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1 Stuart, Allison RebeccaPositive health education: a mixed methods study on the efficacy of adding self-compassion and resilience to a non-diet worksite wellness programThe purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of and participant experiences with the Live Health Positive (LHP) program, a positive health education program that aimed to improve psychological wellbeing and physical health behaviors by incorporating lessons from non-diet approaches, resil...chronic disease; nondiet; positive health; psychological wellbeing; worksite wellness2015
2 Blair, Bradden JosephSocial support and rare disease: innovations in health promotion and education technologyAccording to the Office of Rare Diseases Research (ORDR) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), rare diseases affect more than 25 million Americans. The scarcity of information, poor prognosis, and lack of viable treatment options for many conditions causes significant anxiety for rare disease...Facebook; Osteosarcoma; Rare Disease; Sarcoma; Social Media; Social Support2015
3 Petersen, ChrissaStrawberry supplementation lessens vascular inflammation and dysfunction displayed by db/db miceCardiovascular disease is 2-4-fold more prevalent in patients with diabetes. In diabetes, vascular inflammation and then endothelial dysfunction leads to the development of atherosclerosis. Studies have shown that the consumption of strawberry improves cardiovascular risk, but effects of strawberr...Anthocyanin; Cardiovascular Disease; Diabetes; Inflammation; Strawberries; Strawberry2017
4 Pyne, Ashley LaurenEffects of ventilation, prematurity and postnatal nutrition on the development of a necrotizing enterocolitis-like phenotype in preterm lambsPremature neonates supported by invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV) are at increased risk of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). NEC is characterized by disruption to the immature intestinal barrier and enterocyte damage. We previously showed that preterm lambs managed by IMV for 21 days have feeding...NEC; Necrotizing enterocolisits; Postnatal nutrition; PPARgamma; Prematurity; Ventilation2017
5 Turney, Micah ThomasQuality of life and lifestyle changes in a diabetes prevention programThe increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus is a concern in the United States and throughout the world. Diabetes places a burden on physical and mental health as well as the economy of affected nations. Prediabetes, classified as impaired fasting blood glucose, is also on the rise, and t...Applied sciences; Computational fluid dynamics; Depostion; Electrochemistry; Electrowinning; Modeling; Multiphase2017
6 Christensen, Jesse ColinLower limb joint biomechanics during low- and high-demand mobility following total knee arthroplasty: is limb symmetry important and amenable to change?Individuals recovering from total knee arthroplasty (TKA) perform compensatory strategies defined as interlimb asymmetries, resulting in lower functional performance and accelerated arthritic changes in other joints. This body of work focuses on factors related to the performance of the surgical lim...biofeedback; inter-limb asymmetry; joint mechanics; modifiable risk factors; total knee arthroplasty2017
7 Densley, Ryan BlakeFeasibility of administering the national diabetes prevention program at the university of utah: a pilot studyLarge lifestyle interventions have been effective in preventing type 2 diabetes (T2D) in high-risk individuals. However, the effects of translational studies at the community level are less consistent. The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of the National Diabetes Prevention Progra...Diabetes; Diabetes Prevention Program; Exercise; Impaired glucose tolerance; Prediabetes; Prevention2017
8 Hyland, Dillon EValidity of the vestibular/ocular motor screening assessment with regard to acute suspected concussion in high school footballSideline concussion assessments can prove difficult in situations where athletes claim to be asymptomatic and do not present with obvious cognitive deficit. More thorough neurocognitive assessments, such as Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT), can be difficult to admi...athletic training; concussion; neuropsychology; physical therapy; sports medicine; VOMS2017
9 Vinitchagoon, ThanitThe development of an objective scoring system for evaluating mediterranean diet recipesThe Mediterranean diet pattern has been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease risk. However, it can be difficult to assess or achieve dietary adherence due to a lack of consistent recommendations regarding food quantities and food groups in the pattern. The purpose of this study was to develop a no...informatics; Mediterranean diet; nutrient profiling; nutrition; scoring system2017
10 Cox, Alyssa MichelleMaternal tobacco smoke exposure causes sex-divergent changes in PPARγ and wnt signaling in the lung of newborn rat pupsFetal exposure to maternal tobacco smoke (MTS) causes growth restriction and alters lung development in humans and animal models. Lung development depends upon molecular mechanisms including PPARγ and Wnt signaling. Recent reports suggest that chromatin-mediated negative cross-talk between PPARÎ...Health and environmental sciences2017
11 Bantilan, Cheri Macie kuliaikauiThe effect of postnatal growth restriction on serum fatty acids and lung fatty acid interacting proteins in the ratDespite advances in the medical field, bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) remains a major concern for preterm infants. A hallmark characteristic of BPD is impaired alveolar formation. Contributing to impaired alveolar formation and the development of BPD is respiratory support as well as poor postnata...Essential fatty acids; FABP4; Postnatal growth restriction; PPARγ2017
12 Yarch, Jeff T.Morphology of v1 neurons projecting to v2 in macaque: cell types and circuits revealed by projection targetIn order to understand how our brains produce our visual experience of the world, a mechanistic understanding of the circuitry of the visual system is necessary. Neural circuits in the brain extract a 3D image of the world by executing computations on 2D information gathered by the eye. Area V1 in ...Anatomy; Axons; Cell Types; Macaque; Primary Visual Cortex; V12017
13 Goodrum, Sara A.Relationship between after-school physical activity and dietary habits with cardio-metabolic risk in low-income childrenChildhood obesity is a major focus of public health. The high rates of childhood obesity can be partially attributed to the increased availability and consumption of energy-dense and nutrient-poor foods and excess time spent in sedentary behavior. The purpose of this study was to determine whether a...Health and environmental sciences; Education2017
14 Remigio, Gregory J.The neurophysiology and behavioral pharmacology of memory enhancement and memory deficits in the dentate gyrusMemory deficits are a devastating consequence of many neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and epilepsy. Currently approved treatments for memory impairment in AD are few in number, mechanistically homogenous, and only marginally effective, and there are no approved treat...5-HT6; Cognition; Dentate gyrus; Electrophysiology; Memory2017
15 Bend, Eric GordonSnares partner with sec1/munc18 proteins to release neurotransmitter at synapsesLipid membranes organize eukaryotic cells into functional compartments called organelles. Material is delivered to and from organelles in a regulated fashion. Vesicles bud from a source compartment, move across the cell and fuse with a target membrane. SNARE proteins, with Sec1/Munc18 (SM) proteins,...C. elegans; Munc18; SM; snap-25; snap-29; SNARE2014
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