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1 Sims, Clarence EdgarThe electrolytic recovery of lead from brine leachesThe knowledge that lead sulphate and lead chloride are soluble in a strong brine solution and that lead may be recovered from such a solution by electrolysis, is not now, although certainly not widespread. In fact as long ago as 1854 M. M. Bequerlel of Paris reported in Comptes rendus 38: 1095 (185...Lead -- Electrometallurgy1916
2 Stott, George F.Mining and milling of complex lead and zinc ores in the Park City district, UtahThe Park City Mining District is situated on the eastern slope of the Wasatch Mountains and 25 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. This district has been a continuous and steady producer of lead-silver ores for the past forty years. Since the geology and ore deposits of the district are described i...Lead -- Metallurgy; Zinc -- Metallurgy; Mines and mineral resources -- Utah -- Summit County1916
3 Gardner, Eugene DelosCost of initial mining excavationsA large part of the early development work on most mining properties consists of surface excavations, such as open cuts, trenches, shallow shafts, and short tunnels. Of this work the greater proportion maybe classed as the annual labor performed on unpatented claims. This assessment work entails the...Mineral industries -- Costs; Mining engineering -- Costs1916
4 Neeld, H. C.Igneous concentration of oxidized ores of zincThe idea of recovering zinc in the form of the oxide is not a new one. At South Chicago, B.F. Hedges, and R.D. Devine by the use of a blast furnace, have been working an old lead blast furnace alag, containing about 10% zinc, with very good results.Zinc -- Metallurgy1916-05
5 Allen, Glenn L.Sulfidizing and flotation of oxidized lead oresThis thesis, therefore, is designed as a concise statement of facts in the field of sulfidizing as applied to oxidized lead ores, the factors influencing the sulfidizing process, and a few examples of the results obtained in the laboratory together with a speculation as to the probably application o...Lead ores; Flotation1916
6 Johnson, R. W.The roasting and leaching of complex lead-zinc sulphide ores of UtahOne of the most difficult problems which confronts the metallurgical world is the separation and recovery of the valuable metals in a complex sulphide ore containing lead, iron and zinc. As the ore is mined it is practically worthless and therfore some means of separation is absolutely necessary. ...Lead -- Metallurgy; Iron -- Metallurgy; Zinc -- Metallurgy1916
7 Udy, Marvin J.The extraction of lead from its oxidized ores by leachingAcid-brine leaching of roasted lead ores had shown such good results that it seemed to be only a matter of forming lead chloride or lead sulfate to make the lead soluble in a saturated salt solution. This being the ease it looked reasonable to suppose that the lead chloride and sulphate could be pr...Lead ores; Ore-dressing; Leaching1916-05
8 Morgan, Harry J.Flotation as applied to a partially oxidized ore, containing values of copper, lead, zinc, gold and silverThe object of this thesis is to obtain data as regards the practicability of applying flotation as a method of concentration to oxidized or partial oxidized ores containing values in lead, zinc, copper, gold and silver.Flotation1915-05
9 Balckner, Lester A."Ray system" of underground miningThe main ore body is a disseminated deposit in schist and porphyry formed by secondary enrichment. Its existence was proven by churn drilling, and is at present one of the largest proven copper deposits in the world. The ore body itself covers 205 acres with an average thickness of 121 feet, and o...Ray Consolidated Copper Company; Copper mines and mining1915-02
10 Pierce, Orville H.Hydrometallurgy of copperHydrometallurgical methods for the extraction of copper are by no means new. The ancient Greeks noted the blue tinge given to mine waters and accidentally found that from these waters copper could be recovered by metallic iron, although they were under the impression that the water had the power of...Copper -- Metallurgy; Hydrometallurgy1914-08
11 Pfoutz, Charles YaleThe hydrometallurgy of silverAt Argo, Colorado and enriched roasted matte was first leached with water extracting as much silver as possible. The residue was then smelted and the matte thus obtained given an oxidizing roast forming copper bottoms later treated for gold and argentiferous copper matte which was treated by the Zi...Hydrometallurgy; Silver -- Metallurgy1914-08
12 Larson, Clarence L.The Holt-Dern roasting process as applied to the treatment of lead oresThis paper embodies the results of some experiments performed during the college year of 1914-15, under one of the State Metallurgical Research Fellowships, and is presented as a thesis for the Degree of Master of Science in Metallurgy.Lead -- Metallurgy1915-05
13 Sherman, Henry C.The Whitlatch mine, MontanaPurpose and preparation. Very few gold mines in Montana are better known than the Whitlatch Union and probably none has been the subject of more misinformation. Mistaken opinions and gross exaggerations that began nearly half a century ago are yet handed out as unassailably true. The statistical m...Mines and mineral resources -- Montana1915
14 Woolf, Wallace G.Proposed innovations in the metallurgy of zincThe metallurgy of zinc presents a peculiar problem becomes of the feet that zinc volatilizes at 920C, while a temperature of 1075C to 1150C is required to reduce the metal is reduced therefore as a vapor which must then be condensed to liquid form. Since metallic zinc burns in air at temperature as...Zinc -- Metallurgy1914-08
15 Kelsey, William H.Tests of clay and cement pipesThis work was taken up with two projects in view, First: - To obtain a definite uniform and practically interpretable set of data on the essential properties of our western sewer pipe and drain tile. By western pipe is mean any that is manufactured or that finds a market in this intermountain regio...Pipe, Clay; Cement pipe and tile1912
16 Becraft, Frank WilliamRating an undershot weirWith the building up and development of the West, and especially of the arid lands of this and neighboring states which are being brought under cultivation, comes the immense problem of irrigation. Lands formerly considered valueless for agricultural purposes are now being furnished with water and a...Weirs1911
17 Nokes, Charles MormonThe Igneous Rocks of UtahThe advancement in the knowledge of the chemical and physical laws controlling the behavior of solutions has been so rapid in recent years that they now cover a large field, and extend into nearly every department of science which it is possible for them to be concerned. Among the most important bra...Igneous rocks - Utah1912
18 Ferron, Frederick CharlesMetals and mining, their bearing on civilization, in their early, and later historical aspectsThe commencement of metal-mining carries us back far beyond the beginning of written history, almost to the very dawn of civilization. For this reason, in order to get a measurably comprehensive view of the subject, it will be best to make a short statement of the latest conclusions of anthropology...Mineral industries-History1912
19 Gardner, Duncan RoyalHydrochloric acid from salt and silicaThe present methods of manufacture involve an expense that confines the use of hydrochloric acid to a more or less restricted field, and as the uses to which any commodity may be put are governed inversely by the cost of production it follows that if a decrease in coat of manufacture could be realiz...Hydrochloric acid1913-06
20 Keep, Glenn A.Chloridizing roasting tests on gold, silver, and copperThe object of the work was an endeavor to find a practical process for the treatment of lowgrade gold and silver ores, which are refractory to modern methods, and also to increase the extraction of copper in our present inefficient copper concentrating; plants. Hydro-metallurgy seemed to offer the b...Gold -- Metallurgy; Silver -- Metallurgy; Copper -- Metallurgy1912
21 Griffiths, William Heggie; Roskelly, CharlesDesign of canal system including canals, gates, and dropsThe word "irrigation" today implies far more than ever before. The few side-hill ditches of years ago have and are developing into irrigation projects which cost millions of dollars. The arid West today realizes to a greater extent than ever before the need of irrigation and the profit in it.Canals1910-05
22 Christensen, Niels C.The Bessemer roasting of copper concentratesThe application of the Bessemer process to the treatment of copper mattes completely revolutionized the metallurgy of copper, and marked the passing of old methods.Copper - Metallurgy; Bessemer process1910-04-20
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