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1 Meier, John E.An evaluation of the quality of contemporary ray tracing methods on architectural materialsPredictive computer graphics can be used to visualize the appearance of an object or scene from a virtual design. A seminal experiment in that field was performed in 1984 to evaluate the perceptual quality of computer graphics images with a physical model of the scene. The original study was limited...Ray tracing algorithms2009-05
2 Redman, SimonCritical RerouteDue to network failure, underprovisioning, or temporary unanticipated increases in traffic, networks may become overloaded. In such situations, it may be desirable to prioritize some traffic flows over others, such as for public safety applications or priority customers. Solutions such as priority q...2018
3 Bracken, KallieDefining learning: mystifying machine learning as a powerful tool in a data-driven worldUntil recently, the driving paradigm in software engineering has been to design applications for a predefined set of tasks. This approach, however, is quickly being dwarfed by data-driven applications which are designed to use knowledge and understanding to decide how they can best fulfill use...Machine learning - Case studies; Machine learning - Study and Teaching; Machine Learning - Technique2016-04
4 Herbert-Voss, ArielGenerating audio mixtures using deep convolutional neural networksDeep neural networks have recently been used in a generative capacity to separate and convolve the content and style of two input images. This is done using a joint cost function during gradient descent that encodes information about style and content to iteratively calculate forward node activation...Computer sound processing; Computer music; Machine learning; Neural networks; Audio mixtures; Spectrograms; Split integer scaling2016-05
5 Ardovino, AnthonyHeroes of rock: A design post mortem exploring the video game design process as it relates to player satisfactionThe player experience is the heart of a video game and it is the core concept behind what makes a video game engaging and fun. For my senior capstone project I designed, produced, and managed a video game titled Heroes of Rock. I lead an 11 person team over the duration of my senior year to create a...Video games production; Psychological theory2013-05
6 Goller, NicholasIterative game development: What goes into making an effective game and the lessons learned from making two gamesImagine you are told you have two semesters to make a game. You have a team of over ten people ready to help out. You even have the basic idea of what the game will be about. How hard can it be? Well, it is not that hard to make "a game" in two semesters. A competent coder can hack together a game...Computer games - Design2016-04
7 Jacobson, Brady RyanLate City Riders: an Attempt to Create a Capstone Project that Best Retains a Player's Focus
8 Yehle, TobinMemoized parsing with derivativesDue to the computational complexity of parsing, constituent parsing is not preferred for tasks involving large corpora. However, the high similarity between sentences in natural language suggests that it is not necessary to pay the full computational price for each new sentence. In this work we p...Parsing (Computer grammar)2016-04
9 Chen, JiahuiPractical and Configurable Network Traffic Classification using Probabilistic Machine LearningNetwork traffic classification that is generally applicable and highly accurate is extremely valuable for many network security and management tasks. A flexible and easily configurable classification framework is ideal so it can be customized for use in many different networks. In this thesis we pro...2020
10 Eccles, Patrick NolanThe Cabal reflection: A post mortem of an entertainment arts and engineering capstone projectThis document will serve as Patrick Eccles' Honors Thesis at the University of Utah and will reflect upon the process and result of his and his team members' senior project within the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program: the 3D Puzzle Platformer A Divided Light . On the senior project team, P...Computer games - Design; Cabal Process2015-08
11 Delacenserie, JessicaUtilizing classroom technology to strengthen elementary educationThere is a disconnect in the current education system where there is an abundance of technology accessible to students but it is not being used in a way that enhances their education. The majority of software currently used in primary schools simply transfers books, homework assignments, etc. to mob...Education, Elementary; Computer-assisted instruction; Education - Effect of technological innovations on2016-05
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