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1 "Ray system" of underground miningThe main ore body is a disseminated deposit in schist and porphyry formed by secondary enrichment. Its existence was proven by churn drilling, and is at present one of the largest proven copper deposits in the world. The ore body itself covers 205 acres with an average thickness of 121 feet, and o...Ray Consolidated Copper Company; Copper mines and mining1915-02
2 Chloridizing roasting tests on gold, silver, and copperThe object of the work was an endeavor to find a practical process for the treatment of lowgrade gold and silver ores, which are refractory to modern methods, and also to increase the extraction of copper in our present inefficient copper concentrating; plants. Hydro-metallurgy seemed to offer the b...Gold -- Metallurgy; Silver -- Metallurgy; Copper -- Metallurgy1912
3 Igneous concentration of oxidized ores of zincThe idea of recovering zinc in the form of the oxide is not a new one. At South Chicago, B.F. Hedges, and R.D. Devine by the use of a blast furnace, have been working an old lead blast furnace alag, containing about 10% zinc, with very good results.Zinc -- Metallurgy1916-05
4 The Igneous Rocks of UtahThe advancement in the knowledge of the chemical and physical laws controlling the behavior of solutions has been so rapid in recent years that they now cover a large field, and extend into nearly every department of science which it is possible for them to be concerned. Among the most important bra...Igneous rocks - Utah1912
5 Proposed innovations in the metallurgy of zincThe metallurgy of zinc presents a peculiar problem becomes of the feet that zinc volatilizes at 920C, while a temperature of 1075C to 1150C is required to reduce the metal is reduced therefore as a vapor which must then be condensed to liquid form. Since metallic zinc burns in air at temperature as...Zinc -- Metallurgy1914-08
6 Tests of clay and cement pipesThis work was taken up with two projects in view, First: - To obtain a definite uniform and practically interpretable set of data on the essential properties of our western sewer pipe and drain tile. By western pipe is mean any that is manufactured or that finds a market in this intermountain regio...Pipe, Clay; Cement pipe and tile1912
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