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1 Jackson, Dale JayAerodynamic mixing losses and discharge coefficients due to film cooling from a symmetric turbine airfoil in transonic flowAerodynamic losses and discharge coefficients are obtained for two different Pratt and Whitney axisymetric turbine airfoils with film cooling holes. Blade 3 results are given for the blowing ratios, of 0.42, 0.73, and 1.28. The pressure ratios are 1.18, 1.45, and 2.07 for the "ambient" tests and 1.1...Mechanical Engineering1998-12
2 Seal, Laurie MichelleEnergy in Willa Cather's My Antonia and O Pioneers!: a union of landscape, personalities, and artThe primary texts for this essay are My Antonia and O Pioneers!. Using My Antonia I establish the existence of an energetic essence that quickens the land and various characters of these novels. The influence of this wild energy is manifest mainly through color and movement. I focus specifically on ...Willa Cather; Energetic essence; American literature1997-12
3 Posselli, DarcyThe presence of environmental advocacy through the foundational theology of love, contemplation, and prayer in midcentury christiantiyIn the 1968 essay "The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis," Lynn White Jr. makes an argument for what he evaluates as the influence of Christianity on Western culture, which has led to the environmental degradation that marks the 20th century. By looking at a few prominent theologians who wer...Environmental Studies, Honors2012-05
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