present relies entirely upon its experience. Before you pick up a rock, you have an idea of what it will feel like in your hand. You can discern information about someone through social cues instead of having that information explicitly explai...2020
4 Kim, JonMathematical Foundations of Atonal Music TheoryAtonal music theory borrows much of its conceptual framework from the mathematical disclipline of set theory. Several music theoretical concepts, however, exceed the scope of set theory and are ill-defined as such. This document aims to help complete the mathematical foundation of atonal music theor...2018
5 Kerr, Lindsay TarbetNotes and a narrative to accompany a piano recitalI wrote this thesis in connection with my hour-long senior recital, held April 19, 2015 as the culmination of my work as an undergraduate student in the piano performance program. The thesis includes extended and short program notes for each of the compositions included in my recital: Frederic Chopi...Piano - Performance2015-05
6 Chen, CynthiaWhat are we teaching? The translation of exoticism as pedagogy in Schumann and TchaikovskyMusical scholars have often studied exoticism-the evocation and representation of cultures outside of one's own-through racial, national, gender, class, and other identities. These studies commonly lead to the taxonomical classification of musical gestures and further questions on the purpose and l...Music - Philosophy and aesthetics; Music appreciation; Music - Instruction and study2016-05
7 Fuller, AdamWynton Marsalis and Nicholas Payton: a compartative discourseJazz music has achieved the support of elite institutions, such as higher education and government arts initiatives, relatively recently. There is now a growing body of scholarly research on jazz history, performance practice, recordings, and music theory. However, there are widely differing concept...2018
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