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1 Automating the production of map interfaces for digital collections using Google API's2011ir_uspaceText
2 Authority control in a digital repository: Preparing for linked data2013ir_uspaceText
3 Use existing data first: Reconcile metadata before creating new controlled vocabularies2015ir_uspaceText
4 A Clean Sweep: The Tools and Processes of a Successful Metadata Migration2017ir_uspaceText
5 Book review: "Cataloging collaborations and partnerships"2014ir_uspaceText
6 A review of "Introduction to indexing and abstracting" by Donald B. Cleveland and Ana D. Cleveland2014ir_uspaceText
7 Book review: "Digital humanities in the library: Challenges and opportunities for subject specialists"2013ir_uspaceText
8 Organization and structure of cataloging units in academic libraries research project2016-05ir_uspaceText
9 Western name authority file: Linking people and corporate bodies2018-02-10ir_uspaceText
10 Massive newspaper migration - Moving 22 million records from CONTENTdm to Solphal2017ir_uspaceText
11 RDA is here2012-12-06ir_uspaceText
12 RDA is coming to the Marriott Library2012-09-19ir_uspaceText
13 Linked Data2012-09-07ir_uspaceText
14 Exposing Hidden Digital Collections: DAMS Migration to Better Meet our Users' Needs2017-05-10ir_uspaceText
15 Supercharged Digital Collections: Moving to the fast lane with scalable open source infrastructure2017-05-19ir_uspaceText
16 Western Name Authority File: Preparing Charles Savage for Linked Data2017-10-28ir_uspaceText
17 Choose Your Own Research Adventure: Developing a Technical Services Based Research Project2017-05-08ir_uspaceText
18 Utah Digital Newspapers Update2017-06-09ir_uspaceText
19 Preservation Appraisal and Selection How We Determine What Actually Needs to be Preserved2017-06-25ir_uspaceText
20 J. Willard Marriott Library's Digital Asset Management System2017-07-26ir_uspaceText
21 Linking people: Developing collaborative regional vocabularies2016-06-25ir_uspaceText
22 Current Recommendations from MWDL Geospatial Discovery Task Force2015-01-31ir_uspaceText
23 Authority Control for Digital Collections2015-06-28ir_uspaceText
24 PREMIS of our not so SIMP-le story: Implementing preservation metadata using homegrown and vendor solutions2016-06-25ir_uspaceText
25 Automating controlled vocabulary reconciliation2015-10-26ir_uspaceText
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