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1 Alberge, FlorianExploring personal truth: staging a theatre of the bodyabscence; biography; body; dance-theatre; experience; presenceSchool of Dance2017
2 Crotty, MichaelThe hopefuls: growing sideways in the choreographic processChildren's Studies; Innocence; Modern Dance; Queer; Queer Theory; RomanticismSchool of Dance2017
3 Bigelow, Ching-i ChangArmy of self: dance democracyComfort Women; Dance Choreography; Democracy; Modern Dance; Sleep No More; Taiwanese HistorySchool of Dance2017
4 Sussi, Joseph Michael"Living with our toxic legacy": parafictional practice and the national toxic land/labor conservation servicecontemporary art; greenwashing; national wildlife refuge; parafiction; performance art; toxicityArt & Art History2017
1 - 25 of 4