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1 Analysis of Mozart symphony no. 39 in E-flat1955ir_etdText
2 Carnaval_Carny_and_Cartoons2011ir_etdText
3 Electronics to accompany the Feild and Its Knower2011-03-10ir_somText
4 Electronics to accompany Little Portraits2011-03-10ir_somSound
5 Electronics to accompany Late June2011-03-10ir_somSound
6 Electronics to accompany At Times She Believed Everything Loved Her2011-03-10ir_somSound
7 Electronics to accompany Ingrid, over Her Tidepool2011-03-10ir_somSound
8 Audio Examples for Paper/Appendix2011-03-10ir_somSound
9 Composing with vocal physiology: Extended vocal technique categories and Berio's Sequenza III2011-05ir_somText
10 Part I: Traditional elements and spectral content in Color by Marc-André Dalbavie Part II: Siberia for wind ensemble and electronics2013-05ir_somText
11 Notes and a narrative to accompany a piano recital2015-05ir_htoaText
12 What are we teaching? The translation of exoticism as pedagogy in Schumann and Tchaikovsky2016-05ir_htoaText
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